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Is Idle-Empire Legit & Safe?
Review and Promo Code (2023)

Finding online earning opportunities is pretty easy nowadays, especially with GPT sites like Idle-Empire. But despite the multiple ways to earn money on this platform, how can you know if this GPT site is a scam or not? 

In this Idle-Empire review,  let our game trading experts give you an inside look at all its site features and answer your doubts about its legitimacy. 

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What is Idle-Empire: History and Track Record

If you’re not familiar with Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites, it’s simply a platform where users like you can make extra money by doing different online tasks. You’ll find some doubtful newbies calling Idle-Empire a scam, but did you know that the company has been operating since 2015? 

During our experience with the site, our team discovered that Idle-Empire is a legitimate business entity registered in Germany. Besides having many positive reviews online, game traders join Idle-Empire for its high-quality paid offers. 

Idle-Empire also became highly renowned after popular Youtubers, like PaidFromSurveys channel, gave them positive and insightful reviews. 


Compared to other GPT sites, expect a bigger community when joining the Idle-Empire platform. This site presents different rewards to its top users who earned the most in a week, so it’s only natural that it’s crowded with almost half a million webpage views each month.

Is Idle-Empire Legit?

Yes, Idle-Empire is a legitimate website where you can earn free bonuses by doing surveys, watching advertisements, and many more. 

In terms of sites that provide passive income and free skins, Idle-Empire offers are reasonable. Allow our team to break down all you need to know about the platform: 

Idle-Empire Features

How to Earn

You may not know it, but there are six different ways to earn points on the Idle-Empire platform. Our resident experts took the liberty to try all the Offerwalls on the site to see which option can earn you the most points. 


One of the most common ways to earn points on a GPT site is to explore paid offers. When you join Idle-Empire, you’ll immediately notice a menu section on the left side of the screen. All you need to do is click on the Earn option and select Offerwalls or Offers to see the tasks you need to do. 

The Offerwall selection will display all the paid offers available in Idle-Empire, while the Offers section will sort the options according to the site’s best suggestion. 


Each offer has different instructions, so our team advises you to read them carefully, or you won’t earn money from this. Some paid offers in Idle-Empire will ask users to play games, sign in to the website, complete a quiz, or answer surveys. 

There are certain rewards every time you complete offers on the site, and not all of them are the same so take your time to check. 


Besides the paid offers section, Idle-Empire also has a separate menu for surveys. Like any other website, users must fill out these surveys in exchange for a reward. 

However, keep in mind that there’s no free money even on sites like these. There are certain user qualifications in these surveys, so you may or may not qualify. 

No worries, though. There are plenty of daily surveys you can choose from. You just need to be patient. 


Another thing our testers noticed upon sign-in is the specific descriptions of the surveys. We find it appealing that the users will know right away how much time they’ll spend on each task and how many earnings it’ll offer after completion. 

In our first-hand experience, the rewards for survey tasks are not as high as other top survey websites. But if we’re comparing it to average sites, you can earn money with Idle-Empire surveys quite decently.

The site offers in Idle-Empire work the same as other GPT websites, so don’t be surprised if you get redirected to another webpage. These survey platforms support the website’s point system and automatically add credit earnings to your account as long as you sign in via the Idle-Empire website. 


Over 76% of online consumers are willing to watch videos in exchange for free content [1], but did you know that Idle-Empire pays its users for watching ads? These tasks are simpler than other options because it only involves watching videos from Hideout.TV. 

Given that it’s one of the easiest ways to earn money on the site, the reward for watching videos is not that much. You’ll need to watch at least three ads in a row to get a reward of 50 Idle-Empire points. 


But if you have free time and play all the games on the site, this could be a good source to earn extra cash. 


Among the many options to earn free money online is crypto mining, so it’s not so surprising that Idle-Empire has this option. To get a site bonus from these tasks, the user must install a miner application. However, if you don’t use high-end computers, this may not be a viable option for you. 

Bonuses and Daily Promos

When you sign in to the Idle-Empire platform, you’re immediately viable for several bonus options. Some users may not know, but you may get free points for adding Idle-Empire in your Steam name. There are also bonus points if your Steam profile includes the platform’s avatar. 

