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GameServers Review (2023) — Game Hosting Provider For Minecraft and More

GameServers is one of the most popular dedicated hosting providers available today, offering impressive features across the board and excellent support to go along with it. 

However, it can be difficult to know whether they are the most suitable provider for you. In this review, our gaming experts look into what GameServers offers and if they are worth your money or not.



GameServers Experience and History

GameServers is a premier game hosting company that has been around since 2004, and they’re one of the top gaming server providers out there. As one of the most popular game hosting companies, they offer a broad range of services designed to meet customers’ needs. 

From the ability to host dedicated servers to support a custom voice server and more, GameServers is a great fit for many. Users also get a lot of benefits from GameServers, including impressive customer support and optimal performance across the board. 

It’s no wonder the company ranks as one of the topmost hosting services.

GameServers Features

As a hosting provider, GameServers offers a great deal of features for gamers out there. To kick off our GameServers review, let’s examine the server host more closely: 


You can find several top-tier locations for game servers on this service. The company has a data center in the following locations which include: 

Games Available

Users can get some of the most popular game servers with GameServers. Currently, the hosting provider offers some of the finest games today, which includes:

gamservers available games

Control Panel

One of the most difficult things about having a dedicated server is management. It is never easy, but it’s a necessity. Thankfully, GameServers provides a custom game control panel for you to work with. This will be especially useful if you want to set up your server. The control panel is always there to help simplify things. 

With your own control panel, you don’t have to deal with any of the complexity involved in server hosting. Managing your games and mods is much easier since you merely need to push a few buttons.  

At the same time, you can contact the company and its support team for additional help if you need it with server hosting. For different hosts, each of the respective owners gets their own server control panel. This is especially true if you’re building standard dedicated servers.


Another big positive for GameServers is that the company offers over 200 mods for some of the most popular games. All of these are easy to configure and work with, so you don’t have to stress over management at all. This is definitely enough value for money. 

Of course, you can set up your own server as well so you don’t have any problems.

server mods

Setup and Installation

Setting up a game server is also a great responsibility, and it can be quite strenuous. But, this is another area where GameServers excels. Game server and mode setup are incredibly easy with these guys, and they offer as much help as you need to get started.

To begin with, each game server here is easy to install. GameServers offers dedicated services where you can install your own servers or popular games, no matter how many. You can even host your operating system here. If you need any help whatsoever, the company’s customer service agents are there to help you out. 

Performance and Speed

Now, to the meat of our GameServers review: the speed and performance. This is what you pay money for the most.

On the cheapest tariff plan here, each game server RAM measures up to 16 GB – much more than many of its alternatives. With its massive reach, GameServers offers high performance. Bandwidth is 10TB, while HDD is 1TB and you get up to 10GBps of DDoS mitigation. 

Note, however, that you will probably need to get a dedicated server with GameServers if you want the best performance. This offers greater flexibility, and you won’t need to share with others.

minecraft on gameservers

While GameServers’ site doesn’t have any details on server speed and performance, tests have shown that you get an average loading time of 1.0 seconds on GTmetrix. Tests on Google showed an average loading time of 1.9 seconds, which isn’t so bad.

Uptime Guarantees

Gameservers comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Of course, this is expected for a game hosting and server provider of its stature. This way, you can install games and play them easily.

Site Migration

Several traditional hosting providers offer assistance to their customers who transfer data from other providers. However, GameServers doesn’t exactly conduct site migration. Their terms of agreement state that moving to another provider will be the customers’ responsibility alone. 

Price and Payment Methods

For a dedicated hosting service, you get four flexible and pricing tiers on GameServers. 

payment method

You can also select hosting for voice servers if you’d like to use a TeamSpeak server, Mumble servers, and others. You get to choose your area of service if you want, and you can also cancel your subscription within five days and get a full refund. 

For payments, you can use credit/debit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, and even mail the company a check. You can also share payments through the service’s ClayPay feature. 

Security and Guarantee

Depending on the game you’re enjoying, most users can apply a connection password to prevent unauthorized access to private credentials. For users on the Personal subscription service, the connection password is mandatory. However, note that some games might not have password features. 

server setup and information

As a user, you will also need to have FTP access to all game files. Some game developers have restricted access to their games’ FTP files, but GameServers has editable configurations for all games. 

The service has also implemented several procedures to guard against DDoS attacks. These include:

Of course, there is no foolproof way to prevent these attacks entirely. But, when it comes to keeping you safe, this service definitely gets things done.

Customer Support

GameServers offers round-the-clock support for its users. The company provides dedicated and friendly technicians who are ready to support you if you have any problems whatsoever. 

customer support page

The customer service agents also monitor the network regularly to ensure that they can view any problems before they happen and resolve them immediately. If you want anything whatsoever – be it mod additions, server performance improvements, or control panel adjustments, the customer service agents at GameServers are there to help you out. They are known to respond to customers immediately on urgent or non-urgent concerns.

Customer Reviews

While we thoroughly enjoyed reviewing their services, we had to search what some users have been saying about GameServers. Our team found that users are mostly impressed with GameServers and its customer service. 

The reviews laud the customer service team for its efficiency and ability to help with technical issues. Although technical issues haven’t been so prominent, the customer services team has been able to handle the ones that arise quite effectively through e-mail or chat. 


Reviews also credited the servers and their ease of use. As they explained, you will be able to install your servers, operating system, and games. If you need to install popular software (such as phpNuke [1] and phpBB), GameServers has technicians who will help you out. 

Alternatives for GameServers

If you’re looking to get an alternative to GameServers, you can check out the following services: 


Is GameServers safe?

Yes, GameServers is definitely safe. They have the same top-notch security features of other hosting providers, and you can be confident about doing business with them. Customer reviews also vouch for the credibility and security of their services.

How do I cancel my GameServers subscription?

GameServers allows you to cancel your subscription five days after purchasing it. You can do so by following these steps: 

For comprehensive details, users can easily contact GameServers through e-mail. There’s also a ticket customer service system available on GameServers in which you can enter your request in the ticket and send it in.

GameServers Review Conclusion

As the GameServers reviews show, they are definitely a great server provider, and users can get a lot from them. While the fees are a tad high, you will get good value for money as well as quality and flexibility with the plans.

It supports most games, and it gives features that several other hosts just can’t. With the ability to manage your own servers, GameServers blows other hosting providers out of the water.  

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