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List of the Best Ark Survival Evolved Mods Today

ARK: Survival Evolved is a popular survival game that has been around for several years now. The game has gained immense popularity due to its open world and the ability to craft, build, and explore. 

The game is also very moddable, allowing players to create new content and make the game their own. Mods can range from small changes to the game to complete overhauls of the game. 

With so many mods around, it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best. So in this article, our resident gamers will share the best ARK: Survival Evolved mods and what they can do for your game!

What Are the Best ARK: Survival Evolved Mods?

From turtles and dodos that can be ridden to volcanoes and pirates, this has everything required to spice up dinosaur-based survival gameplay. 

You can make each mod compatible with your game by subscribing to it on its Steam Workshop page:

#1: Improved Dinos

The Improved Dinos mod adds rare spawning dinosaurs with better blueprints that should be more difficult to kill, even in groups, than the standard ARK dinosaurs. Extra-large, extra-lethal raptors and large alpha dinosaurs are among the unique variants to hunt. 

The venomous, black-and-gray carnotaurus with obsidian scales is also in development. Currently, none of the dinosaurs featured in this mod can be tamed.

Touring around the Improved dinos mod

#2: Rideable Dodos

Undoubtedly, the opportunity to ride your very own dinosaur is one of the (excellent) reasons so many people have flocked to ARK. However, there has always been one thing missing: rideable dodos. 

No longer were the dumb birds likely too frail to carry the weight of a fully grown adult. The Rideable Dodo mod completely alters the game. 

This means that you can finally realize your dream of leaping onto one of these ungainly birds and riding it into the sunset.

#3: The World Turtle

This mod will spawn a small number of titan-sized, permanently tamable giant turtles on your server. Their size, strength, and stats are comparable to those of the titans. It is the coolest you’ll ever look perched atop a turtle.

#4: Thieves Island

It’s common knowledge that anything with pirates is good, and this Thieves Island map mod is no exception. Madame Cheng once used this island as her home base. 

Cheng’s fleet of 18,000 ships required ample space, so the main island in this mod is approximately half the size of The Island in vanilla ARK. 

Not only is there a new location, but you can also construct sky fortresses with Scorched Earth dinosaurs.

#5: The Volcano

The Volcano map is roughly the same size as the vanilla map and features five distinct biomes that are home to all dinosaurs up to and including the Aberration and Extinction creatures. 

Additionally, there are numerous resources to discover. There are also boss arenas from both Island and Scorched Earth, as well as wild dinosaur babies.

There are fifteen caves to discover and explore, some of which require you to swim underwater to uncover hidden artifacts.

#6: Dome of Death

The Dome of Death is a map modification with a stunning aesthetic to match its brutal difficulty. Only seasoned ARK veterans need apply, but even they will spend more time running away from their new enemies than fighting them.

#7: Apako Islands

This sunken raft on the coast of Apako Island

Instead of the larger landmasses found on standard maps, this map introduces 65 square kilometers of island paradises to ARK. You’ll likely have to do a lot of swimming, but one day you’ll hopefully have boats, and that will be an incredible day. 

Unfortunately, the development of the Apako Islands is currently on hold, but it’s already worth a visit if you enjoy the variety.

#8: Immersive Training

The Immersive Training mod expands the taming system by adding new techniques for taming dinosaurs. Whether it’s hand-feeding the dinosaurs, giving them gifts, or even petting them, this mod makes taming your new best friend significantly more interactive. 

These new techniques also strengthen the bond between you and your dinosaur companion, which increases your level of trust.


ARK: Survival Evolved is a game with limitless potential. With the right mods, you can make it your own. These mods can range from small changes to complete overhauls and can add a lot of new content to your game [1]. 

We’ve hope these best ARK: Survival Evolved mods encourage you to start exploring and enjoying a new game experience!

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