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How to Set Up and Use ARK Server Launcher? — For Mods and Server Configuration

The server launcher has a ton of benefits for anyone who plays ARK: Survival Evolved, including helping you download mods with ease. But without the proper settings, you’d have to install your mods one after the other, which can be a real hassle. Our team of experts created this guide to help you set it up properly.

How to Set Up and Use ARK Server Launcher

The launcher is a relatively straightforward tool. It works hand-in-hand with the ARK remote server tool to help you manage your mods. Let’s dive into all the information you need to get things moving.

What is ARK Remote?

ARK remote is an excellent tool that lets you download and install mods in just a few clicks. The remote works closely with your server launcher for ARK, and you can process all your mods straight from the GUI. 

Without ARK remote, installing a mod on your server would include several processes, including downloading files, loading your control panel, and maybe even editing a command line. Steam users often don’t need all these steps to install their mods since they are all available on the Steam workshop [1].

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However, the ARK remote utility makes everything so much easier. Besides one-click installs, you also can change mods from your server.

Step #1: Install ARKRemote

To use ARK remote server manager, you must first install it. Using the tool is easy, so it only makes sense that the setup be easy as well. 

There are two major phases in this guide. The first involves the changes you need on the server side. You can access these server settings and download the ARK remote through your TCAdmin control panel tab. 

You’ll need to navigate to the game service,  open your mod manager, and install the ARK Remote mod. Fair warning, installing the mod will stop your server, so be sure you’re not on any critical quests. 

Ark remote installation

After these steps, the ARKremote will be installed on your server. You can start the ARKremote server manager by clicking on the module (it will be in the same place as the file manager or steam update). Again, the remote mods manager can’t run along with the server — whenever you start one, the other stops. This prevents any error with the permissions on your servers.

Step #2: Set Up ARKServerLauncher

Users also need to download the ARKserverlauncher. The zip file is available on the Steam community. 

After extracting, launch the ARKserverlauncher application and select the remote option. This change will make the ARKserverlauncher compatible with your ARKremote. 

Next, you’ll get a popup window with some information. Make a note of these because you’ll need to enter them in the control panel page that appears when you launch the remote. 

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It’s important to know that the control port is the same as your RCON port. You can find the control password in your game admin password. Critical settings to look out for are the password length and the port figures.

Step #3: Configure Mods

Now that you have the ARKremote server manager and ARK server launcher, it’s time to configure your ARK: survival evolved mods. Firstly, you must load your settings by clicking “load from ini.” Next, select the MODS tab and search for whatever mod you need.

When you find it, click add, and every mod you click will be added to the left side of the screen. When you have all your mods, select the install/update button, and the server will execute the command. After it’s done installing, select activate. You’ll get a green check-mark confirmation on the top right corner of the mod.

configuring mods

All that’s left is to click “write to server” in the bottom right. Once that’s done, the mods will now be active on your server.

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Tips and Reminders

You’ll be glad to know that your IP settings won’t cause any bug or error during this procedure. Once you follow the process and navigate to the right tab, you’ll be playing modded versions of your ARK games in no time. 

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Remember that the ARKremote server manager won’t automatically install or update your mods. In some cases, you may need to reinstall the Ark Server Manager in order to retrieve mod details from Steam. You still have to navigate to your control panel server settings and click update.

Our team also notes that you can’t edit the command line through the ARK remote server manager. If you see a warning or note about things like this, ignore it.

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The ARK remote server manager is a remarkable tool that can simplify your gaming experience. It’s also straightforward to set up, and all you have to do is download the proper files and configure your server correctly. Once you have everything set up, you can find and install mods with ease.

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