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Are you a staunch gamer who wants to enjoy a thrilling and hassle-free gaming experience? A simple answer to that is an efficient and reliable gaming server. But unfortunately, not all servers can afford you of great quality and performance. For a smooth gaming experience, our experts conducted a rigorous testing on a leading game server in this review. logo



Features of Control Panel is the most reliable server hosting for Ark and other video games. Setting up the best Ark server hosting is challenging as this server has to consider a number of impressive features like custom control panel.

The custom control panel is designed primarily for configuring and customizing your games to your preference. It also allows you to automatically backup your games as you play, or you may back it up with just a click. So, no tearful stories of losing your hard-earned gaming victory.


Configuration Options allows you to set your preferences to your taste, with more than a 100 documented game settings via the control panel. Another amazing thing is the games are very easy to configure, as it requires no special expertise.  An average computer-literate person can make use of the platform without any hitch.

basic settings

An interesting  fact here is if by chance you get crushed by your opponents while playing, you can revert your server to previous backups and get your defeat off the record.

If you are an Ark gamer, you might be interested in the Cheap Ark: Survival Evolved server hosting here. Mods affords you the pleasure of choosing from over 1,800 modifications, popularly called mods [1] and maps. So, you and your game partners have the freedom to modify or alter your gameplay as you like it. This number of mods and flexibility is really an impressive feature of this server. Servers

If you like playing Ark: Survival Evolved, you need a powerful and sturdy server like the Fragnet server hosting beside you to enhance your gaming speed.  


An server provides you with the essential features to enjoy a superb gaming experience without any form of interruption. It also provides you with an automatic update of any change you make to the game. Without a powerful server host platform like, you are invariably straining your computer’s Operating System (OS) which may result to frequent lags.

Another benefit of servers is you have the complete freedom to decide the players whom you wish to play with.

Supported Platforms

The major downside of is it only supports PC and MAC.  It does not support other platforms such as XBOX console, PS4 console, IOS, or Android.  Hence, you need a PC to be able to have access to it.

So,  if you don’t  have one of these platforms,  it is advisable you go for other servers such as Survival Servers which supports other platforms like PS4 console and others.

DDoS Protection is secured with DDoS protection and server pass-locking, in order to eliminate any chance of unauthorised access. So, rest your mind. The server is secured and free from the scourge of scam or hacking.

control panel


In case of server crashes,  an Ark server restart is automatically initiated by the host platform to ensure that the server functions at their optimal capacity. In addition to this, the platform has an efficient and responsive 24-hour customer support, which you can contact via live chat or e-mails.


Unlike MCProHosting with $1.5 plan, the prices of per game slot is less than a dollar with no setup charges. There are also equally 60-250 game slots to pick from.

Payments can be made with either your debit or credit cards, and the payment cycle is on a monthly basis. Our team observed so far that there has never been any documented stories of rip offs during and after payment. Hence, your bank account is mostly secure.


Our team also found out that occasionally dish out promotions and coupon codes for optimal gaming experience  at reduced prices for its subscribers. This allows an exclusive access to many game slots at relatively cheaper rates. Trial offers an 8 hour-long free trial.  This trial version gives you the opportunity to evaluate the efficiency and features of the game server.  So, if you are impressed with the features, you can then go ahead and make payment for the game slots that you want.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied after using the, you can contact their customer support within a month of using, and your money will be refunded within 24 hours. This setup is similar to other servers such as the high-rated Minecraft server hostingThis host platform gives you a 30-day guarantee after renting the platform. Note that you can only claim your money back within 30 days of renting the server. Review Conclusion

If you are uncertain which game server to rent, and if you want something that’s secure and user-friendly, our experts recommend In this review, our team was impressed by its efficient processors and custom control panel that provides you a thrilling and uninterrupted gaming experience. 


If you want to consider other servers, you can also check the following server hosting here: 

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