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Eldorado.gg Review (2023) — Is it Legit and Safe?

Although there are many gaming marketplaces to buy and sell your in-game items, the reality is that the internet is full of people getting scammed.  

Fortunately, Eldorado.gg is one of the legitimate websites you can trust for safe transactions, but is it as good as it claims to be? In this Eldorado.gg review, we’ll discuss how this online marketplace compares with other sites. 




Eldorado.gg: An Overview

El Dorado may be a fictional city, but this marketplace is a legitimate platform where buyers can purchase video game goods and avail of boosting services from third-party sellers without the fear of scams. 

And while Eldorado GG became popularly known as a marketplace to purchase OSRS gold and other virtual currency, buyers can also access a wide selection of for-sale in-game items and accounts on this website. 

Is Eldorado.gg Legit?

Yes, Eldorado.gg is legit. If you’re in doubt, you can check the Trustpilot reviews for the website. Unlike other marketplaces, Eldorado has over 17,000 feedbacks, mostly from satisfied customers.  


Although this marketplace was only introduced to the world in 2018, it quickly gained support from gaming communities as it became a safe place to purchase gold and in-game items. 

Eldorado.gg Features

Besides online feedback, one of the things that makes Eldorado.gg legit is its website features that help users navigate their transactions seamlessly, whether it’s for purchasing or selling. Here’s our team’s firsthand experience with their services. 

Interface and User-Friendliness

Regardless if you’re a buyer or seller, the Eldorado website gives its users what they’re searching for without the long page loads. The site menus are neatly categorized according to the user’s game needs, from accounts and gold currencies to boosting options or other items. 

We also liked that the website gives access to the seller’s buying page and feedback score so that the buyers can verify if they’re dealing with a scam. It’s also easy for users to find trustworthy seller accounts to transact with because they can see their available gold stock. 

Items Available

All the items listed on Eldorado.gg are directly from sellers. Because of this, the purchases you can make on this platform aren’t comparable to the item selections you can buy in in-game shops. Here are some of the items you can find in the marketplace:

CSGO knife

Games Featured

As you know, most gaming marketplaces only feature items and services for mainstream games. This is where Eldorado GG differs because this website also supports non-popular video games. Below are some of the game categories you may encounter on the site:


Medusa AWP Skins in csgo

The prices will vary depending on the item you’re purchasing or the person offering the boost service. It means that 100M Runescape Gold does not have the same price range as OSRS Gold.  

When buying accounts, some will give you an option for a warranty. Just remember that anything more than five days includes an additional charge. Meanwhile, the prices for currencies are also affected by the minimum amount set by the selling user. 

Payment Methods

Based on the information found on the Eldorado website, buyers can pay for their purchased gold or items through debit or credit cards. Besides that, the website also supports deposits from Apple Pay, Crypto, and Google Pay. 

If your money isn’t available virtually, we suggest direct banking methods like iDEAL and Sofort or go for a pre-paid card payment channel like Paysafecard.  

Turnaround Time

For a seamless and convenient transaction, Eldorado allows its sellers to set the delivery time of each item or service. Depending on the description added, it can span as fast as 2 minutes to a few hours. 


Some sellers provide bonuses and inclusions for late turnaround times to show their buyers trading authenticity.

Customer Support

The most positive part of these Eldorado.gg reviews is the swift assistance the website’s customer support can offer. They have 24/7 live chat support, assisting every user with their concerns during transactions. The team also responds to bad feedback within 24 hours. 

Customer Experience

Most of the Eldorado review and feedback posts in Trustpilot praise how swift the transactions are on the platform. The website security and the quality of sellers allowed to transact are also often the source of good reviews. 


The site does not have welcome bonuses, unlike other platforms. However, you can purchase or search for coupon codes for purchase discounts. 

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Review Conclusion: Eldorado.gg

Let’s face it. The internet is full of scam horrors, and it’s well worth it to research online marketplaces like Eldorado.gg thoroughly. Fortunately, this platform is a haven for secure game item trading and level-boosting offers. 

Besides thousands of feedback that can attest to its safety and authenticity, we don’t doubt that Eldorado can help gamers and traders with its varied but extensive features. 


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