Arma 3 gives you an awesome war gaming experience, but to enjoy the full gameplay, you’ll need some of the best Arma 3 server hostings. The problem is, many hosting services are slow, crash mods, or are just a complete waste of money. Our experts have used and reviewed dozens of servers to bring you the best four for your gaming pleasure.

Reviews of the Best Arma 3 Server Hostings

1. AGS Hosting

AGS hosting Logo

AGS Hosting named themselves after Ark, the extreme survival game. Naturally, we were curious to see how the host fare with a similar and equally sophisticated military game. AGS server supports full-game mods, automatic updates, and CPU clocking speed options, all of which are necessary for a great experience.

AGS hosting can also accommodate between 10 and 120 player slots. With over 13 data centers worldwide and seven in the U.S., our experts experienced smooth gameplay with zero lags[1]. We also found other useful features like steam workshop support and helpful guides.



2. ServerBlend

ServerBlend Logo

Even though ServerBlend doesn’t have numerous data centers, it optimizes its few ones excellently. They’ve been in the game hosting business since 2013 and have since come to support a full range of features. Some of them include location switching, debranding, and automatic backups.

Our experts were particularly pleased with ServerBlend’s Discord Server Controls. It allowed them to share game tips and communicate as they played. The slots are also fairly priced support between 40 and 127 players. Comparing these features and prices to the industry standard, ServerBlend offers tremendous value for players.



3. PingPerfect


Our team was eager to try out PingPerfect because it has a reputation for wide coverage. With over 21 data centers, it offers the best connectivity and processing speed of any of the best Arma 3 server hosting providers. Additionally, the slots cost a flat fee of $0.56 and support a maximum of 100 players.

The same with our best Minecraft server hosting review, we found that PingPerfect is good for more than smooth gameplay. It also features TeamSpeak, SSD, and CPU priority options for small additional fees. Because the flat price was affordable, our team could enjoy these features in more immersive gameplay.



4. Streamline

Streamline Servers Logo

Streamline isn’t the cheapest Arma 3 server hosting, but our team didn’t mind paying to test it, as long as it delivered an overwhelming experience. We found exactly what we’re were looking for in the server’s numerous data centers, mod support, and low minimum slots.

Streamline servers also offer a 48-hour money-back guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and DDOS protection. Streamline also has servers all over the world, including locations like Brazil, Japan, Singapore, and the United States. However, our team wasn’t too pleased with the lack of automatic updates and backups.



Arma 3 Server Hosting Buyer’s Guide

Here are our server review experts’ top parameters for picking any game server hosting.


The performance is on top of our list. Hosting your game with external servers should give you a seamless experience, much more than you can achieve independently. You can tell a high performing server by the number of data centers it has and how many requests per second it can handle.

If you are looking for fast speed server hosting, you also check our review of Survival Servers here.  

Server location

Game server hosts have data centers or servers in multiple places globally. The closer you are to a data center, the faster your gameplay will be. 

Computer keyboard

The best Arma 3 server hosting for you should have data centers in your state, or at least your country.


Mods enhance your gameplay by tweaking components to your advantage. Unfortunately, many servers don’t support some of the best Arma 3 mods. Others require you to manually update your mods as new versions are released. Seek out servers with the most mod support and automatic installs.

ArkServer allows you to play more than 1,800 modifications,  you can also read our comprehensive review of  ArkServer here. 

Control Panel

Most hosts including the top caliber Ark server hosting have a custom control panel where you can modify almost anything in the game, from your password to custom missions and difficulty settings. Some control panels are as simple as navigating drop-down menus and check-to-enable boxes. With others, you need to enter the parameters manually. Generally, the simpler the control panel, the better.

Ease of Setup

Like the fast-speed CS:GO server hosting, most Arma 3 server hostings are easy to install. After paying for the service, you can download the server files and extract them onto your PC. 

man playing computer

Some servers also share step-by-step instructions on their website, which can be instrumental.

Other server hosting with easy installation are the best server hosting for Conan Exiles. Read next! 


You pay per player slot with Arma 3 servers and it’s considerably more affordable than some of the best servers on the market. The best strategy is finding a server that offers the best value for your money. This is because you can have expensive bad servers just as easily as awesome but cheap ones.

Customer Support

You’re bound to experience technical difficulties occasionally so it’s helpful to have customer support a few clicks away. The best servers like the topnotch Rust server hosting we reviewed have a ticket-based support system that allows your care agent to track your issues effortlessly.


How do I find a good Arma 3 Server?

You can find a good Arma 3 server by reading reviews. Here, our experts have reviewed the top 4 in the game, and any one of them could suit you well.

How much RAM do I need for Arma 3?

You need at least 2GB of RAM to run Arma 3. However, recommended system requirements are 4GB of RAM, 25B hard drive space, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or similar graphic processor.

Our Top Pick for an Arma 3 Server Hosting: PingPerfect


It was a close call, but our team was most pleased with PingPerfect. They have 21 data centers, which means you can play your game anywhere in the world and still enjoy flawless processing speed. PingPerfect also has tons of extra features, including full mod support, game switching, and preinstalled core mods like Exile.

We also chose PingPerfect as the Best Arma 3 Server Hosting because of its competitive price. It offers more functionality than more expensive servers like Streamline.

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