What’s better than getting your character survive through the dangerous and brutal wasteland of Conan Exiles? It’s experiencing the high-graphics game with your friends in a multi-player mode with your choice of game mods—and you need a good server host for that. 

Without proper research on tons of options online that are either too expensive or lacking in features, you’re bound to end up with a ruined game or a customer support headache. Our own professional gamers reviewed and compiled the top-performing hosting providers to help you achieve a smooth and hassle-free gameplay.

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Reviews of the Top Conan Exiles Server Hosting

1. GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming guarantees a smooth and hassle-free gameplay, making it the best Conan Exiles server hosting provider in our books. It has all the features to enhance your gaming experience—from the smooth configuration system, one-click mod installer, and top-tier DDoS protection.

GTX Gaming offers several location servers globally. Best of all, you can pay for a subscription in different world currencies. The game host offers a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 70 slots with each slot coming at slightly affordable prices. With this server, you are given a good deal of a free 24-hour trial. There’s also a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their services, but it is only valid for 24 hours.




Only a few game server hosts excel better than LOW.MS in terms of hardware and overall configuration features.

This game server host has a hassle-free control panel. Plus, the user interface is smooth and lag-free, making it easy to navigate from one option to the other. LOW.MS offers free DDoS protection, so game servers are well safeguarded.

Their slot prices are slightly high. However, they do offer promo codes, so if you are lucky, you can buy any number of slots at a discounted price.



3. AGS Hosting

ags hosting

If you want a provider with different configuration options and an advanced control panel, the AGS Hosting is for you.

This hosting has a custom control panel that allows you to make advanced modifications to suit your gameplay. It supports PCs and comes with DDoS protection to safeguard your server from malicious attacks [1]. They offer a minimum of ten slots and a maximum of 70 slots. The only downside is the cost per slot can be on the pricier side compared to our other options on this list.



4. Blackbox Hosting


Blackbox Hosting is another excellent alternative if you are looking for reliable hosting. This server hosting offers great features similar to impressive server hosting for Minecraft that can host your game successfully. It has a simple TCAdmin control panel and offers updates to improve your gameplay.

The server host has a minimum of ten slots and maximum of 120, large enough to host as many friends as you want to play with. The slot prices are also fairly cheap. The host also offers mod support and automatic backups to keep your game data safe should anything happen to the servers.



Conan Exiles Server Hosting Buyer’s Guide

Before choosing among the best Conan Exiles server hosting providers, below are a few factors that you should consider.


Opting for a game server with fast processors ensures your gameplay is lag-free. However, performance depends on the gaming platform.

Game consoles like Xbox and PS4 offer less good performance than PC because they lack fast processors and frequent updates. Ensure you choose a server host that’s suitable for your gaming platform for lag-free performance.


The host’s capacity determines how many players it can accommodate at a time.

server capacity gtx gaming

That is why you must choose the host with the right number of slots according to the number of friends you wish to play with.


Installing game mods is a hallmark of a reliable game server host. You should choose a host that enables you to download and install several mods to add new weapons, maps, and do lots of other modifications.

Control Panel

You’ll find two types of a control panel in a host — TCAdmin and custom panel. TCAdmin is more intuitive, although it’s mostly used for running a private server.

Custom offers a more advanced option. Choose the host with the right control panel to suit your playing needs.

Customer Support

Not all game hosts have a responsive customer support system. Moreover, some of them only have limited contact options. Our experts advise that you look into the customer support system before purchasing a server host.


Game servers host can be pretty expensive when you factor in the slot prices and mods installation. All you need to do is find the right server hosts with the ideal slot numbers, intuitive control panel, mods, and good performance at the right price.


How much does it cost to host a Conan exiles server?

It costs between $0.91 to $1.3 to host a Conan Exiles server. However, the cost of hosting it depends on the number of slots you want to purchase.

How do I host my own Conan exiles server?

To host your own Conan Exiles Server, you need to extract the Zip content of the server into a folder and then open the window. Secondly, create a separate folder where you can install the server. Run the server and launch the Conan game.

Our Top Pick for a Conan Exiles Server Hosting: GTX Gaming

Considering its features, our team decided that GTX Gaming is the best Conan Exiles server hosting. GTX Gaming not only features top-of-the-line features for an enhance gameplay, but it is also very affordable. Additionally, their servers come with DDoS protection, providing optimal security against unauthorized access and malicious attacks.