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BisectHosting Review (2023) — Is This Server Hosting Worth It?

BisectHosting provides a platform for gamers to play Minecraft. But is it worth the purchase? If it’s not, you could end up with a glitchy and useless hosting plan with poor customer service. Our experts decided to test BisectHosting to see if it’s competent and worth it to purchase for your Minecraft gameplay.

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BisectHosting Features

BisectHosting Control Panel

We were excited to explore the control panel in our reviews because it is the locus of all player activities.

Bisect Hosting has a dedicated TC Admin control panel, which is quite common among game hosts these days. A hosting provider may use a TC Admin control panel to provide the best possible service to users without creating a panel themselves. However, these panels are still custom and powerful. Our team of experts found that the control panel exceeded all our expectations. 

It has at least one control for every possible function, from adjusting the game’s contrast to installing mods. We could also do other things, like access our server, share admin rights, and even join discords. It is almost the same as the control panel of topnotch TF server hosting that enables you to access all the functions available on the server. 

One thing we love was that players can use the control panel without any prior experience. The company sends your login information in your welcome email to simplify things. We could simply copy-paste the details, which made things easier.

Performance and Speed

The best hosting provider should be able to process Minecraft with remarkable speed. Luckily, Bisect Hosting meets this standard with a performance that parallels any other game hosting provider we’ve seen.

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We were impressed by BisectHosting because Minecraft is a taxing game. We performed multiple activities at once without experiencing any lags or glitches. We also got the same results when we tested it with other games like Arma 3 and Gary’s Mod hosted on the Bisect servers.

We were also glad that the hosts didn’t lag as more users came on board. We added as many users as possible and only experienced minimal glitches. However, they quickly resolved as we played on. 

We noticed, however, that BisectHosting could only do so much. We had to use a high-end PC with a capable GPU and up-to-date Java software to get the maximum benefit.

BisectHosting Mods

Mods [1] enhance the gameplay of any Minecraft instance, and a server wouldn’t be worth anything if it couldn’t support them. We wanted to see how the hosts would react to different mods during gameplay. We tried performance-intensive interface mods like Journey Map and OPTIFINE, and the Bisect Hosting handled them like a star.

Next, we moved to gameplay mods and tested Chisel 2 and DecoCraft. These were also rendered with skill and finesse. Even though we were impressed, we decided to try one more mods category during our BisectHosting review which are exploration mods.

adding mods to server

Our team chose exploration mods because they require a lot of processing power to render and run properly. We tried Biomes O’ Plenty and Galacticraft. The results were spectacular, and we can honestly say that BisectHosting is one of the most competent Minecraft servers out there.

BisectHosting Configuration Options

You can tell a great Minecraft server company by its ease of configuration. Minecraft is a very diverse game, and it has tons of worlds and objects you can interact with. There are also several versions and iterations to choose from.

All of these options should be available on your provider site, either through the control panel or other menus. There are skin customization options, music and sound settings, and of course, resource packs. 

Bisect Hosting also allowed us to choose a maximum amount of Minecraft users, schedule automated restaurants, and swap datacenter locations. It has also improved security features, like two-factor authentication, DDoS protection, and crash detection.

bisecthosting configuration

We found one feature on BisectHosting that’s not so common with Minecraft servers — an exhaustive knowledge base. The hosting company has a section on its website dedicated to providing information and support on Minecraft configuration settings. 

For another server with DDoS protection, check our review of CraftAndSurvive server here

Server Locations

Bisect Hosting has operations in 13 places, and its game servers are spread across 8 locations worldwide to maximize coverage and minimize latency. We tested the host’s capability by connecting with different locations across the world.

We found that the best performance came from dedicated servers closest to us. However, we also found that a datacenter in another country still provided enough processing power for smooth gameplay.

The low latency servers processed mods with remarkable ease while maintaining a high fps rate. Another benefit of multiple Minecraft server locations is minimal downtime. The company maximizes player experience by switching your dedicated servers whenever one goes down.

server locations

The multiple game servers were even more useful because of the 24 7 support that BisectHosting offers. You can easily contact customer service and switch between servers. Compared with other providers, Bisect Hosting global servers performed excellently.

Ease of Use

Our team found that Bisect Hosting is remarkably easy to use just like the server hosting for Ark. Even people who have never visited the website before will have no problems because of its intuitive interface.

Everything, from the plan selector to the payments page, is straightforward. The hosts get even easier to use after you sign up. New users get an email with everything they need to know, including their login info and links to helpful resources on their website. The website is also designed in a way that you always find everything you need, whether it’s a  link to customer care or your custom control panel.

Games Available

While we were conducting our BisectHosting review, we realized this host only offers limited games. Other hosts like the top CS:GO server hosting offer plans on as many as thirty games but Bisect only hosts twelve games. The good news is that it has plans for classic online games like Ark: Survival Evolved, Arma 3, and Rust.

