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A Guide to Halls of Herodiana Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy, the well-loved action role-playing game set in the magical world of Harry Potter, offers players a plethora of quests and challenges to engage with. The Hall of Herodiana is a particularly intriguing and intricate puzzle-based questline among these quests. 

Delving into the mysteries of this quest requires players to master the Depulso and Accio spells, which serve as the key tools for solving the puzzles within. This article will delve into the step-by-step details of solving the Hall of Herodiana puzzles while highlighting their significance and the rewards they offer.

Hall of Herodiana Prerequisites

Before embarking on the journey to unlock the secrets of the Hall of Herodiana, players must meet certain prerequisites. Before we venture into its depths and its perplexing puzzles, let’s address the prerequisites that must be met to access this quest.

Depulso Spell

First and foremost, players need to possess the “Depulso” spell. This spell is pivotal in manipulating objects, and players must acquire it through Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1. 

The assignment involves obtaining a Focus, Maxima, and Edurus Potion, all purchased from J. Pippin’s Potions in Hogsmeade. Once armed with the “Depulso” spell, players are prepared to tackle the challenges within the Hall of Herodiana.

Specific Tasks and Items

Halls of Herodiana

To access the Hall of Herodiana, players must complete certain tasks and obtain specific items. These tasks likely involve progressing through the game’s main storyline and accomplishing key objectives. Remember that this quest’s availability is tied to your progression in the game.

Quest Location

After fulfilling the necessary conditions, the location of the Hall of Herodiana will be revealed on your map. This often happens after completing specific main quests and side quests. 

If you don’t initially spot it on your map, continue your journey through Hogwarts, and you’ll eventually unlock access. With these prerequisites, you’re now prepared to embark on the Hall of Herodiana quest. Let’s look at each of its puzzles and how to solve them.

Hall of Herodiana Puzzle 1

Entering the Hall of Herodiana, players are greeted by the sight of two boxes positioned in the center of the room. The solution to this initial puzzle is elegantly simple yet requires a mastery of the “Depulso” spell. The first puzzle in the Hall of Herodiana sets the tone for what lies ahead.

As you enter the room, you’ll face two boxes in the middle of an otherwise empty space. By casting “Depulso” on the boxes, players propel them against the wall, creating a makeshift platform.

Halls of Herodiana Puzzle 1

Ascending the stacked boxes allows access to the door, leading to the next part of the quest. This accomplishment is rewarded with a chest opening, offering a valuable prize for your efforts. Here’s how to navigate this initial challenge:

Depulso Spell

To kick things off, make sure you have the “Depulso” spell equipped and ready.

Box Manipulation

Use “Depulso” on the two boxes to push them against the wall. A single cast should be enough for them to reach the opposite side of the room.

Access Granted

With the boxes now against the wall, you can easily climb on above them and get to the door. Open the door to proceed further into the Hall of Herodiana.

Reward Awaits

Beyond the door, you’ll discover a chest containing a valuable reward. Claim your prize as a testament to your problem-solving skills.

Halls of Herodiana Puzzle 1 Chest

This initial puzzle serves as a warm-up, introducing you to the mechanics and challenges that await in the Hall of Herodiana.

Hall of Herodiana Puzzle 2

As players proceed deeper into the Hall of Herodiana, the puzzles become more intricate, and they encounter a new challenge in the form of multiple boxes arranged in a specific configuration. The second puzzle room demands strategic thinking and precision. 

In the second puzzle room, you’ll encounter an arrangement of boxes that requires a bit more finesse to conquer. To conquer this puzzle, players must use the “Accio” and “Depulso” spells in harmony. 

The solution involves pulling boxes using “Accio” and arranging them to facilitate progression. Careful positioning and thoughtful spellcasting are crucial to avoid pitfalls. The correct arrangement of boxes creates a pathway that grants access to the next stage of the quest.

