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What is the Best Minecraft Server Hosting? (2023) — Top, Affordable Options for a Smooth Gameplay

Minecraft is one of the most loved sandbox and survival games online. But finding the best Minecraft server host for you can be challenging because of the many options available. And worse, choosing the wrong one can mean slow run times and even loss of data!  Our team has reviewed some of the top-performing providers so you make an educated decision for the best gaming experience. 

Best Server Locations
Apex Hosting
Best Overall
Best for Up Time
Apex Hosting
With this widely available server hosting, you will get excellent security tools like advanced DDoS protection for attacks up to 300mbps. This and many other benefits such as a very decent pricing are it takes the top spot.
Scalacube offers users unlimited slots for players and a host of other benefits including DDoS protection, a custom launcher, MOD pack support and of course, an easy to reach and responsive customer service.
Shockbyte promises what a lot of other server hosts don’t dare to guarantee, and that is 100% up time. The support they offer is 24/7 and the instant setup is easy.
Best Server Locations
Apex Hosting
Apex Hosting
With this widely available server hosting, you will get excellent security tools like advanced DDoS protection for attacks up to 300mbps. This and many other benefits such as a very decent pricing are it takes the top spot.
Best Overall
Scalacube offers users unlimited slots for players and a host of other benefits including DDoS protection, a custom launcher, MOD pack support and of course, an easy to reach and responsive customer service.
Best for Up Time
Shockbyte promises what a lot of other server hosts don’t dare to guarantee, and that is 100% up time. The support they offer is 24/7 and the instant setup is easy.

Reviews of the Top Minecraft Server Hosting

1. ScalaCube

First on our list is ScalaCube. We rank this as the best Minecraft server hosting as it comes with nine specific hosting plans and offers its customers the possibility to host multiple Minecraft servers on one account. Not many providers will allow their customers to connect these servers via proxy and run a complex Minecraft network.

As a top server hosting provider, it guarantees low latency, top-tier DDoS protection, and a smooth setup. We are delighted with their control panel that features a personal Minecraft launcher. You can tweak this for server lists, mods, forge, among others.

A downside is that the basic plan (768 MB RAM) does not support newer Minecraft versions or modded Minecraft servers.  The prices are a little high if you want to set up a single, one-click installation. 



2. Apex Hosting


Apex’s main selling point is the robust hardware hosted in 16 data centers around the globe. What’s also impressive is that a test ping can demonstrate the low latency for players located anywhere around the world. Apex will also guarantee 99.9% uptime for their servers.

The company’s 11 distinct hosting plans accommodate both large and small servers with offers ranging between 1 GB and 16 GB RAM. Apart from the standard plans, Apex offers a small BungeeCord proxy server that allows you to move between game servers while in-game.

Apex supports both Minecraft Java and Bedrock, and you can set up the game on desktop or mobile applications on the same plan.



3. ShockByte


ShockByte is an Australian hosting company whose aim is to provide the most reliable Minecraft services at the lowest prices. They have excellent geographical coverage due to the 4 data centers spread out across the world. 

ShockByte is so confident in its infrastructure that it provides a 100% uptime guarantee. If your server is down for more than 5 minutes, the host will compensate you with free service for the downtime period.

Although they have excellent Minecraft servers, the prices are pretty high in some server locations. But it compensates by allowing the customers to use the control panel  for Multicraft to manage their servers.



4. Hostinger


Hostinger is a Lithuanian web hosting company well-known for its high-quality services and affordable prices. The excellent global coverage and low ping responses are supported by the seven tier-3 data centers based across the world.

Among the features that make Hostinger one of the best server hosts for Minecraft, our team noticed the robust infrastructure, root access, automatic daily backups, DDoS protection and very affordable long-term plans.

An outstanding feature is that Hostinger offers a dedicated IP address with every VPS [1], thus making it easier to configure a server and point a domain to it. However, you should keep in mind that Hostinger offers unmanaged Minecraft server hosting.



