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CraftAndSurvive Review (2023) — Backup System, Control Panel & More

CraftAndSurvive hosts servers for online games, but renting one is tricky because you could end up with poor FPS, bad customer service, or worse, a server that won’t start at all. Our team of experts conducted a CraftAndSurvive review to examine all its features and help you make the best decision. Here’s what they found.

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CraftAndSurvive Features


CraftAndSurvive has 15 global data centers. These are located in strategic places, from Dallas and New York in the U.S.A. to Paris and London in Europe. They also have servers in Montreal, Sydney, Frankfurt, and many others.

These multiple server locations help ensure uninterrupted gameplay. And because they are spread globally, you can enjoy CraftAndSurvive servers where you are, whether in Australia or eastern Europe.

Control Panel

CraftAndSurvive has a custom TCAdmin control panel. The panel was developed using a combination of user feedback and top-notch code. It gives players complete control of their servers and even lets them change settings and schedule starts. We also loved the fact that the control panel has a beautiful UI, a built-in file manager, and full FTP access.

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Configurators: CraftAndSurvive

The host offers multiple configuration options for different kinds of users. There’s a standard text editor that lets you input command lines and change parameters directly for pros. There is also an easy-to-use configurator for novice users. It has text fields, drop-down menus, sliders, and other buttons that you can interact with.

We love that CraftAndSurvive accommodates many users, from the new to the experienced. The configurator was built with the end-user in mind and is thus, very effective.

Mods and Maps

During our CraftAndSurvive review, we discovered that the servers support every kind of map out here, even those that are custom built. And they are easy to load too — simply use the configurator’s drop-down menu to select one of your pre-installed maps and click save

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You also don’t have to worry about mods, DLCs, or even API plug-ins. The host supports them all. Our team found that we could install beyond API through a single click and upload mods through the file manager. You can find all released DLCs on your control panel, so there’s no need to scramble for an update.

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Backup Restore System: CraftAndSurvive

Backups are a failsafe that can either preserve your progress or set you back by weeks. It’s even a bigger threat if you forget to initiate your backups after every significant milestone. The good news is that CraftAndSurvive does all that for you, thanks to its automatic offsite backups.

You can access your backups through your control panel with the simple click of a button. The backups cover all your files, from custom maps and mods to any DLCs you might have installed.

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Steam Workshop

For many gamers, the Steam workshop is the go-to location for downloading a variety of mods. Using a hosted server often means having to download your mods’ zip file, however large they may be, and uploading them directly to your control panel.

But with CraftAndSurvive, you don’t have to do any of that. You can access the Steam workshop from the server’s mod workshop and download your files straight to the file manager. CraftAndSurvive basically acts as a middle man, ensuring that all your files are transferred without a hitch.

DDoS: CraftAndSurvive

Protection against DDoS is critical to the success of any game. Online games are competitive, and some players will try to mess with your gameplay however they can. Luckily, CraftAndSurvive has the latest DDoS protection for all players. Your server, player base, and progress are all safe.

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Platforms Supported

CraftAndSurvive only offers support for PC games. That’s because they rent out servers to PC-based games like Ark: Survival Evolved and Conan Exiles. The good news is that the servers have been modified to work perfectly with PC. Everything from the control panel to the file manager works smoothly on windows, Mac, and Linux.

Customer Support: CraftAndSurvive

During our review, we found that CraftAndSurvive’s customer support could use some work. Players can access support via email, live chat, or a ticket-based system. However, support may take hours to respond.

CraftAndSurvive is adept at solving technical problems, but they often can’t help with payment processing and UI glitches.

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Games Available

The host offers servers for a ton of popular games, from Arma 3 to Cube World. All in all, they offer up to 70 games, and you’re bound to find one that suits your tastes.

games on craftandsurvive

Our team also found that each of these game servers offers a premium player experience. With some hosts, popular game servers get all the functionality while obscure ones glitch and malfunction. But with CraftAndSurvive, all the servers are top-notch, and players can expect exactly what they paid for.


CraftAndSurvive has some of the most affordable game hosting plans currently available. They also run ongoing ad campaigns that offer amazing discounts. Even the higher tier plans had remarkable rates. You could rent a server with all the benefits for a fraction of the cost of other host providers.

The only problem we found with CraftAndSurvive’s pricing is that it’s often inconsistent. The promotions may offer a low price, but players get charged for more. According to support, the problem is currently being addressed.

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CraftAndSurvive Customer Reviews

CraftAndSurvive has mixed user reviews. On the one hand, 81% of customers on Trustpilot [1] rate it 5 stars. But the 1-star reviews have dropped the overall score to a mediocre 2.7. Most of them complain about things we’ve already addressed, like inconsistent pricing and slow customer support.


After a thorough CraftAndSurvive review, our conclusion is that the host is worth every penny. Even though it has some drawbacks, the host also has advanced features like a custom control panel, extensive plug-in support, and easy configurations. We also found that CraftAndSurvive offered an interactive guide for how to use most of the server features.

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