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Fixed: Ark Server Manager Mod Details Could Not be Retrieved From Steam

Lately, Ark’s mod manager hasn’t been working as effectively as it used to. The downside of this is that you can’t access the enhanced gaming features you used to enjoy. This inconsistency results in the Ark server manager mod details not retrieved from Steam. Read on to learn how to fix this issue.

Fix #1: Get Your Own Web API Key

The Ark server manager uses the Steak Web API key, which has a daily limit. You will encounter this error when you hit the daily limit threshold. In this situation, the best way to fix the problem is to get your own web API key. 

Get Your Own API Key

Using Steam, here is how to go about getting your own API key:

  1. Open settings in your Ark Server manager.
  2. Click on Get your own API Key.
  3. Follow the prompt to reveal your API key.  Once you get your own API key, you can always use it to beat the daily limitation barrier.

Fix #2: Reinstall ARK Server Manager

If Fix 1 did not work for you, the issue might be with the Ark manager or the mod itself. You will need to uninstall the Ark server manager and reinstall a newer version. 

The old version might be corrupt. This solution, in most cases, resolves the issue. We advise that you download the installation package from the official website.

Install Ark Server Manager

Fix #3: Reinstall ARK

Another solution is to uninstall the whole game and all the mods you have installed on your PC [1]. This is like starting all over again. The aim of this is to clear all doubts. 

After you have completed the uninstallation process, you can go ahead to reinstall the game and the mods. Ensure that your downloads are from a reliable source, preferably the official website. This is to avoid the reoccurrence of the issue.

Reinstall Ark


Knowing fully well that the Ark  Survival Evolved is a thrilling adventure game, nothing should get in the way. The fixes in this guide are the most effective ways to resolve the issue of the unretrievable Ark server manager mod details from Steam. Aside from the solutions listed above, you can also see if having a Steam download server that is faster than your regular server can help you with your issue. Ensure you follow all the steps that our resident gamers have provided you with in this article.

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