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Who is Tighnari’s New Voice Actor?

The world of Genshin Impact, a beloved RPG by miHoYo, has undergone a transformative change as the community welcomes a new voice for Tighnari.  

In this article, we delve into the events that led to this shift, explore the journey of the new voice actor Zachary Gordon, examine the community’s reactions, and anticipate the impact of this change on the Genshin Impact experience.

The Controversy and Replacement

Elliot Gindi, the former voice actor for Tighnari, found himself embroiled in controversy as allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced within the gaming community. 

Gindi’s acknowledgment of his inappropriate behavior prompted the need for a replacement to ensure the integrity of the Genshin Impact universe. 

MiHoYo, the game developer, took a decisive stance in light of these accusations, indicating Gindi had “a breach of contract,” signaling a new direction for Tighnari’s voice.

Tighnari Genshin Impact

The revelations surrounding Gindi’s actions sparked discussions among players and fans. As the voice behind Tighnari, a character cherished by many, Gindi’s actions became a point of concern within the gaming community. 

Evidently, the harmony between a character’s portrayal and the values of the game’s community had been disrupted. MiHoYo’s commitment to maintaining a positive and inclusive gaming environment was reinforced by its swift decision to replace Gindi.

Zachary Gordon: The New Voice of Tighnari

Introducing Zachary Gordon, a name synonymous with talent and versatility. Gordon gained prominence by portraying Greg Heffley in the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” film series, capturing hearts with his relatable performance. 

However, Gordon’s abilities extend beyond on-screen acting; his prowess in voice acting has left an indelible mark across various media projects.

From lending his voice to a young Ravus in the “Final Fantasy XV” prequel movie, “Kingsglaive,” to voicing Twilight Town resident Hayner in “Kingdom Hearts 3,” Gordon’s voice has resonated with audiences across different genres. 

Zachary Gordon Interview on Genshin Impact

His multifaceted skill set makes him a natural fit for Tighnari’s character, promising a fresh and captivating rendition.

Transition and Announcement

The news of Tighnari’s voice actor replacement echoed throughout the Genshin Impact community, sparking curiosity about the extent of the transition. 

HoYoverse, the developer behind Genshin Impact, confirmed Zachary Gordon’s involvement in the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.6 update. 

As players eagerly anticipated the new voice lines, questions arose about the scale of the replacement—will all of Tighnari’s lines transform, or will it be a gradual process?

Community Reaction and Anticipation

New Voice Actor for Genshin-Impact Tighnari

The Genshin Impact community’s collective anticipation of the announcement of the new voice actor highlighted the significance of this change. 

The character of Tighnari holds a special place in players’ hearts, making the unveiling of the new voice actor a moment of great importance. HoYoverse’s official declaration of Zachary Gordon’s involvement generated an outpouring of excitement and support from fans.

Social media platforms allowed fans to showcase their anticipation and welcome Gordon to the Genshin Impact family. Fan art, memes, and messages of encouragement flooded platforms, celebrating the union between Gordon’s talent and Tighnari’s character. 

The enthusiastic reception underlines the community’s readiness to embrace a new era for Tighnari’s character portrayal.

A New Beginning for Tighnari

New Tighnari Genshin Impact VA

Zachary Gordon expressed his honor in joining the Genshin Impact family, acknowledging the game’s profound impact on players worldwide. 

Gordon’s voice acting showcased his ability to capture the essence of Tighnari, offering a rejuvenated voice for the character. The infusion of Gordon’s voice breathed new life into Tighnari’s character, which promised a fresh perspective built upon the existing narrative. 

Impact on the Genshin Community

The transition from controversy to change illustrates the resilience of the Genshin Impact [1] community. Replacing Tighnari’s voice actor reflects the collective determination to uphold the game’s integrity and values. 

This transformation invites players to acknowledge the broader implications of their support and engagement within the gaming space. The Genshin community’s response showcases its ability to rally behind change while maintaining a solid connection to the game’s world and characters.

Tighnari Genshin Impact Character Demo

The evolution of Tighnari’s character signifies the capacity of the community to adapt and embrace progress, demonstrating the symbiotic relationship between developers and players.


The infusion of Zachary Gordon’s voice into the Genshin Impact universe represents a change in sound and a broader narrative of adaptation and growth. As the community rallies behind this transition, the positive reception and anticipation signify the community’s unwavering dedication. 

With Zachary Gordon making his mark with Tighnari’s voice, players eagerly await the unfolding new chapters of the character in Genshin Impact’s journey.

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