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List of Available Lost Ark Servers

Lost Ark is an online role-playing game co-developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate. It is set in a fantasy world that allows players to explore and battle. 

Since the game’s release in South Korea in 2019 it has since seen a number of other versions released in other countries. As with any online game, players need to connect to one of the Lost Ark servers in order to play. So, here are the list of the working servers today!

List of Lost Ark Servers

Here’s a list of all Lost Ark servers you can choose and join.

Lost Ark Arkesia

US East Servers

  • Azena
  • Una
  • Regulus 
  • Avesta
  • Galatur
  • Karta 
  • Ladon
  • Kharmine 
  • Elzowin 
  • Sasha
  • Adrinne
  • Aldebaran 
  • Zosma
  • Vykas 
  • Danube 

US West Servers

  • Mari
  • Valtan 
  • Enviska 
  • Akkan
  • Shandi
  • Rohendel 

South America Servers

  • Kazeros
  • Agaton
  • Gienah
  • Arcturus 
  • Yorn 
  • Feiton 
  • Vern 
  • Kurzan 
  • Prideholme 

Europe Central Servers

  • Neria 
  • Kadan
  • Trixion
  • Calvasus
  • Thirain
  • Zinnervale 
  • Asta
  • Wei
  • Slen 
  • Procyon
  • Sceptrum – English
  • Beatrice
  • Inanna 
  • Thaemine 
  • Sirius 
  • Antares 
  • Brelshaza 
  • Nineveh
  • Mokoko 

Europe West Servers

  • Rethramis 
  • Tortoyk
  • Moonkeep
  • Stonehearth 
  • Shadespire
  • Tragon 
  • Petrania
  • Punika 


Lost Ark is an expansive online game with a variety of servers [1] around the world. You can opt to join in any Lost Ark east or west server. If you want to play the game, make sure to choose a server that is close to your location. 

That way, you can enjoy the game with minimal latency and enjoy the best possible gaming experience!

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