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Fueling Your Adventure: How to Make Gasoline in ARK

The world of ARK: Survival Evolved is a thrilling mix of prehistoric wonders and modern challenges. Amidst the breathtaking landscapes and formidable creatures, one key resource stands out: Gasoline. 

In this article, we will delve into the importance of Gasoline as a vital fuel source within the game, its role in powering various structures and devices, and provides an in-depth guide on how to craft and utilize this essential resource.

Gathering Materials for Gasoline

Obtaining Oil

The quest for Oil takes players beneath the waves and across diverse terrains. Using tools like the pickaxe, Dunkleosteus, Ankylosaurus, or tamed creatures like the Basilosaurus or Tusoteuthis, players can amass Oil. 

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Locations such as the ocean, Jug Bugs on the Scorched Earth map, and the Snow Biome beach or icebergs serve as oil nodes.

Collecting Hide

Hide, an essential component, can be sourced from a variety of creatures, excluding Invertebrates and Fish. Armed with tools like the Chainsaw, Pick, or Metal Hatchet, survivors can efficiently harvest Hide from fallen foes.

Acquiring Congealed Gas Balls and Green Gems

For those navigating the Aberration DLC, the Chemistry Bench unlocks the potential to craft Gas-Crafted Gasoline. This requires Congealed Gas Balls, attainable through a Gas Collector set on a Gas Vein. 

Green Gems, necessary for the creation process, can be mined from vibrant crystalline formations. Additionally, Fragmented Green Gems are derived from blue crystal structures or Gacha crystals.

Crafting Gasoline: Fueling Your Journey

Gasoline, the lifeblood of technological advancement in ARK Survival Evolved [1], is synthesized from two primary ingredients: Oil and Hide. These components are combined in specialized structures, namely the Refining Forge, Industrial Forge, and Chemistry Bench (with the Aberration DLC).

ARK resource to make gasoline

Placing Ingredients in the Forge/Chemistry Bench

The synthesis of Gasoline is a well-orchestrated process. In the Refining Forge or Industrial Forge, combine 6 units of Oil with 5 units of Hide to initiate the reaction. 

Alternatively, the Chemistry Bench’s advanced capabilities enable you to craft Gas-Crafted Gasoline using 20 Congealed Gas Balls and 20 Green Gems or Fragmented Green Gems.

Duration of Crafting

The intricate process of Gasoline creation requires a mere 30 seconds of patient crafting time. Within this brief period, the transformative properties of the crafting structures blend the components, resulting in the emergence of a potent fuel source.


5 Gasoline: The culmination of the crafting process yields 5 units of Gasoline, a valuable resource that can power an array of structures and tools.

Mass Production with the Industrial Forge

For those striving to stockpile Gasoline for extensive endeavors, the Industrial Forge emerges as a powerful ally. This colossal structure is capable of producing up to 100 units of Gasoline simultaneously, provided the necessary resources are available.

ARK industrial forge

Venturing into the Aberration DLC expands crafting possibilities, introducing Gas-Crafted Gasoline via the Chemistry Bench. To concoct this variant, you must harness 20 Congealed Gas Balls and either 20 Green Gems or Fragmented Green Gems.

Tips and Strategies: Mastering Gasoline Production

Building a Small Gasoline Refinery

Crafting a small and effective gasoline refinery can be a game-changer in your ARK adventure. Here’s how:

Choosing the Right Location

Select a strategic location for your refinery that is easily accessible yet well-protected from predators. Look for an area close to your base or resource-rich zones.

Compact Structure Design

Focus on a streamlined design that minimizes wasted space. Place crafting structures, like the Refining Forge and Industrial Forge, in close proximity to optimize workflow.

Storage Solutions

Integrate storage containers nearby to hold your raw materials and finished Gasoline. This reduces the time spent moving resources and improves overall efficiency.

ARK oil resource inventory

Security Measures

Surround your refinery with appropriate defenses, such as walls, turrets, or natural barriers, to ward off potential threats.

By constructing a thoughtfully designed refinery, you can expedite Gasoline production and streamline your resource management.

Efficient Resource Management

Efficiency in Gasoline production extends beyond just crafting. Here’s how to manage your resources effectively:

Gather in Bulk

Plan resource-gathering runs to collect large quantities of Oil and Hide at once. This minimizes the time spent on multiple trips and boosts productivity.

Tame Resource Gathering Creatures

Utilize tamed creatures like the Ankylosaurus or Dunkleosteus with high resource-gathering capabilities to amass Oil and Hide more efficiently.

ARK tame creatures

Scheduled Crafting

Set designated crafting periods for Gasoline production. Batch crafting during downtime ensures a steady supply without continuous monitoring.

Automation and Crafting Stations

Unlock the potential of automation by using creatures like the Basilosaurus or Tusoteuthis to store Oil. Additionally, consider placing multiple crafting stations to parallelize Gasoline production.


Gasoline, a conduit of progress and power in ARK Survival Evolved exemplifies the fusion of primitive survival and modern innovation. As you harness its potential, understanding the crafting process, resource acquisition, and usage dynamics become essential. 

By mastering the art of Gasoline production, you secure your place in the dynamic and ever-evolving landscapes of ARK. So, whether you tread on PC, macOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, or mobile devices, let Gasoline be your guiding light in the intricate journey of survival and conquest.

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