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How To Make Netherite Ingots in Minecraft — A Comprehensive Guide

In the vast world of Minecraft, the Netherite ingot stands out as a formidable upgrade introduced through the Nether Update. This prized item holds the key to enhancing your diamond tools, weapons, and armor. 

However, obtaining Netherite ingots is no easy feat, as they require a specific crafting process involving unique ingredients. In this guide, we’ll delve into the step-by-step process of creating Netherite ingots and shed light on their essential role within the game.

Understanding Minecraft Ingots

In the realm of Minecraft, ingots represent essential components derived from minerals. These versatile items serve as the building blocks for crafting weapons, tools, and armor. 

Among the various ingots present, including gold, iron, and copper, Netherite stands apart due to its unparalleled strength. 

looking for Netherite scraps in MInecraft

It’s important to note that while copper ingots are excluded from gear crafting, the other ingots can be harnessed through corresponding in-game ore blocks. However, crafting Netherite ingots involves a distinct procedure requiring careful assembly.

Required Items for Crafting Netherite Ingots

To forge Netherite ingots, gather the following materials:

Efficiently amassing the necessary gold is facilitated by referring to Minecraft’s ore distribution guide. Alternatively, engaging in barter with Piglins presents a reliable avenue to acquire gold ingots.

Obtaining Netherite Scraps

Crafting Netherite ingots, the pinnacle of Minecraft’s mineral hierarchy, requires a vital ingredient known as Netherite scraps. This endeavor takes intrepid adventurers into the depths of the Nether, an environment that demands both courage and resourcefulness. 

Netherite scraps in MInecraft

The following steps will guide you through the process of obtaining Netherite scraps, ensuring you emerge triumphant in your quest for ultimate power.

  1. Begin by venturing into the perilous Nether dimension and locating four Ancient Debris blocks. These precious blocks typically manifest beneath the world height level of Y=15.
  2. Proceed to smelt the collected Ancient Debris blocks within either a furnace or a blast furnace, which will yield Netherite scraps.

Venturing into the Nether and securing Netherite scraps is a journey fraught with danger and excitement. It’s a testament to your determination and skill within the game.  

With this newfound knowledge and skill, you can wield the might of Netherite, enhancing your tools, weapons, and armor to establish your dominance in the pixelated universe.

Crafting Netherite Ingots

Crafting Netherite ingots involves the following sequential steps:

crafting Netherite Ingot in MInecraft
  1. Establish a solid surface and place your crafting table upon it. Interact with the table by right-clicking or using your designated secondary action key.
  2. Incorporate four Netherite scraps into the crafting area. The positioning of these scraps is flexible, but ensure each slot holds only one scrap.
  3. Introduce four gold ingots into the crafting area. Similar to the Netherite scraps, the placement of gold ingots is arbitrary due to the shapeless nature of the Netherite ingot recipe.
  4. With the successful arrangement of ingredients, the Netherite ingot is born. Transfer the ingot from the crafting table into your inventory, ready for utilization.

Utilizing Netherite Ingots

With the knowledge of Netherite ingot crafting in your arsenal, it’s essential to understand their application. Contrary to direct usage in crafting recipes, Netherite ingots play a pivotal role in upgrading diamond gear. This process involves the subsequent steps:

Netherite Ingot in MInecraft

Expanding Your Netherite Ingots Expertise

For those eager to delve deeper into the intricacies of Netherite usage, dedicated guides are in development. These guides will provide comprehensive insights into maximizing the potential of Netherite within the Minecraft universe. 

As these guides reach completion, this article will be updated to provide direct links, ensuring you have access to comprehensive information.


With your newfound expertise in crafting Netherite ingots, the realm of Minecraft is yours to conquer. Enhance your essential tools and armor to unprecedented levels, making survival and exploration more rewarding. 

Alternatively, if you seek to demonstrate your resources on the finest Minecraft survival servers [1], consider utilizing Netherite for decorative armor trims. Whether you’re a seasoned miner or a newcomer to the pixelated world, mastering Netherite ingot crafting adds a new layer of depth to your Minecraft adventure.

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