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Fragnet Reviews (2023) — Learn More About this Server for ARK, Rust & More

Fragnet is a hosting company that provides dedicated servers for games like Minecraft and Garry’s mod. But does it deliver excellent performance, and is it worth your money? Or is it another server hosting with laggy performance, poor customer service at a ridiculous price? We tried it ourselves to find out just how good the Fragnet service is.

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Fragnet Features

Fragnet: History and Experience

Fragnet was created in 2010 by gamers who wanted to serve other gamers. From their headquarters in Sweden, they began the gaming host that has since grown to provide hosting services to top companies like Cisco, Openstack, ESL, and Microsoft. Fragnet also has an affiliate program where players can get paid for referring other players to the service.

Server Locations

During our team’s Fragnet reviews, we found 30 different data servers owned by the hosting company. Except for Africa, Antarctica, and South America, Fragnet has servers on every continent. We were also impressed to find that the servers were mainly concentrated in Europe and the U.S., which is where most players are.

The sheer number and proximity of servers mean that you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, regardless of where you are in the world. Players can also access location switching, which allows you to access the best possible server at any point in time.

Control Panel

Fragnet’s control panel has a simple interface with easy access to all the important features, including server stop/start/pause, location switching, and easy mod install. We also found cool features, access to configuration files, and the ability to make other players admin.

control panel

The control panel also gives you access to the file manager, which makes managing your gameplay easier. Fragnet grants players full FTP access, and with that, they can upload files/mods, rollback [1] their worlds, and even schedule new server tasks.

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We decided to test each Fragnet game individually to see how well they performed. We were particularly focused on Minecraft, Rust, and the Arma series.

Minecraft ran better than we expected, with seamless rendering at an impressive FPS rate. The same went for all the other games we tried. Upon further inspection, we found that Fragnet uses top-of-the-line hardware. They actually replace old hardware as soon as advanced models are released.


They also established their service on a foundation of low latency internet connection. This works seamlessly with their hardware to give you the best gameplay possible. Online games are demanding, and we were glad to discover that Fragnet easily rose to the occasion.

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Fragnet Mods

Since Fragnet offers full FTP access, we knew that mod installation was going to be a breeze. But we also needed to understand how well the host supported mods. This provider supports most game mods. However, you’ll have to upload the FTP files by hand because only a few are available from the control panel.

games mods

Installing mods with Fragnet is as simple as with any other host. You simply stop the service, upload the mod, and install as needed. You may need additional steps, depending on the game you’re playing. You can find all the information you need on Fragnet’s client knowledge base.

Ease of Use & Setup

Our tests for this Fragnet review revealed how easy the setup was, and that’s definitely a plus in our books. After payment, players will receive their server log-in details, and they can go from there. If you’ve never set up a game server before, there’s nothing to worry about because Fragnet has many resources to help.

Games Available

The host offers 37 games just ike the best server hosting for TeamSpeakWe found both popular and obscure games on the server, which is great because many hosts only offer mainstream games.

We were also pleased to find that each of these games enjoyed top-notch support and resources. You could get a seamless performance if you were playing Garry’s mod or Killing Floor 2. 

games on fragnet

All of Fragnet’s resources were at our disposal, from low-ping servers to high-end processors. The host also has mod support for each of these games, including mods that aren’t easy to find. All we had to do was upload the files to our control panel, and we were good to go.

Customer Service of Fragnet

Fragnet’s customer service was as responsive as we could expect. They have an average response time of 30 minutes and are adept at solving most player issues. We also loved that the customer service has many departments. So if you have a query that the billing department couldn’t solve, they redirect your query to the relevant department. 

One thing you don’t get with many customer service reps is a warm reception and friendly relations. We got that from Fragnet, which made us fall in love with the host even more.

Price and Payment Methods

Fragnet’s prices vary depending on the game you’re playing. They range from $0.76/slot to $13/slot. Games that require a lot of processing power will cost more to play per slot per month. Additional perks, like extra storage space, server switching, more slots, and dedicated IPs, may also raise your price.

payment method

Compared to other game hosts in the industry, we found that Fragnet was competitively priced. Some of its games are pricey, but most of them offer a bargain considering the performance offered. Likewise, Fragnet accepts multiple payment options, including Skrill, Stripe, US bank transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal, and most credit and debit cards.

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Fragnet Guarantee

On the one hand, Fragnet doesn’t offer a free trial period unlike some of the best Ark server hosting. This means you have no way of testing the server before you let go of your cash. On the other hand, they offer a 5-day money-back guarantee.

In a way, the money-back guarantee secures your purchase if you ever experience bad service. However, our experience shows that you don’t need your money back once you purchase a Fragnet server because of how adept they are.


What is Fragnet?

Fragnet is a company based in Sweden that offers game hosting for popular games like Minecraft and Garry’s mod. They offer premium hardware, stellar customer service, and a 5-day money-back guarantee.

Fragnet Review Conclusion

Based on our reviews, Fragnet is the real deal. They offer tons of games at amazing prices, excellent performance, and global data centers. You can enjoy online games when you choose to purchase Fragnet server hosting. 


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