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When are Lost Ark Server Reset Times? (Weekly and Daily)

Are you wondering when the Lost Ark server reset times are? This Amazon Game Studios production has many players across different time zones, so it is important to know the universal reset period. This gives you an added advantage when playing the game. =

In this guide, our resident gamers will share all the necessary information about the reset time.

Why You Should Know the Resets

You must know the resets when you hit level 50 and are looking to grind through endgame content. 

There are also certain weekly quests that can only be done until the next reset, so it’s best to learn how to fix Lost Ark issues (e.g. server authentication failed error in Lost Ark) as soon as possible to get the most out of your gaming experience. In this stage, you will have to put in a lot of effort to get valuable items to improve your overall gear score and engravings. 

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Lost Ark Reset Times

The reset schedule is split between daily and weekly. Regardless of the daily and weekly resets, the sever reset is at 10 am UTC.

The following times are scheduled per geolocation:

  1. North America East (NA East) servers: 5 am EST
  2. North America West (NA West) servers: 2 am PT
  3. EU Central (Central Europe) and EU West servers: 10 am GMT/11 am CET
  4. South America servers: 7 am BRT
Lost Ark daily reset

These are the best local hours or local timezone for this location.

Lost Ark Weekly Resets

Lost Ark’s weekly server reset times are on Thursday at 10 UTC [1]. During the weekly reset times, the in-game core content below reset:

  1. Guardian Raids
  2. Weekly Una’s tasks
  3. Guild weekly tasks
  4. Chaos exchanges
  5. Ghost ships
  6. Chaos dungeons
  7. Cube dungeons
  8. Abyssal dungeons
  9. PvP events
Lost Ark weekly reset

The store items that are tagged weekly do not reset at the same time. Tasks such as guild reset at a time different from Thursdays.

Lost Ark Daily Resets

The Lost Ark daily reset time affects these in-game contents:

  1. Daily Una’s Tasks
  2. Chaos gates
  3. World bosses
  4. Guardian raids
  5. Chaos dungeons


How long is the Lost Ark server reset?

The Lost Ark servers’ reset occurs every week and every day. It happens at 10 am UTC which corresponds to 3. am PT and 6 am ET.


If you’re an avid player, you must know Lost Ark’s reset frequency and time. When you are in Level 50, remember that the daily reset and weekly resets occur at 10 am UTC. Be mindful of the content that might be affected on your server

The Lost Ark weekly and daily reset time schedule may be a hassle for some, but it offers a more challenging gameplay.

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