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Can You Play Cross-Server With Friends in Lost Ark?

Many players have been forced to move to a different server due to the restrictions and queues preventing them from playing with their friends. And this has led to some players wondering if they can still play with their old friends in Lost Ark cross-server. 

So, our resident gamers are here to give you an answer: Yes, but it does not apply in all game modes!

Is it Possible to Add People From Other Servers as Friends or Guildies?

According to our gamers, yes, it is possible to add friends from other servers, but only to some activities in Lost Ark. When playing Lost Ark, you need to be aware of the following:

Lost Ark in game

Cross-Server (Region-Wide)


When and Where Does the Cross-Server Feature Interfere?

Cross-server feature interferes in Lost Ark for server-specific activities or modes, as we mentioned above. 

Lost Ark - Chaos Dungeon gameplay

Once you’re into any of these activities, adding them to your friend list is impossible, and playing with them if they’re on a different server.

But, the good news here is that region-wide servers allow you to add your friends via group finder. 

How to Add Cross-Server Friends in Lost Ark: Group Finder

If you’re looking for ways to play with your friends, then the group finder is the best way to do it. 

inviting friends cross servers using party finder

You just have to create a group and choose a dungeon or raid that you want to run. To find the group finder, go to your Lost Ark UI and look under the “Community” button. From there, you can add or invite your friends to play with them. 


Can you transfer to another server in Lost Ark?

You can’t transfer to another server in Lost Ark. When you create a character, they’re linked to a server and can’t move to another one. If you want to play with someone else, you must select the same servers while creating the character. You can also avoid any Lost Ark server lock issues by doing so.

Is Powerpass cross-server in Lost Ark?

The Powerpass in Lost Ark does not support cross-server [1]. It can only be used on the specific server it is installed on. There are two Power Passes per region, and they can be unlocked for each region.


So, can you play Lost Ark cross-server? Yes, you can add and play with your friends but with limitations. In Lost Ark and most MMOARPG, you can’t just bypass any server to play with everybody else. That’s why choosing the server when creating your character is very important. 

So, if you really want to play with your friends in Lost Ark, we suggest ensuring you’re both on the same server.  

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