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Survival Servers Review — Hosting for Ark Survival and Other Games (2023)

The incredible innovation of graphics and interactive play in games resulted in the high demand for game servers. But with countless to choose from, how do you know it will perform well with your game? In this Survival Servers review, our team will find out if this host provider is the best to rent for ARK and other games.

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Survival Servers Features

Survival Features: Control Panel

Survival Servers has all the vital features that you need to play your games without interruption. One of these features is their incredible control panel. Their custom control panel allows users to take the helm of customizing their game. You can play ARK and other games with comfort with these personalized settings. The control panel boosts your overall gaming experience and allows you to add features like mods, plugins, etc.

Configuration Options

Survival Servers offers you the control that some other game hosting platforms don’t, which is one of the reasons why our team loves this platform. You get to dictate how you want the game to go and configure it to enhance your gaming experience.

survival servers control panel

Survival Servers includes some configuration options that enable you to set your choices and preferences, which is terrific. It also allows you to choose who to join and whom you want to play with. You can invite your friends, family, and relatives to join you in playing the game.

Survival Servers Performance

Survival Servers is a game hosting company that has been around for almost a decade, and their track record bespeaks their performance. The hosting platform has some fast speed performance, which is relatively incomparable to other host gaming platforms our experts tested, thanks to the Dual Xeon processors[1].

These Dual Xeon processors are super fast and allow you to enjoy gameplay with fewer lags. It also reduces the strain on your computer’s OS.

Supported Platforms

Like first class Ark server hosting, Survival Servers supports several platforms, such as PC, XBOX console, PS4 console, etc. However, we would advise you to verify if the hosting service is compatible with your device for smoother gameplay.

survival servers games

Games Available

Survival Servers offers a wide range of games available on their hosting site. These games include:

  •   ARK: Survival Evolved (another server hosting for Survival Evolved is ArkServer, read our review for ArkServer here)
  •   Day of Dragons
  •   Arma 2 and 3
  •   DayZ
  •   Rust
  •   Minecraft
  •   Atlas
  •   7 Days to Die
  •   Miscreated
  •   Conan Exiles

These games come with SSD hard drives along with a customized control panel. They also have the latest mod versions for these games for further entertainment.

The games are available 24/7, so even if you decide to log-in at midnight, you could still play your favorite game. You can decide to play whenever you like. Since you don’t have to set up the server again as you do on a PC or console custom server. You save ample time to enjoy playing.

Survival Servers: Mods

Survival Servers has several game mods, such as Ragnarok, The Center, Primitive Plus, Valguero, Crystal Isles, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Genesis, and Extinction.

payment method

Security and Privacy

Similar to top-rated server hosting for Unturned, Survival Servers host platform is currently one of the most secured host providers. It comes with DDoS protection and server pass-locking that allows you to access your game server only. This feature also blocks any unauthorized access.

Survival Servers have server locations in North America and Europe (Germany and France), all of which are DDoS protected. You can switch between these locations, and your gaming won’t be affected. However, for faster gameplay, our experts advise that you choose locations closest to you.


Unlike topnotch Minecraft server hosting, there are a few complaints about the hardware and server issues in Survival Servers. However, the host platform ensures that all the servers work to their optimal capacity at relatively low-cost maintenance.


The servers on the host platform automatically restart occasionally to ensure that it runs smoothly. Also, their excellent customer support is there to help if you encounter any issue with your server.

Customer Support

This is where Survival Servers beats the rest of its competition. The hosting platform has arguably the one of the best customer support. Our experts confirmed this when they inquired about the number of slots available.

Just like the impressive MCProHosting, the Survival Servers customer support is fast in response and can help you out with almost any issue regarding the hosting platform. The customer support doesn’t only fix your issues, but they go as far as ensuring that you don’t ever encounter such problems in the future.

Unlike other hosting platforms that charge a fee for “premium support,” Survival Servers does it for free, which is applaudable. Even though you have to submit a ticket before they can attend to your issues, the response time is faster than what we witnessed on some other hosting platforms.

Survival Servers Price

The price per game slot ranges from $0.20 – $2.30, which we consider a fair price compared to other hosting platforms like GameServers.

price per slot

Besides, Survival Servers accept payments from PayPal and credit cards (Visa and MasterCard). However, according to the host provider’s terms and conditions, the payer must be 18 years or older to rent server space.

Survival Servers run occasional promotions and offer coupon codes that can range from 10-60%. They can be applied once you visit the website, whether you want to purchase a slot or not.

(Are you having troubles with your server? Then, you can check our page about how to resolve Don’t Starve Together when server not showing up. This is a common issue for most multiplayer games, too!)

Survival Servers Review Conclusion

If you’ve been on the fence about renting a server, our team recommends Survival Servers. This Survival Servers review has proven the host platform to be efficient and fast to handle ARK and other demanding games, thanks to its speedy processors. Though there are few complaints about hardware and server issues, they are quickly resolved via the platform’s engineers and excellent customer support team. 

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For more guidelines on server hosting, you can also check our page on how to host a KF2 server here. 

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