Our team recommends using the !daily common when you join the platform’s Discord server as this would give you additional free points as well. 


Besides daily promotions, Idle-Empire also encourages their community to participate in forums and create blogs or videos about their experience on the site. If you do this, you can acquire free points to convert to money upon checkout. 


Inviting people to sign in to the platform could also score you some bonus earnings. Every user who joins Idle-Empire gets a special referral link and landing webpages, which you can give to someone you want to refer. 

If they sign up through the link you provided, the 500 bonus site balance will be instantly credited to your account. We highly recommend this type of earning because you can get 20% commission through every survey or task they do in Idle-Empire.

Once you start working on referrals, you’ll get a series of questions. So if you need any support, you can refer back to the details we mentioned above.

Point System

Despite several bonus programs that will get you easy money on the site, the website’s earning system can be a bit confusing for some. 

withdraw points

For starters, this platform operates with a currency called Idle-Empire points. It means that you’ll have to convert your earnings to actual money upon checkout. 

To give you an example, 1,000 points earned on the website would convert for about 0.10 dollars. It’s also the minimum money you have to earn before you can proceed to withdraw your earnings. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Our game trade experts went ahead to find out the ways Idle-Empire pays its users. 

The good news for you is that sites like these support instant payment methods like Paypal or via Bitcoin. So users can expect fast transactions during the withdrawal.

However, keep in mind that these platforms have payout thresholds. Although Idle-Empire has a very low minimum withdrawal requirement, our experts advise you to check each payment method before proceeding to cash out. 


Our website testers can give Idle-Empire five stars for its user-friendly platform design. If you’re a newbie, you can sign up to the site hassle-free through Facebook, Twitter, Google, or even your Paypal account. 


Not many free GPT websites have the modern user interface as Idle-Empire, so we have to commend them for that. All the menu you’ll need is neatly organized on the left side of the web page, and it’s easy to navigate. 

Customer Support

Apart from its bonus system, another feature we’d like to touch base on is its lack of live chat support. For some people, this could be a matter of inconvenience because users cannot solve their concerns in real-time.  

customer support

However, we’d also like to note that the site has an effective email ticketing system. Upon trying, our website testers were able to get a response from their email support team in a few hours, and they seemed very responsive from there.

If your query is not that complicated, we advise checking out their Knowledge Base section. From there, you can search for the solution to the platform’s commonly asked questions. 

How to Join and How Much Can You Make on Idle-Empire

There are ample ways to earn on this platform, but your earnings depend on how frequently you do these activities. If you ask our team, the more you stay on the site, the bigger your earnings will be. Joining the platform is easy. You can even sign in via your socials.   

user profile

Idle-Empire Alternatives

When it comes to consistent rewards and bonuses, FreeCash is a great alternative over Idle-Empire. It also features live chat support that the platform lacks. And there’s also ClickLoot, which offers a mobile application for easier access. 


Is Idle-Empire any good?

Yes, Idle-Empire is good. It features multiple opportunities to earn points from answering surveys, watching advertisements, up to mining crypto. Apart from that, there are many instant payout options on the platform. However, your earnings will ultimately depend on how much you stayed and did on the site. 

Is Idle-Empire crypto mining legit?

Yes, Idle-Empire crypto mining is legit. As long as you do the paid offerings, your site balance can be converted to cryptocurrency. It supports the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many more. You can also redeem via Ox through Coinbase. All crypto withdrawals have a $0.10 minimum threshold. 

Does Idle-Empire cost money?

No, Idle-Empire does not cost money. You can join the platform by simplifying logging in through your social media accounts or Google. Transferring your earnings are also free because the website supports multiple digital payment options and bank transactions in more than 40 different countries around the world.

Idle-Empire Review Conclusion

In answering the question “Is Idle-Empire legit?” our trade experts had to comb the website offerings one by one to see if it’s worth your time and effort. Lucky for us, the platform has an impressive user interface and multiple withdrawal options that made our experience easier. And by that, we concluded that Idle-Empire is a legit GPT website. 

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