5. GGServers


GGServer is one of the best Minecraft server hosting providers located in Canada but with a global reach. This game’s server host offers two pricing tiers, standard and premium. The premium plans are twice as expensive as standard plans and bring higher performance. You can get both Minecraft Java and Bedrock for both tiers. While using this server, keep in mind that the processes for finding the Minecraft server seed for Java and Bedrock are different from one another. 

GGServers runs a modified control panel for Multicraft, and you can deploy 100+ different JARs. Vanilla, Bukkit, Spigot, Forge, and many other premade servers and plugins are also available. They will also offer one-click installs for mod packs and plugins, unlimited SSD, and file access. Moreover, for an additional fee, you can get MySQL database access.



Minecraft Server Hosting Buyer’s Guide

Security and Privacy

Our experts stress that security is an essential factor that can influence your decision when looking for a Minecraft hosting provider. 

The main security threats come as DDoS attacks that will overload the servers making the connection unable to function correctly. Simply said, you will lose access to the game. Our team advises you to do some due diligence and check whether your potential host has suffered attacks in the past. If they did, there is a good chance for this to happen again.

A good server hosting offer enhanced DDoS protection against malicious attacks. They will whitelist the desired IPs and will ban unwanted players. Moreover, by giving you access to the customized Multicraft control panel, you will be able to use control panel functions to limit who enters your server so you can enjoy better privacy.

Server Location

The server’s location is a significant factor to consider when you choose a Minecraft server hosting provider. Nobody wants to experience a constant lag when you play the game, so you must  make sure you select a reliable provider.

scalacube server location

A good server hosting company has many sites in different locations, thus giving you the possibility to pick a data center closer to your players. Faster data transfer makes the game load quicker, and you and your fellow players will not have to wait too long.

Also, before signing a contract with the provider, check whether you have the option to switch between server locations and if the host provides speed tests for its sites. Also, check if there are additional fees for a particular place.


When shopping for a Minecraft server, most offers are related to a different server type, dedicated to web hosting. Minecraft is a java heavy server application that consumes more RAM. Some providers are not usually used to these applications, so they may need specific instructions on what you need.

In case you want to host a large server, such over 40 slots, our team feels the best option for you is a dedicated server. But if you just move from home hosting and your player base is not too large, the cheapest and most efficient option is a cloud server.  

When you check the host offers, there is a thing to keep in mind – in many cases, their servers are pre-built for web hosting. The CPU, RAM, hard drives, and even the OS, might not suit your requirements.

server configuration on apex hosting


Regular maintenance of your Minecraft server is a necessary factor that needs looking into.

When you are looking for the top server hosting provider for Minecraft,  you should check whether they offer automated backups. In case of unforeseen events, it is important to restore your server to a previous version so you will not lose the game progress.

It is also essential that your host performs updates of the operating system. Your server must run on the latest operating system, otherwise you will be vulnerable to malicious attacks, or you won’t be able to use new versions of the game. 

Contract Length

Although enjoying the Minecraft game is the goal of seeking a hosting company for your game servers, ultimately, the budget affects your decision. Different hosting companies will try to lure you with amazing offers and grand plans. However, if it is too good to be true, probably it is not.

Indeed, all Minecraft hosting providers come with good deals and affordable plans. Moreover, you can benefit from generous discounts when subscribing to their services. But, there is a catch – the contract length.

hostinger plan

Good deals and discounts are available to those who will stick with a specific provider for a long time. Even though the price is great for a long-term service, you will not have the possibility to change the provider if you are not satisfied with their services.

Our experts’ solution to this problem is to check if the host you have your eyes on has a money-back policy. Or don’t pick a long-term contract.

