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How to Make a Splash Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

In the expansive realm of Minecraft, imbibing a specific potion bestows its magical effects upon the player for a finite duration. Among these elixirs lies the Potion of Weakness, a tonic that reduces an entity’s attacking power. 

This article delves into the process of brewing a particularly useful variant of this potion, known as the Splash Potion of Weakness. By mastering the art of potion-making, players can significantly alter their gameplay dynamics and achieve unique advantages.

Splash Potion of Weakness

The Potion of Weakness, although primarily designed to weaken attackers, possesses a rather specialized application. However, its derivative, the Splash Potion of Weakness, serves a broader purpose.

This variant can be utilized to cure Zombie Villagers and incapacitate hostile mobs, rendering them less harmful to players.

Ingredients Required to Brew the Potion

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To concoct a Splash Potion of Weakness, one must gather an assortment of essential ingredients. While the process of brewing potions remains consistent, each potion requires distinct elements. To craft the Splash Potion of Weakness, you will need:

The cornerstone of potion-making, the Brewing Stand, facilitates the creation of a myriad of potions. Players can locate this crucial apparatus in village churches, and igloos, or craft it themselves using cobblestones and Blaze Rods.

Fermented Spider Eye

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Crafted by fermenting a Spider Eye with sugar and a red mushroom, the Fermented Spider Eye holds a pivotal role in brewing the Splash Potion of Weakness. It’s a transformation that shifts the nature of this ingredient from edibility to alchemical significance.


Essential for creating splash potions, Gunpowder cannot be crafted directly. It can be discovered within hidden chests in jungle and desert temples, as well as village chests. Furthermore, slaying Creepers also yields Gunpowder, turning their explosive threat into a valuable resource.

Blaze Powder

Derived from Blaze Rods, which are obtained by defeating Blazes, Blaze Powder fuels the brewing process. This component acts as a catalyst, enabling the creation of diverse potions.

Water Bottle

A fundamental ingredient in brewing, the Water Bottle can be crafted from glass blocks and filled at any water source in the expansive Minecraft world.

Crafting a Splash Potion of Weakness

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Armed with the essential ingredients, the journey towards crafting a Splash Potion of Weakness begins. This procedure occurs in two distinct steps:

Step 1: Place the Brewing Stand and assemble Blaze Powder, Water Bottle, and Fermented Spider Eye in its interface. This fusion yields a Potion of Weakness. Once created, transfer it to your inventory.

Step 2: Building upon the Potion of Weakness, return to the Brewing Stand interface. Combine Blaze Powder, the Potion of Weakness, and Gunpowder to fabricate the coveted Splash Potion of Weakness.

Step-by-Step Guide to Brewing a Splash Potion of Weakness

1. Obtaining Brown Mushrooms

Begin your potion-making journey by locating a brown mushroom. Dark Oak Forest biomes tend to be reliable sources of these mushrooms. Their towering presence amid the trees and the biome’s distinctive characteristics make them readily identifiable. 

You can break down these mushrooms by hand, with each block having the potential to yield brown mushrooms. In dire cases, brown mushrooms can also be found in swamp biomes.

2. Crafting a Fermented Spider Eye

The recipe for crafting a Fermented Spider Eye necessitates brown mushrooms. After securing these mushrooms, seek out sugarcane, commonly found along riversides adjacent to water sources. 

Once harvested, embark on a quest to defeat spiders, which occasionally drop spider eyes. Exercise caution around explosive Creepers, vanquishing them to acquire gunpowder. Utilize your gathered resources to craft a Fermented Spider Eye, a pivotal ingredient in potion-making.

3. Obtaining Blaze Powder and Crafting a Brewing Stand

To acquire the crucial blaze rods required for potion-making, players must venture into the dangerous Nether dimension, facing off against fiery adversaries known as Blazes. 

These Blazes drop blaze rods upon defeat, marking a significant achievement on the path to crafting a Splash Potion of Weakness.

Returning to the Overworld with the blaze rods, the next step involves crafting a Brewing Stand, an essential device for potion-making. By arranging blaze rods and cobblestones on a crafting table, players create this mystical apparatus that bridges the gap between dimensions, enabling the transformation of raw ingredients into potent elixirs.

