Fixed: Ark Server Manager Waiting for Publication

The “Waiting for publication” message on the Ark server manager is an issue players frequently encounter. A common explanation behind this is that the web server deems one’s online presence as inactive. 

This will make it difficult for you to connect to the server. Do not get worked up, because this issue can be resolved with ease. Read on to find out how. 

What Does “Waiting for Publication” Mean?

The “Waiting for publication” message means that your online presence on the server can not be determined. 

The Ark server team uses a web service to determine every server’s online state. If this cannot reach your server, you will get this error message. Not to worry, here are six ways you can avoid this error. 

How to Fix “Waiting for Publication” on Ark’s Server Manager: 6 Surefire Ways

Fix #1: Port Forwarding

You will run into this error if your port forwarding is incorrect. This problem is peculiar to most players, especially those who have not given themselves a static DHCP address. 

setting up DHCP
Port forwarding

If all is in place, just ensure that your port forwarding is correct.

Fix #2: Edit Firewall Settings

Another reason is if your Firewall settings are not open. This can interfere with the game’s server and make you run into this error. 

Windows Defender Firewall

The best way out is to edit your antivirus or Windows Defender settings [1] so that it can accommodate the game server and allow your game to run without hassle.

Fix #3: Disable Your VPN

If your VPN is enabled, you may need to disconnect it. The steps to disable your VPN may vary, but here are the general steps to do it

setting up vpn
  1. Go to Settings. 
  2. On Settings, click Network and Internet.
  3. Click on VPN. 
  4. Select Disconnect.

Fix #4: Check Mod Load Order

Another reason why you run into this error is that your master check load order is missing. 

extracting game files

You will need to verify this. If upon checking, you discover that it is missing, you can follow these steps to fix it:

  1. Download FNVEdit.
  2. Extract the game files into your game folder.
  3. Open the FNVE file. Upon opening, it should show your loader.
  4. Press OK to load the plugins.

Fix #5: Disable Internet NAT Redirection

The NAT redirection feature on PC stops a local computer or server from using the internet to access your local server. This is a red flag. All you need to do is disable it.

disable NAT

Fix #6: Reinstall the Game

The issue might be your game files. All you have to do to resolve this issue is uninstall the game. After, reinstall it again to see if the issue is resolved. In most cases, this will solve the issue.


The Ark server manager “waiting for publication” error is adventure killing. However, the good news is that you can resolve the issue in a twinkle of an eye with the above tips. 

Note that there are peculiarities, and you may need to try these fixes one after the other before you find out the one that works for you.

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