Customer Support

Customer support is equally important when you decide on the what Minecraft server hosting will be the best for you. Some companies offer an immediate response to your queries or technical issues, while others will contact you only the next day.

customer support

We know how frustrating it can be to wait, so it is essential to choose a company that offers 24/7 support. Although most of the hosting companies have sturdy knowledge bases that might help you solve the problem, sometimes a real person can work miracles. So it is desirable to have reliable and knowledgeable agents.

You can find much information by simply browsing the Internet and going through different reviews.

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Things to Consider When Hosting


When hosting a Minecraft server, threading is the most important factor. You will need a server with a high clock speed and many cores. For a large server, we recommend a 2.8GHz+ quad-core CPU. Usually, the hosting companies offer 3.5GHz CPUs for their servers, so this is a good thing.



Generally, storage is always a big thing to consider when setting up a server. For Minecraft, however, the show stopper is the drive speed. If your server is supposed to handle many players, always use an SSD for the server’s operating system. The good thing is that all reliable hosting companies adopted the SSD drives, but it’s still important to check.

Moreover, some of the hosts we reviewed for you included SSD storage in their hosting plans.


Minecraft is a game that consumes a lot of RAM, both client-side and server-side. The RAM amount dictates the number of players you can have on your server. The minimum amount should not be less than 1 GB, 2 GB being recommended by our team.


Check what the hosting company’s policy is when it comes to memory upgrades and how much they will charge you. Perhaps, their plans include a satisfactory amount of RAM.

Minimum Hosting Requirements

Compared to other web applications, Minecraft hosting is not a considerable resource consumer. The game can be hosted on any server with some basic specifications. However, you will have to take into consideration the basic Minecraft setups, also known as Vanilla.

Considering a basic server with about ten players, the recommended requirements for Minecraft hosting are a 2.8GHz dual-core CPU, 2GB RAM, SSD for storage, and DDoS protection capabilities (but these are usually offered by your hosting provider). If the number of players increases and you decide to use mods, the above numbers will go higher. 

Apart from the already mentioned specifications, you also need an excellent Internet speed for Minecraft hosting. Having a stable internet connection will reduce your chances of encountering the Minecraft “server running behind skipping ticks” error. In terms of network requirements, to run a fast server that does not lag, you need at least 10 mbps upload.

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Advantages of Hosting a Minecraft Server

Just like hosting an Ark server, hosting a Minecraft server has a series of advantages that might convince you to set up your own server. Leaving aside the pride of ownership, you will be the sole server administrator. And this is very important when it comes to security.

scalacube game servers

You allow who has access to the server. Security patches and other important settings are up to you. You will also have to ensure that DDoS protection is in place and the downtime due to hacking or non-compliant players is minimum.

You will also have more control over the mods and the plugins used. The players’ experience depends on you, and you can test your ideas when it comes to the game’s appearance, characters, weapons, and many more. The benefits of running various modpacks will add new layers to the game.

Another important advantage of hosting a Minecraft server is the chance to get hundreds or thousands of regular players who will enjoy the game due to your hard work. Running your own Minecraft server gives you the possibility to control the player slots. This is possible only if you decide to allow public access to your server though.

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What is the best free Minecraft server hosting?

The best free Minecraft server host is Aternos. You will get between 8 and 20 player slots, full customizations, and DDoS protection. Other free features are automated backups, plug-in/mod compatibility, and 24/7 customer support. There are some limitations, but this remains the ideal option for beginners as you will not have to deal with advanced technical details.

Is 1GB of RAM enough for the Minecraft server?

1 GB of RAM is enough for the Minecraft server with up to 5 player slots to avoid error in your server. The world size is about 5 GB maximum, and you cannot add any plugin or mods. This amount of RAM is recommended for a small group of family and friends.

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Our Top Pick For a Minecraft Server Hosting: ScalaCube

After performing a series of tests and reviews, our game experts picked ScalaCube as the best Minecraft server hosting because the setup is instant and you get a lot of free features. Among the cost-free benefits you get free DDos protection, free MySQL and a free domain. There are server locations on all the major continents and you can create your own launcher with ScalaCube.

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