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Review and Promo Code (2022)

If you plan to trade CSGO skins, there are many skin trading sites you’ll find online. However, not all of them are as widely known as Aside from its popularity, what other notable features new users should know of? 

In this review, let our game experts discuss its legitimacy so you don’t get scammed on your skin trading journey.  



History and Reputation

You may not know it, but has been operating as a skin trading website since 2017. As one of the most known trading bots in the industry, it’s not so surprising that their platform has already processed over 35 million trades since its foundation. 

Tradeit offers to instantly sell skins at fairly low prices compared to its competitor trade bots. Because of this, Tradeit GG accumulated numerous positive reviews that further elevated its reputation in the market.  

Besides CSGO trades, another factor that made Tradeit GG legit and popular is its investing program. This feature allows users to use the cash in their digital wallet for investment. It has a high yearly return, but our resident gamers recommend investing with caution.

Is Legit?

Yes, is a legitimate business. Upon our team’s evaluation, we found out that it’s a company registered in Canada. 

While some traders consider a scam, it’s mostly because of the lag on the Steam servers. These occurrences interrupt an ongoing trade offer, which leads to losing game items. 

However, these disruptions happen on all platforms. If you don’t want to lose a single penny in your trading ventures, we advise checking if the servers are running smoothly before selling stuff. 

During our tests, the platform worked well, which we’ll discuss in the review below. Features

Game Items Offered

Item variability is among the first things we noticed in this trading bot platform. Besides Counter Strike or CSGO items, you can trade other virtual items from games like Team Fortress, Dota 2, Rust 2, and many more. 

Some players argue that the item variability and prices in site cannot compare with the Steam market, but this platform is where you’ll often find the most premium skins. 

Team Fortress players can also find rare weapon patterns on this site more than in the Steam marketplace. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Besides the great selection of skins, things like depositing and withdrawing money are two crucial factors in determining if is a scam or not. 

When we went to sign in using a Steam account, our team quickly noted that all their deposits must go through G2A Pay payment method. 

There are approximately 200 payment methods to choose from, which includes bitcoin. If you intend to withdraw money after selling skins, they support Paypal and Ether as well. 

Trading Experience

After the user sign-in with our stream profile, our resident gamers continued to check the platform’s design. At first glance, we can tell that this CS trading site had undergone new feature development. 

It can become a bit laggy, but they give users an option to return to the old site design by clicking your Steam profile at the top right corner of the screen. 

In our first trade, we were able to get a discount. But of course, this exchange depends on the payment method you used. As a new user, you can get free money on your virtual wallet by clicking the Redeem Code option.

The Redeem Code option is only applicable for first-time users or certain events. But among the sites that allow users to trade and sell CSGO skins, offers the most number of code bonuses. 

Besides the Redeem Code feature, the exchange process in the site itself was smooth. There was not much to point out as we got what we selected in literally seconds. But don’t forget to check your Steam inventory to see if your purchase pushed through. 

Commission Rate/s

There’s always a standard commission rate when you sell items from games. Unlike other sites, the platform fee for every purchase is capped at 8%. If you want to lower it, our team suggests adding the code “” in your profile name. 


Concise content and easy navigation are among the many characteristics of a user-friendly website [1]. Fortunately, is nothing less than those standards. 

It has a wider variety of items than the Steam community market, so we expected it to be a bit slow, but the process of trading, selling, buying went smoother than we initially thought. Even the redeeming of code has reflected almost immediately in the site’s digital balance. 

Customer Support

Another feature we evaluated on the site is their customer support lines. As you may expect from online trading sites, they have a live chat team to assist you with your everyday trade concerns. 


How long does it take to deposit Bitcoin on

Depositing Bitcoin on only takes a few seconds. Most digital payments made on these trading sites are processed almost immediately. 

Who owns Tradeit gg?

Tradeit gg is owned by TradingView. It was acquired in 2019 after its initial foundation in 2017. This company is a business registered in Canada that allows players to trade game items for money and gaming perks. It has high ratings and generally accumulates positive feedback from traders. 

Review Conclusion:

When answering the question “Is legit?” our resident gamers had to consider the platform’s track record, features, and bonuses. Fortunately, we didn’t encounter any red flags. Their easy withdrawals and deposits were the primary factors of this site’s legitimacy. With their vast item selections, we’re sure that the platform suits your trading needs.

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