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MCProHosting Reviews (2023) — Is this Server Hosting Good Enough?

MCProHosting is a popular gaming host provider. But does their reputation match their offerings? If it doesn’t, you risk paying for a hosting plan with poor performance, unresponsive customer service, and lousy mod support. To ease your worries, our team of experts conducted MCProHosting reviews to test the host’s offerings.

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MCProHosting Features

Control Panel

We immediately loved the accessibility of MCProHosting. You can type a short link in your browser and be taken directly to your user-space. Everything you need is available on the control panel, from chat features to full FTP access. You can also install mods, access your backups, and modify configuration files.

We also loved that you can see each server’s status in the control panel. The interactive page tells you which servers are operational and which one you’re currently connected to.

Server Locations

It’s not very often that a gaming host impresses us with their performance. But MCProHosting has done just that with their network of servers. They have 23 server locations spread across every continent except Antarctica. This broad network gave us truly seamless gameplay.

server locations

We also appreciated the fact that the servers are low latency, which means players will always have the best possible connection. There are ten servers in North America alone, and they switch so effortlessly, you’d never know if one was down.

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MCProHosting boasts high-rated hardware with dual E5-2600 processors, DDR4 ECC RAMs and enterprise SSDs [1]. Coupled with their low latency, high availability servers, it all sounds like an excellent service.

But we wanted to see for ourselves by playing highly demanding games. Our experts found that the performance was as seamless as we thought, similar to the the top-performing Space Engineers server hosting we reviewed.  The hosts even offered us complete server control through their mobile app. One more thing we enjoyed was access to unlimited storage on most plans. This allowed us to upload custom instances and mods without trouble.

MCProHosting Mods

Installing mods to games on MCProHosting was a long but rewarding process. We had to download mods compatible with our Forge version and then upload them straight to the server via FTP access. This is necessary because if the mod version of the game they are using is different from the one used by the server, their Minecraft registry might not be synchronized properly.


Unfortunately, we could only install mods one at a time, and we had to restart the server after each installation. But besides that, our mods ran smoothly, and we could upload as many as we wanted. We also loved that MCProHosting has a webpage dedicated to explaining this process to new users.

DDoS Protection

During our MCProHosting review, we uncovered that the service offers DDoS protection. But more than that, their offering is top-notch and is comparable to the best Minecraft server hosting, with over 42tbps of speed. They collaborated with Cloudflare to provide this service, making MCProHosting the only host with enterprise-grade DDoS protection.

What’s more is that we found other features, like free MySQL, unlimited RAM, free offsite automatic backups, and even a referral program for players looking to earn more. The automatic backups, combined with top-notch protection equal one of the safest hosting plans we had ever bought.

Ease of Use & Setup

Like many hosts in the industry such as the top-speed Ark server hosting, MCProHosting offers instant server setups. You can begin playing your game within 30 minutes after paying. We liked that everything, from login and server info to helpful guides, becomes available to you immediately after payment.


What’s even better than MCProHosting’s instant setup is their instant cancellation. The service doesn’t hold users hostage by refusing to cancel their plans and charging their cards. On the contrary, we experienced a swift cancellation process. We didn’t even have to open a support ticket or talk to any customer support reps.

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Games Available

One thing we didn’t enjoy was the limited range of games available. MCProHosting offers 11 games in total, including Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. This is low compared to other hosting providers that offer up to 30 games.

What’s more, MCProHosting doesn’t have some mainstream games like Arma 3. But on the bright side, the game offers other classics like Gary’s mod, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Rust.

Customer Support

We found that their customer support was really helpful and responsive. It only takes about an hour for someone to respond, and they are always on top of the situation.

customer support

We contacted them about switching servers, setting up our FTP files, and even customizing our gameplay. The staff was helpful every time, and they always wanted to know if there was more they could do. Since their support isn’t available 24/7, we thought they would be slow. But they make up for the 6 hours away with stellar service.

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Price and Payment Methods

MCProHosting is surprisingly affordable just like the top-tier Unturned server hosting. It is not only affordable but also offers excellent service. We checked and found that their plans rival some of the industry’s top-rated hosting providers. You can get an MCProHosting plan for as little as $1.5. As always, the more you pay for your hosting, the more features will be available to you. But overall, the prices are quite fair.

MCProHosting also makes subscriptions easier by offering a variety of payment options. They take a visa, MasterCard, PayPal. Amex, Apple Pay, and Discover.


How good is MCProHosting?

MCProHosting is a competent gaming server host. They have classic features like affordable prices, FTP access, and free SSD storage. They also offer premium benefits like advanced DDoS protection and 23 server locations worldwide.

Does Hypixel use MCProHosting?

Hypixel once had a partnership with MCProHosting. MCProHosting sponsored Hypixel and their game, Hytale. Due to the partnership, players using MCProHosting could get discount coupons and unique gadgets. However, the partnership has since ended.

Where is MCProHosting located?

MCProHosting’s parent company is located in Washington, D.C. However, they have servers on every continent except Antarctica and are accessible from any location. Their support staff are also available to help players in any way possible.

Is MCProHosting free?

No, MCProHosting is not free. However, they offer competitive plans with premium benefits and enterprise-grade hardware.

MCProHosting Review Conclusion

MCProHosting offers excellent service, and that’s what makes them the best in our books. We have checked their performance, customer support, server availability, and ease of access. Everything is designed to give players an enjoyable experience.


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