Blaze rods can also be refined into blaze powder, which acts as both fuel for the Brewing Stand and a symbol of mastery over the Nether’s challenges. This process exemplifies the player’s resilience, adaptability, and alchemical skill, embodying the art of harnessing elemental forces to shape the Minecraft world. 

4. Crafting Glass Bottles

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Amidst the intricate world of Minecraft, where creativity knows no bounds, the art of potion-making beckons players to delve into alchemical wonders. One key element in this enchanting process is crafting glass bottles, vessels that serve as conduits for harnessing the mystical properties of potions. 

This step is pivotal, acting as a bridge between the mundane and the magical, and it begins with the humble resource known as sand. 

In the grand tapestry of Minecraft’s gameplay, crafting glass bottles stands as a testament to the harmonious interplay between nature and human creativity. 

Sand, the raw resource drawn from the earth’s embrace, transforms through the alchemical fire of the furnace into glass—an elegant medium awaiting the imprint of the player’s intentions.

crafting glass minecraft

As glass bottles are crafted with meticulous arrangement, they become conduits for magic, bridging the gap between the tangible and the supernatural. 

This crafting process is a reminder that within the blocky realm of Minecraft, even the simplest of materials can serve as vessels for boundless imagination and endless discovery.

5. Brewing the Potion

Brewing potions in Minecraft is a complex yet rewarding process that allows players to harness the magic of alchemy. One crucial stage is crafting glass bottles from sand, an essential material for potion-making. 

To obtain these bottles, players must first gather sand from beaches, riverbanks, or desert landscapes. Once acquired, the sand is smelted in a furnace to produce glass, a transparent substance crucial for creating glass bottles. 

The transformation from sand to glass underscores the game’s intricate mechanics, highlighting the concept of turning basic elements into refined materials.

Crafting glass bottles involves arranging the glass on a crafting table to create these essential containers.  By placing three pieces of glass in a “v” shape, players craft glass bottles that are ready to hold the magical elixirs produced through potion-making. 

This process is a reminder of Minecraft’s underlying principle of transformation and creation. It showcases how even the most common materials, like sand, can be turned into something magical and functional. 

The crafting of glass bottles bridges the gap between the ordinary and the extraordinary, serving as vessels to capture the potent effects of potions. 

6. Crafting a Splash Potion of Weakness

Once the potion is complete, three potions of weakness will be at your disposal. Convert these potions into splash potions by adding gunpowder. These throwable potions apply the same debuff strength as the regular weakness potion. 

By transforming potions into splash potions, players gain the ability to affect multiple entities with a single throw. This expansion of effect radius is a testament to the player’s ingenuity in utilizing their resources to optimize their capabilities.

Ultimately, crafting a Splash Potion of Weakness represents the fusion of magical elements, resourcefulness, and tactical thinking. 

This process allows players to harness the power of alchemy to create potions that not only weaken adversaries but also offer a new level of engagement within the Minecraft universe.

Giving a Splash Potion of Weakness (1:30/1:07) in Minecraft Java Edition

Here are the commands for obtaining a Splash Potion of Weakness (1:30/1:07) in various versions of Minecraft Java Edition:

Minecraft Java Edition 1.13 - 1.20

minecraft brewing

/give @p splash_potion{Potion:”minecraft:weakness”} 1

Minecraft Java Edition 1.9 - 1.12

/give @p splash_potion 1 0 {Potion:”minecraft:weakness”}

Minecraft Java Edition 1.8

/give @p potion 1 16424

Using these commands, you can effortlessly add a Splash Potion of Weakness (1:30/1:07) to your inventory in the specified versions of Minecraft Java Edition. Simply enter the appropriate command based on your version, and you’ll have this potion ready to aid you in your Minecraft adventures.


Mastering the art of potion-making in Minecraft adds a new layer of depth to the gameplay [1]. The Splash Potion of Weakness serves not only as a means to weaken adversaries but also as a tool for curing Zombie Villagers and neutralizing hostile mobs. 

By meticulously gathering ingredients, crafting the necessary items, and harnessing the brewing stand’s power, players can wield these magical concoctions to shape their adventures and thrive in the vibrant Minecraft universe.

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