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From Barren to Blooming: How to Get Grass Blocks in Minecraft

Minecraft’s allure lies in its mechanics and the world it creates. The diverse array of blocks contributes to the unique charm of the game. Among these, grass blocks symbolize life and fertility, adorning the overworld with lush greenery. 

However, the process of obtaining these blocks can be complicated. In this guide, we delve into the methods of acquiring grass blocks in Minecraft Bedrock and Java Editions, providing players with the knowledge and strategies to enrich their landscapes with nature’s flourish.

The Quest for Lush Landscapes: Methods to Acquire Grass Blocks

The vast expanse of Minecraft’s overworld teems with vitality, with each block contributing to the intricate tapestry of life. Grass blocks, in particular, embody the essence of this world. 

Yet, players often encounter an unexpected challenge when breaking dirt blocks – instead of yielding the verdant grass they anticipate, they’re left with mere dirt. 

This curious phenomenon sets the stage for our exploration into procuring pure grass blocks in survival mode, bridging the gap between expectation and reality.

Method 1: The Elegance of Silk Touch Enchantment

silk touch enchantment

At the heart of the quest for grass blocks lies the enchantment known as Silk Touch. This enchantment bridges the tangible and the ethereal, allowing players to preserve blocks. When wielding the power of Silk Touch, miners can acquire not just the drops but the very essence of the block itself.

However, Silk Touch’s applications extend beyond the realm of grass blocks. The enchantment’s finesse manifests when mining various blocks, including diamond ore, ice, and glass—mining diamond ore blocks with a Silk Touch-enchanted pickaxe yields intact ore blocks instead of loose diamonds. 

Similarly, ice and glass blocks can be captured in their pristine form, avoiding the typical shattering into fragments.

The versatility of Silk Touch is mirrored in the tools it can be applied to. This enchantment is compatible with various tools, including pickaxes, shovels, axes, and shears. 

It means that when endowed with Silk Touch, each tool becomes a conduit through which the magic of preservation flows.

Method 2: Crafting Grass Blocks with Silk Touch Enchantment

Delving deeper into the intricacies of the Silk Touch enchantment, we uncover the key to unlocking the world of grass blocks. The first crucial step in this enchanting journey involves acquiring the Silk Touch enchantment. 

An enchantment table becomes an essential tool to embark on this path – an emblem of magical prowess and boundless potential.

However, the path to acquiring Silk Touch is more complex than one might hope. Enchantments in Minecraft [1], like the best enchantments for Elytraare born of randomness, making each encounter with the enchantment table a unique and unpredictable experience.

Players seeking the coveted Silk Touch enchantment must embrace the element of chance and allow fate to intervene in the enchantment process.

Once the enchantment of Silk Touch graces your inventory, you can bestow it upon a shovel or pickaxe using the enchantment table. The process involves carefully selecting lapis lazuli, a vibrant blue mineral often associated with enchantment, and the chosen tool. 

Combined with the enchantment table interface, you should know that these two components set the enchantment wheels in motion.

As the enchantments reveal themselves, Silk Touch might shine among the options presented to you. A mere click upon this enchantment solidifies the transaction, engraving the essence of Silk Touch upon the chosen tool. 

Should the fortune of enchantment books smile upon you, additional methods, such as the anvil and a grindstone, can further enhance your tool’s enchantment.

Alternative Method

grassblocks minecraft

While the Silk Touch enchantment is the primary avenue to obtaining grass blocks, an alternative, albeit more intricate, method unveils itself through the enigmatic Endermen. 

These creatures, often aloof and elusive, occasionally clutch random blocks within their slender fingers. The interaction of an Enderman’s possession and its eventual demise presents an avenue through which players can acquire the coveted grass blocks.

Players are rewarded with this verdant treasure by defeating an Enderman with a grass block. However, this method is full of challenges. 

The loot held by Endermen is varied and random, making it imperative to seize the opportune moment when an Enderman has a grass block in its grip.

enderman grassblock


In this ever-evolving realm, players are invited to embrace these methods, delving into the art of enchanting and the challenge of Enderman encounters. 

Players gain grass blocks and a deeper understanding of Minecraft’s mechanics by mastering these techniques. Armed with this knowledge, they’ll shape their virtual realm into a canvas that reflects their creativity and the vibrant essence of the Minecraft universe.

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