Here’s a step-by-step solution:

1. Assess the Situation

Halls of Herodiana Puzzle 2

Take a moment to observe the room. You’ll notice three boxes on the right side.

2. Accio and Box Alignment

Begin by using the “Accio” spell on the boxes and move them to the left wall. This will pull it over and merge it with the boxes on that side.

3. Position the Staircase

Now, use Depulso in order to propel the three blocks toward the distant wall, subsequently employing Accio to draw them closer to the right wall.

4. Move Toward the Exit

The staircase, now against the exit wall, sets the stage for your ascent.

5. Ascend and Conquer

You can now climb the staircase of boxes and jump over to reach the exit. Open the door to progress to the next challenge.

6. Reward Awaits

Halls of Herodiana Puzzle 2 Chest

Beyond the door, another chest beckons with a reward for your successful puzzle-solving.

This second puzzle adds complexity by requiring careful coordination of spells and box placement. With practice, you’ll master these techniques and be ready to tackle the most challenging puzzle yet.

Hall of Herodiana Puzzle 3

The complexity of the third puzzle room raises the stakes significantly. This final challenge pushes players to their mental limits while navigating intricate mechanics. The third and final puzzle in the Hall of Herodiana presents the most intricate and demanding challenge.

The presence of golden boxes, switches, and precise movements creates an environment that demands logic and dexterity. Players must employ “Accio” to manipulate the positioning of objects and “Depulso” to move them to specific locations. 

Interacting with a switch adds an extra layer of complexity. Successful execution of these actions paves the way for progression and, eventually, for claiming a valuable reward.

Here’s how to overcome it:

1. Initial Setup

Halls of Herodiana Puzzle 3

Take note of the initial arrangement: two boxes against the right-hand wall and a switch on the far side of the room.

2. Accio and Depulso Combo

Begin using “Accio” to pull the two boxes to the right. Then, use “Depulso” to push it toward the switch.

3. Precise Accio

Climb up the boxes on the left and cast “Accio” on the box. The goal is to bounce it off the wall and pull it over to create a path.

4. Form a Path

Jump onto the box and then onto the raised platform. From there, you can interact with the switch, which opens the door to your next destination.

5. Reset and Double Accio

Utilize the Basic Cast on the switch to restart the room. This makes the metal blocks return to where they began, so players can use Accio to bring them close to the far wall. Then, with Accio, move the blocks to the left wall and towards you to finish the path.

6. The Final Stretch

Climb up, and awaiting you is a chest containing a well-deserved reward. Then, exit the chamber and proceed to the final section of the Hall of Herodiana. 

Hogwarts Legacy Halls of Herodiana Depulso Puzzle Solutions

To reinforce the solutions provided earlier, it’s important to emphasize the pivotal role of the “Accio” and “Depulso” spells in overcoming the Hall of Herodiana puzzles. 

The combination of these spells showcases the creativity of game design, requiring players to think outside the box while employing their magical abilities. The puzzles offer challenges and a sense of accomplishment as players unravel the mysteries hidden within the castle walls.

In summary, here are the solutions to the three puzzles in the Hall of Herodiana:

Puzzle 1

Use “Depulso” to move boxes against the wall, allowing you to reach the door and claim your reward.

Puzzle 2

Halls of Herodiana Puzzle 2 Accio

Utilize “Accio” to merge boxes into a staircase, position it correctly, and use it to reach the exit.

Puzzle 3

Combine “Accio” and “Depulso” spells to manipulate boxes and activate a switch, opening the path to the final section.


The Hall of Herodiana puzzles within Hogwarts Legacy [1] are more than mere obstacles; they are gateways to rewards and progression, representing the intricate design philosophy of the game. By mastering the “Depulso” and “Accio” spells, players are empowered to conquer the puzzles with precision and skill. 

As players venture into this captivating world, they are encouraged to approach the puzzles strategically, indulge in the thrill of discovery, and relish the satisfaction of overcoming challenges that reflect the essence of the magical universe they inhabit. 

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