Who Should I Sell the Dull Ring To Genshin Impact

Who Should I Sell the Dull Ring To? (Genshin Impact)

One of the puzzling quests on Genshin Impact is fetching a good price for the dull ring. If you’re confused how to complete this task, there’s no need to panic, as it’s actually easier than it seems.

Here, our players will show you how to accomplish the Nine Pillars of Peace Quest and where to sell the dull ring. 

How Can You Complete the Nine Pillars of Peace Quest?

You might not even have the Nine Pillars of Peace on your quest list if you’ve rarely traveled outside of the major quests. All you have to do to add the task to your journal is going to Cuijue Slope. 

When you arrive, you’ll notice a number of glowing pillars (nine to be exact), each with a door and a tombstone in the center. 

To begin the quest, interact with the tombstone. Now you can keep it in the back of your mind as you travel throughout the world.

Find All the Geoculus and Upgrade the Liyue Statue of the Seven

Upgrading the Liyue Statue of the Seven with Geocolus

To finish Nine Pillars of Peace, you must fill the nine pillars’ vacant slots with special topaz colored orbs. Every time you use Geoculus to level up the Liyue Statue of the Seven, you’ll receive one orb. 

You’ll need nine orbs to open each pillar, which means you’ll need to find 130 Geoculous in total. Discovering every Geoculus can be a difficult task. Fortunately, the Geoculus Resonance Stone was included as a craftable item in version 1.1. 

Find All the Geoculus

The Resonance Stone can be used as a compass to easily locate every Geoculus in Liyue. You must gain a reputation level 2 in Liyue to unlock the Geoculus Resonance Stone as a crafting object. 

You can then forge it using five Cor Lapis, five Glaze Lilies, and one Crystal Chunk at any Elemental Crafting Bench in Teyvat. Each Geoculus will require one Geoculus Resonance Stone.

Place Them in the Pillars Around Cuijue Slope

Return to the pillars in Cuijue Slope once you’ve finished upgrading the Liyue Statue of the Seven and gathered all of the related orbs. You must scale each of the nine to find a little opening in which to place your newly gathered topaz-colored [1] orb. 

After you place an orb, a treasure box will appear beneath the pillar and the construction will glow orange. The central gate will open once you’ve loaded all nine pillars with orbs. Enter to continue your adventure.

Enter the Central Gate and Defeat the Foes Inside

You’ll be able to enter the ruins now that you’ve proven your worth by collecting all nine orbs. They keep a wealth of treasures. Before you go inside, be aware that there will be a fight. 

Who Should I Sell the Dull Ring To

You should be prepared to battle a three-round skirmish inside. If you’re not powerful enough, this fight will rapidly take your life. Bring your best items or invite a friend to ensure that you emerge victorious.

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Collect the Treasure and Sell It to Second-Hand Stores

You can now receive your reward after defeating the big terrifying folks guarding the treasure. Behind the ruins, you’ll find a Precious Chest and a Luxurious Chest. The task isn’t over once you’ve looted both chests. One chest will provide you with a Dull Ring item, which may be sold for a small sum in Liyue Harbor.

You’ll have two options for pawning the item. To begin, you can sell your Dull Ring to the Antique Store at night for 200,000 Mora, or you can chat with Bolai of Wanyou Boutique, who would buy it from you for 180,000 Mora and five Adeptus’ Temptation meals. 

When you consume the Adeptus’ Temptation, your attack will be significantly increased, allowing you to take on more challenging bosses with relative ease. Of course, the final decision is yours, but you should surely go with Bolai’s offer.

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