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Which is the Best ARK Server Hosting in Australia? (2023)

A server hosting is one of the most popular sections of the tech industry, with different options available for you to enjoy. There are several of the Ark hosting providers in Australia available, but you need to know which will work the most for you, otherwise you’ll be stuck with one with terrible downtime and unresponsive customer support. 

Below is a detailed review from our experts that will tell you all you need to know.

Reviews of the Top Ark Server Hosting in Australia

1. GTX Gaming

Not only is GTX Gaming available in Australia, but it’s a wide-reaching platform that also covers the US, the UK and Canada. You can get 10 to 250 slots depending on your needs for affordable prices compared to the likes of other server hosts such as Blue Fang.

GTX Gaming is an oldie but a goodie, having been established in 2007. Older platforms often have more experience with hosting and offer better services. GTX Gaming allows for game switching, has automatic offsite backups, and even a 24-hour money-back guarantee for your protection. 



2. PingPerfect

Ping Perfect offers even wider coverage than GTX Gaming, which encompasses Australia as well. They don’t offer as many slots and they are pricier, which is what lands them in second place.

Established in 2012, the platform also offers the same 24-hour guarantee, but they offer a 48-hour free trial that will really let you test out their services. You also get free web hosting and free debranding. The platform also offers full mod support, although it doesn’t have automatic updates.

Ping Perfect has everything you need, and they would be a perfect 10/10 and will be when they incorporate automatic updates.



3. HostHavoc

Host Havoc is another excellent Ark server host that is available in Australia. If you’re looking for a longer money-back guarantee period, then look no further as Host Havoc offers one that lasts for 3 days.

There are automatic updates and even a 70% off discount for BattleMetrics RCON. It’s not as widely available as the previous two server hosts, but it is more affordable. They have great customer support which also extends to full mod support. There is also free DDoS protection and debranding and you can get in touch with their service staff in multiple ways 24/7. 



4. Citadel Servers

Citadel Servers is another option with wide coverage that includes Australia. They offer a lot of slots for cheap prices, which is always a win. You can switch locations and enjoy the convenience of automatic backups, and they offer a 3-day money-back guarantee in most cases.

Citadel Servers is one of the best for Ark because it has an in-built Ark remote for your convenience. The DDoS is free, but the debranding will cost you a little. They do include other free services such as cluster support and PGARK both free of cost.



Ark Server Hosting in Australia Buyer’s Guide

Among the most important factors to consider for our gaming authorities is price. No one likes paying too much for hosting especially if they’re working on a budget. You should also consider how the server service charges following the introduction period. Make sure that you’re fine with their charging structure and you can accommodate the costs. You’d also want to look into any hidden fees or additional charges that might be involved. 

There is a lot to consider when it comes to speed and performance. Speed in itself will help you see how the server will actually work for your Ark network. You want low latency and enough optimal speed to ensure seamless communication. As for performance, things are a bit more complicated. You need a server that is secure and which will provide at least 90% uptime. 

Look into whether your computer’s specifications will be able to handle these features as well. Sometimes, your computer might be the weak link in the chain. 

Lastly, you have to consider the customer support [1]. No one wants any problems with their servers. However, there are times when you will need a hand with something. If that time comes, you want to know that there are people who can help you out.

Our Top Pick For Ark Server Hosting in Australia:
GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming is our best choice for an ARK server hosting in Australia because they offer the best balance between price and services. The platform is widely available and offers full mod support. GTX gaming has been around for a good long while and have much experience in hosting services. 

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