Minecraft can't keep up - ticks behind Minecraft

Fixed: Minecraft Server Running Behind, Skipping Ticks

There’s an issue making the Minecraft server can’t handle all the activity on it, which causes problems. It’s a tricky problem that arises when too many ticks are skipped. 

If you want to play the Minecraft server like before, you’ll need to fix it ASAP. Today, our resident gamers will enumerate all the methods to fix a Minecraft server that’s running behind and skipping ticks.

What Does "Skipping Ticks" Mean?

Skipping ticks mean the “game time” has fallen behind by the number of specified ticks. If you made an in-game clock, it would be one second behind real-time for every 20 ticks you skipped. 

Minecraft can't keep up - ticks behind

Besides player-controlled input, the game processes everything normally, just slower than usual. 

How Do I Stop My Minecraft Server From Skipping Ticks? 5 Quick Methods

Fix #1: Optimize Your Internet Connection + Check for Broadband Leech/es

If the problem isn’t with your computer, it’s most likely your internet connection. 

If you normally run servers without incident on your current internet connection, you most likely have a recent broadband leech. These cause various issues, including the error you’re experiencing in Minecraft. 

To eliminate them, you’ll need to enable MAC filtering [1]. Here’s how:

MAC filtering
  1. Access your router settings, then navigate to the firewall menu. 
  2. Go to advanced settings and find the MAC filtering option. 
  3. Then, enable it to activate the feature. This ensures that no leeches will ever cause this error again.

Fix #2: Look for Lag Machines

Your Minecraft server can’t keep up due to server-caused computer load. Unless you’re playing a private game with friends, this is unlikely. 

It can happen when playing randoms. A lag machine on the server may be straining your computer, causing the issue to persist.

You must remove this to fix the error. It can also be caused by an area with too many enemy mobs. Find out if any players did this, or get rid of the mobs yourself. This relieves your computer’s load and fixes the error.

Fix #3: Lower View Distance

Your Minecraft server’s view-distance setting determines the chunk-based distance a player can see. Higher view distance lets you see further into Minecraft’s world

changing Minecraft view distance on server settings

Seeing further uses RAM, so a shorter view distance improves Minecraft server performance.

Fix #4: Allocate More RAM to Server

We suggest adding a little more memory to your Minecraft server to ensure that it has the resources it needs to run the server smoothly and to avoid the “Can’t Keep Up! Is the Server Overloaded” error message in Minecraft. 

You will need to install 64-bit Java if you need to allocate more than what you currently can, even if you have more RAM available. Switching to 64-bit Java can also help you resolve the Invalid Maximum Heap Size error on the Minecraft server.

Fix #5: Switch to a Spigot Server

The resort to this concern is switching to a Spigot Server. Stop your current server and set up Spigot. Once you have made the files, run it just like the normal server. We suggest you add plugins to modify some parts of the game. 


That’s it! Following this guide, you can easily address a Minecraft server that’s running behind and skipping ticks. In just five easy steps, you can have your game work as smoothly as you want in no time. Enjoy the game! 

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