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Which is the Best ARK Server Hosting in South America? — Top Hosting Providers Compared (2023)

If you’re in South America, fret no more — you can save yourself from unresponsive customer support and a subpar platform. Our trusted and talented experts in the gaming industry have tested several providers to find the top-performing ARK server hosting in South America. Read below to find out what they are.

Reviews of the Top ARK Server Hosting in South America

1. GTXGaming

GTX Gaming is one of the industry’s most well-known hosting providers. They were founded in 2008 by Matthew Griffin and have one of the largest user bases among hosting firms. GTXGaming has been rising as one of the most successful gaming server hosts in the industry since then. 

They are proud of their well-developed control panel and game configuration, which make their server highly user-friendly to all ARK users. Also, it is one of the most experienced game server hosting firms in the industry as they provide a large selection of games, 24/7 assistance, DDOS protection, and have low latency, all for a reasonable fee.



2. PingPerfect

As one of the best ARK server hosting in South America, PingPerfect always strives to provide their clients a near-perfect gaming experience for ARK. PingPerfect has a dedicated team of gamers, programmers, and network technicians who monitor, upgrade and tweak to keep them on top of their game. This sets them apart from their competitors.

 Among the benefits afforded to users include instant setup so you can start gaming in no time, free web hosting, and an intuitive and fully configurable interface. PingPerfect offers a money-back guarantee just in case you are tentative. They also offer global coverage.



3. Streamline Servers

ark on streamline servers

Streamline Servers was founded in 2007 and is one of the revered game hosting companies in the industry. It is also one of our experts’ favorites. Streamline Servers envisions providing the enterprise-level grade of gaming and high-quality performance for all of their clients consistently.

StreamLine Servers provides secure hosting for game servers as well as other services. They set themselves apart from the competitors by hosting servers for more than 50 different games. If you want to build a game server with your pals, StreamLine Servers most likely has you covered.

The Streamline vision is to provide a service that is focused on providing high-quality service and uptime. 



4. Nitrado

ark on nitrado

Nitrado is one of the most affordable services offering users a fair price for excellent support. You can take your pick of 4 different plans depending on your needs and price range. The game servers for ARK are ESL premium certified. There are 7 data centers that ensure quick and stable global coverage, including South America.

The server host allows players to switch an active game at any time free of charge and there is no contract required, which means no minimum terms. The web interface is easy to configure. Should you run into any trouble, there is customer support available to you in 9 different languages.

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ARK Server Hosting in South America Buyer’s Guide

Our engineers designed a comprehensive yet straightforward buyer’s guide to help you choose which is the ARK server hosting provider for you. The following are some of the considerations that may help you decide.


Having the optimal location for a gaming server is essential as it will dictate the overall performance of the connection. Our technicians say the greater the distance between your data center and your users, the greater the likelihood of delay. On the other hand, faster processing speeds come from lower latency, which might signify various things depending on how you use your hosting.

Control Panel and Mods

According to our technical team, an excellent game server control panel enables game server hosts to instantly assign host resources to a server and install and operate the game server with ease. In addition, mod-friendly servers allow you to install mods without the hassle and update mods if required.

Setup and Security

A gaming server is like an open gateway, which means a lot of sensitive information such as player details is flooding the network. Having strict security allows protecting sensitive data of all users. It also sets a level playing field to prevent possible cheating, which is a factor our engineers put a lot of emphasis on.


Price is the biggest game-changer among the criteria above and something our team spent a lot of time considering. An excellent bargain of performance and reasonable price is more worth it than a high-performing game server with a massive price point. The balance is better because not all players require some of the fancy features that come with a higher price tag.

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Our Top Pick For an ARK Server Hosting in South America: GTXGaming

Our expert programmers and team of avid gamers have chosen GTX Gaming as our top pick as the best ark server hosting in South America. GTX Gaming, as a gaming server hosting company, surpassed our expectations in terms of efficiency, convenience of use, assistance, and affordability. Setup is easy, and mods also update automatically. If you are unsatisfied, they have a money-back guarantee [1]

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