Does it Matter What Server You Choose in Lost Ark?

When you begin playing Lost Ark, you’ll surely notice a long list of servers from various regions. So, naturally, you’ll wonder whether or not your Lost Ark server matters, especially if you’re a novice player.

And to answer your question, yes, it really matters. But why is this so? Let us explain to you in detail the reason behind it. Let’s go!

Does Your Choice of Server and Region Matter in Lost Ark?

Yes, the region and the server that you choose to play on in Lost Ark matter as it will affect how you interact with other players. There are certain parts of the game that can’t be played cross-server.

selecting server and region in Lost Ark

In fact, Lost Ark servers are divided into regions according to their geographical location. Also, there is a long list of servers for each region in Lost Ark.

Can You Play on Other Servers in Lost Ark?

No, you cannot play or interact with other players from another region in Lost Ark. 

If you have a group of friends that don’t live in the same geographical area, then we highly recommend playing in the region closest to you. This will allow you to have better ping and communication. 

In Lost Ark, there are numerous servers to choose from within each region. 

What Server Should You Pick?

There are cross and specific servers on Lost Ark. Cross-server means you can interact with other players as long as you’re both on matching servers. 

inviting friends cross servers using party finder

You can play the following activities cross-server in Lost Ark:

Whereas server-specific means you can only interact with players on the same specific server. Below are the activities that can only be done on the same server:


Is Lost Ark region-locked?

Yes, Lost Ark is region-locked as it is only available to some regions or countries. Amazon Games is unable to distribute Lost Ark in other countries due to the game’s developer, Smilegate, not giving the green light.

How do Lost Ark servers work?

Lost Ark servers work by tying up the characters and the roster level to the server that you’re playing on, so they can’t be transferred. 

This means that they’ll remain locked in once you have made a choice. Your ranking in the competitive modes also benefits from having a higher roster level.


So, does it matter what server you choose on Lost Ark? Definitely, yes! The server you choose will be your character’s world within the game. You can only interact and play with the other players on the same server except for the activities you can do cross-server. 

So, if you wish to play with your friends, our team suggests choosing the server they’re on, or you might as well pick the same server while creating your characters.    

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