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Best Enchantments for Elytra on Minecraft

Elytra are rare wings found in the end game that can be used for gliding in the game Minecraft. While they don’t actually allow you to fly, they do allow you to travel long distances quickly and safely. 

But what are the best enchantments for Elytra? Let’s take a look!

What Are the Best Enchantments for Elytra?

Below are the best enchantments for Elytra in Minecraft.


Unbreaking makes an object more durable, which enhances its health and lets it function for longer than normal. Almost all of the tools normally utilize this ever-present enchantment. 

It maintains the Elytra functional for a longer period of time and greatly lowers the durability degradation rate. The Elytra will cease flying as soon as its durability hits 1 in order to keep from breaking. 

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The Elytra’s flying time is extended by 4 seconds by unbreaking with every durability point. An anvil and enchanted books can be used to cast the unbreaking enchantment. 

After applying the enchantment, the flight’s capacity considerably improves and its length rises to 28 minutes and 44 seconds. That is the case for an Elytra with level 3 unbreaking enchantment.


Elytra’s texture takes on a tattered appearance when it reaches durability 1, reflecting the damage and it does not work anymore. The Mending enchantment can be used to fix it, either with a pair of Minecraft grindstones or anvil and phantom membranes. 

To completely repair the Elytra and raise its durability to 108 points, you need 4 pieces of phantom membrane along with an anvil. Enchantment mending is only found in the open world since it is a treasure. 

When using this enchantment, the player’s game-earned XP [1] is utilized to restore the item’s health.

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Curse of Binding

This enchantment is one of the most useless enchantments in the game. It only has one action, which is to bind the item—in this case, Elytra—to the armor slot. And only until you break the item or die while playing the game, the item is unequipped.

Curse of Vanishing

Like the Minecraft’s Depth Strider, the Curse of Vanishing is another notorious enchantment in the game. When a player dies in the game, the item enchanted with this curse vanishes forever.

Additionally, this enchantment is not used by any other who show little interest in the inventory that they have worked so hard to acquire.

Where To Find Elytras?

Elytras are a type of wearable item in Minecraft that allow the player to glide through the air. They can be found in End Cities, which are structures that generate in the outer islands of the End dimension.

To get to the End, you first need to find a stronghold, which can be located by throwing an Eye of Ender. Once you’ve found the stronghold, you need to activate the End Portal by placing Eyes of Ender in the frame blocks. This will transport you to the End dimension.

In the End dimension, you need to locate an End City. These cities are made up of tall towers and can be found on the outer islands of the End. The Elytra is found in a chest inside the central tower of the End City.

Minecraft - Elytra

It’s worth noting that End Cities can be difficult to find and navigate, and the enemies in the End dimension can be quite tough. So, it’s a good idea to bring plenty of resources and gear before attempting to find an End City and elytra.

How Do Elytras Work?

When the Elytra is equipped, it replaces the chest plate armor slot and cannot be worn at the same time as a chest plate. This means that the player will need to find other ways to protect themselves from damage, such as by wearing other armor pieces or using shields.

It’s also important to note that using the Elytra can be dangerous, as failing to operate it correctly can result in the player falling into the void and potentially losing all of their gear. To avoid this, players should practice using the Elytra in a safe area before attempting to use it to traverse long distances or in dangerous areas.

Minecraft - crafting Elytra

To use the Elytra safely, players should make sure that they have enough space to glide without hitting obstacles. They should also aim to maintain a safe altitude and avoid diving too steeply or flying too close to the ground. With practice, players can become skilled at using the Elytra to travel quickly and safely across the Minecraft world.

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With the addition of enhancements, the Elytra becomes even more versatile and useful. The popular enhancements for the Elytra provide extra boosts or make it more durable and long-lasting, while some others aren’t that helpful to your gameplay at all.

If you enjoy exploring and taking on difficult challenges, then obtaining the Elytra can be a rewarding experience, and adding enhancements is worth considering for an enhanced Minecraft game!

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