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Why Can’t I Create a Character on a Lost Ark Server? + How to Fix

Are you experiencing issues creating a character on Lost Ark? And waiting for long queue times? Well, many new players are dealing with the same scenario. 

So, our tech team took the time to investigate, and now, we’re going to share with you why you can’t create a new character on a server in Lost Ark and how you can fix it. 

Why Can't Players Create Characters in Lost Ark?

If you cannot create additional characters on a server, it’s possible that you’re trying to create a character on a locked server (especially old servers). 

Although it’s not possible to create a new character on your preferred server, you can still make new characters on a less crowded one. 

Lost Ark cannot create character

If you have friends who are on a more populated server, you can’t move them to another one. Also, since the game doesn’t support changing servers, you might want to start slowly and create another when more populated servers get unlocked.

What to Do if You Can't Create a Character in Lost Ark

Even though there are character creation limits, you can still try to create one. 

You can try to join not-so-crowded servers to avoid the Lost Ark server disconnection error. However, this option may not be obtainable to everyone as it depends on your region.

Another option is to wait for the developers [1] to allow you to join the game. Since many players are already trying to play the game, the queue time has been incredibly long. 

Lost Ark connected to server

If the developers don’t allow new players to join and play on the server, then those who have already created ones will have to wait for their turn on the following: 

Servers With Character Limits

Europe Central

NA East

NA West


Are characters server-locked in Lost Ark?

Some characters are server-locked in Lost Ark due to players bombarding the servers, which is why you must carefully select your Lost Ark Server because it matters whether or not the character you want to play is available on the server you have chosen. Developers of Lost Ark have locked down some of the most popular ones to achieve a homogeneous distribution of players.

Can you make characters on different servers in Lost Ark?

Yes, you can make characters on different servers, but it doesn’t provide any potential benefit. But, you can get to know more players. 


There’s a character creation limit on several servers, and you can’t just create a character on new servers in Lost Ark. This is especially true when it’s locked or eventually removed due to population distribution issues. 

The fortunate news here is that the game developer is looking for ways to improve this in the foreseeable future for a smooth game play experience for players. 

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