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What is the Best Cheap ARK Server Hosting? (2023)

Looking for an affordable ark server hosting plan is tricky because there are many poor providers out there. They offer low FPS, slow servers, and the most outrageous terms and conditions. Our team of experts reviewed several ARK server hosts to help you find a cheap and reliable option for fun and enjoyable gaming.

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Reviews of the Top ARK Server Hosting

1. HostHavoc

Our experts love HostHavoc because it delivers premium services at the best rates imaginable. We are most fond of its elaborate control panel and ease of use. Other features include responsive support, instant setup, and lightning-fast processors. HostHavoc uses NVME SSD storage disks that are several times faster than what most other hosting companies use.

HostHavoc has 10 data centers worldwide, from New York, U.S. to Sydney, Australia. The global distribution equals more uptime and smoother processing. We also found a 72-hour money-back guarantee while trying this host.





PLAYARK is an incredibly affordable ARK server hosting with enticing features and offers. Named after the game itself, PLAYARK offers comprehensive server coverage, limitless CPU and RAM processing power, and thousands of mods. We also found that the host offers an 8-hour free trial period and a 3-day refund policy during our review.

Other lovely features include automatic updates and backups, full SFTP Access, responsive support, and DDoS protection. PLAYARK only offers ARK hosting servers, so we couldn’t check how well they handle other games. However, their low price, plus excellent performance, make them an excellent choice.



3. AGS Hosting


 AGS Hosting is another cheap ARK server hosting company named after the game, and it gives other services a run for their money. What we love the most about AGS Hosting is its global service. The company has multiple data centers around the world, and it accepts payments in 6 different currencies. Most hosting companies only accept dollars.

AGS Hosting also has other perks, like automatic mod download and 1-click installs, automatic backups, DDoS protection, and premium hardware. AGS Hosting also offers an exclusive map generator tool that you do not usually get with other ARK host providers.





Since it’s named after the game itself, we wanted to see how ARKSERVERS handled ARK: Survival Evolved. The host was capable, with adequate fps and processing power. They also have global data centers, with priority in locations like Australia, Canada, and Paris.

We love that players can switch servers from their control panel for better performance. ARKSERVERS has responsive customer care, an easy-to-navigate user interface, and a 24-hour money-back guarantee. One amazing quality of this server is its ability to manage large player numbers without any lags or changes in performance. Unfortunately, ARKSERVERS does not have any servers based in the U.S.



Ark Server Hosting Buyer’s Guide


A host’s experience is critical to the service they deliver. The older the host, the more servers, hardware, and savvy customer care reps they tend to have. These are all critical for enjoyable server hosting.

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Server Locations

A host with global data centers is appealing because they can serve players from various locations worldwide. But it is also essential to choose a host with multiple servers in your country. That way, you can switch servers when one becomes laggy.

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Control Panel

Most of your server activities will occur on the control panel, and it needs to be functional, easy-to-use and customized for your service. Hosts may decide to use a TCAdmin control panel or design one from scratch. Both are acceptable options.

Performance and Capacity

The quality of the server’s hardware is most critical for performance. You want a host that uses the latest processors with large RAMS and SSD storage.



ARK is more fun when you have mods to work with. Your provider may be cheap, but they must also support mods for maximum satisfaction.

If you are looking for the best hosting with exclusive features for ARK: Survival Evolved, you can check the CraftAndSurvive server hosting in this page

Customer Support Quality and Schedule

Most hosts have responsive customer support. One thing to look out for is the response time. The quicker they resolve your query, the sooner you can get back to playing.


The game is compatible with PCs with an Intel Core i5-2400AMD FX-8320 or better, an 8GB RAM, and a 64-bit operating system [1].

Price and Guarantee

This list contains some of the cheapest ark servers out there. Many of them offer money back guarantees, but with varying durations. They usually range from 24 to 72 hours.

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Why do you need a server hosting for ARK: Survival Evolved?

You need a server hosting for ARK: Survival Evolved because the game has high-performance requirements that most regular PCs cannot handle. Server hosting also gives you access to more extensive storage, smooth gameplay, and multiplayer opportunities.

What is the average cost to buy a server hosting for ARK: Survival Evolved?

The average cost for an ARK server hosting ranges from $0.10 to $1.25 per slot. Most excellent hosts will charge about 0.5/slot, even though you can find cheaper hosts with a great performance as well.

Our Top Pick For a Cheap ARK Server Host: HostHavoc

HostHavoc, the premium service with affordable prices is our team’s top pick for the best cheap ARK server hosting. There are 10 data centers around the world that provide lag-free processing with fast customer support that responds in under 10 minutes.

HostHavoc also offers DDos protection, FTP access and a custom TCAdmin control panel.

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