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Arma 3 Star Wars Opposition Server — What You Need to Know

Star Wars: Opposition is an exciting mod for the Arma 3 game that brings the universe of Star Wars to life. Players can use a variety of ships, vehicles, and weapons from all Star Wars Episodes, stories, and series!

With its variety of content and custom maps, the Arma 3 Star Wars Opposition Server is sure to please any fans of the Star Wars franchise. If you want to know all the features in store for you in this server, read along this guide from our gamers!

What is Star Wars: Opposition?

Star Wars: Opposition is a mod that includes a vast library of models, weapons, ships, units, and vehicles from all Star Wars Episodes, stories, and series. 

There are numerous usable vehicles, spaceships, and walkers, including X-Wings, U-Wings, Zeta-class Shuttles, Tie Strikers, and Spider-droids, among others.

Star Wars Opposition game

What is the Arma 3 Star Wars Opposition Server?

The Arma 3 Star Wars Opposition Server is a fan-made server for the Arma 3 game. It is based on the Star Wars: Opposition mod, which adds a variety of Star Wars-themed content to the game. 

The server also features custom missions and an array of game modes [1], such as Conquest, as well as a variety of custom maps and weapons. 

Additionally, the server lets its players purchase various items and upgrades. It is one of the most popular Star Wars-themed servers in the Arma 3 community.


The Arma 3 Star Wars Opposition Server is a great way for Star Wars fans to experience their favorite franchise in a new and exciting way. 

With its variety of content, game modes, and custom currency, the server offers an immersive experience that any fan of the franchise will enjoy!

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