Our experts enjoyed Bisect because it provided quality server hosting on all of these games. They all played smoothly, as the company offered great customer support, and an excellent TC admin control panel. We also loved the hosting per month of these other Bisect games. They were affordable and fair compared to the other providers on the market.

games on bisecthosting

Like  the MCProHostingBisect has multiple server locations worldwide, and they let players choose their location when buying a plan. This gives users access to premium hosting linked with the server closest to you.

In summary, our experts give Bisect Hosting an above-average rating for its available games. The provider doesn’t offer a lot, but they offer people excellent service with the few that they offer.

Customer Support

Based on our findings, BisectHosting staff have lots of experience with users’ games and common problems. The customer service was spot-on, as they were able to anticipate our complaints and offer helpful solutions.

The company offers 24 7 support which meant we could reach them at any time. The hosting provider provides help challenges through live chat and a ticket-based query system. This offers one great benefit—support responds to customers based on who came first. The ticket-based system also ensures that you get the support staff that’s most qualified for your situation.

customer support

Our only problem with support was that they were often slow to respond. BisectHosting has a large number of customers worldwide, and the company doesn’t always respond to them all in record time.

Other Features

Besides the features listed above, gamers expect other benefits from a verified Minecraft server hosting company, like full FTP access, DDoS protection, and quick game setup. We found that the service offered all of these and more.

The full FTP access allowed us to modify files and maximize our allocated storage space. The full FTP access also allowed us to upload our custom Minecraft world for smoother gameplay.

The hosting company allows you to upload mods/configs directly to your server if you have unique files that aren’t mainstream. Minecraft is so versatile that it’s impossible to find all the available mods on mainstream sources. Thankfully, you can upload yours directly.

We loved the DDOS protection service for its premium security. Our gameplay and resources were safe from online attacks.


Other features include the best Minecraft server backup we’ve seen in a while, and uploadable mods. Server backups are critical for saving your progress, and Bisect Hosting keeps backups for up to seven days. The service gives you more than enough time to roll back your progress if you need to.

Price and Payment Methods

There are two packages under BisectHosting: Basic and Premium. The Basic service has glowing reviews because it provides instant setup, Free MySQL, and fringe benefits like DDoS protection and a control panel.

Customers may also choose the premium service if they want advanced features like free dedicated IP, free daily backups, free mod pack installations and updates, and free unlimited slots. Both plans have access to 24/7 customer service and in-game custom Jar Support.

During our BisectHosting review, we realized that the hosting provider has a plan selector. The plan selector helps customers see which price offer is best for them based on many factors. These include their desired mod pack, possible plugins, number of users per server, and extra premium features. The benefit is that it helps you choose on factors other than price.

bisecthosting payment configuration

Bisect Hosting charges customers per month, and the Premium plan costs almost three times as much as the basic plan. However, it offers more features. The hosting company also gives you a chance to increase your dedicated RAM for a slightly higher price. This is great for customers looking to run several mods at once.

The company accepts credit cards, PayPal, and a paysafecard.

BisectHosting for Minecraft

Bisect Hosting has more than enough features for Minecraft players to enjoy their gameplay. Our review revealed a full array of services that include 24/7 support, complete mod installation, backup-and-restore options, and a free user guide.

Bisect Hosting also offers 13 server locations for players looking to switch their gameplay for the best possible experience. We found an incredible custom panel, FTP database access, and protection from DDoS attacks.

minecraft on bisecthosting

Finally, we loved the price and plan flexibility. One of the plans has an affordable price tag that allows budget gamers to enjoy the service.

BisectHosting Alternatives

We also wanted to find the best alternative for Bisect Hosting. We came up with three options, which are the following:

Apex Hosting

Apex hosting is a great Minecraft hosting provider. They offer exceptional mod services. They also offer free server transfer, premade minigames, and premium hardware. Apex hosting plans have a higher price than Bisect Hosting, but they provide value.


Our experts’ review suggests that Shockbyte is cheaper than the BisectHosting company. Customers who use Shockbyte can also get perks like instant setup, a free subdomain, and even protection against DDoS attacks.

GG Servers

This hosting company offered an unmetered SSD and NVMe Storage during our GG server reviews. This means customers can upload as many files as they want and enjoy their gameplay. GG server company also offers full FTP database access, access for Java and Bedrock Minecraft Editions, and 24/7 customer support.

More options:


How good is BisectHosting?

BisectHosting is one of the best hosting companies for Minecraft. It provides access to everything a player needs, from mod installation to FTP database access and even affordable monthly plans. You can also find helpful information on the host’s website whenever you need it.

What is BisectHosting?

BisectHosting is a hosting company most known for providing Minecraft hosting services. However, they also host other games like Arma 3 and Ark: Survival Evolved. You can find more details on their website.

BisectHosting Review Conclusion

After numerous tests, we verified that Bisect Hosting  is worth the purchase. They have superb resources for gamers, including global servers, powerful hardware, mod installation, and intuitive configuration settings. They also support lots of games besides Minecraft, making them a great choice for gamers.

bisecthosting web interface

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