How Do CS:GO Drops Work? Get Free Skins, Graffitis, Cases & More!

You may have owned the CS:GO game for some time and are still unfamiliar with it. If you’re not fully acquainted with the game, it is a possibility that you do not know how the CS:GO drops work. 

If this describes you perfectly, our resident streamers and gamers will explain all you need to know on this page. 

When Do Drops Happen and How Do They Work?

CS:GO drops happen weekly regardless of your game mode. As a CS:GO player, you can earn up to 3 CS:GO drops weekly while you play the game; one to two while you play the game, and one extra when you level up. 

CS GO Snakebite Case from Steam

To level up, you will need to collect up to 5,000XP. You can achieve this by playing more competitive matches. 

When Do Drops Reset?

Your earned CS:GO drops resets mid-week. There is a variation in the reset according to your geographical location. For NA players, you will see a reset on Tuesday. In most cases, at night. While the EU players will experience a reset on Wednesday. 

Items You Can Receive From Level Up Drops

When you level up your profile rank, you get 5,000 XP, there are certain items you can receive. Here is a list:


Skins are one of the valuable items you can receive as level-up drops. However, it is essential to remember that receiving these drops depends on the pool put in place by Valve. 

As recorded by our team, here is an active list of CS:GO skin collections you can receive as level up drops:

CSGO sniper gun
  1. Nuke Collection 2018
  2. Inferno Collection 2018
  3. Dust 2 Collection 2018
  4. Train Collection 2018
  5. Safe House Collection 2018
  6. Italy Collection 2018
  7. Bank Collection 2018
  8. Lake Collection 2018

Anything aside from these we have listed does not qualify for a level-up CS:GO drop. Skins such as Cache, Cobblestone, or overpass require you to open a souvenir case or purchase.

It is not possible to get expensive drops such as M4A1-S | Icarus Fell or AWP | Dragon lore as a level up drop. They estimated the most expensive free level up drop you can get at $215.


They reward Cases at random in the CS:GO drop game. These cases fall out at the end of your match, and they do not qualify to be a reward for a profile rank. 

csgo cases

As a gamer, whether Prime or Non-Prime, they entitle you to just 3 cases. However, the type of case you receive as a Prime player will differ from what a non-Prime player receives. 

Prime Drops

Prime drops are Cases Prime players are entitled to after every match. Although Prime players can also get drops designed explicitly for non-prime players, this happens in rare circumstances. 

Here is a list of Prime drop cases: 

  1. Clutch 
  2. Prisma 2 
  3. Danger zone 
  4. Fracture 
  5. Snakebite

Non-Prime Drops

As with Prime drop cases, Non-Prime drops are level up drops. The only difference is that they are explicitly designed for Non-Prime players.

CSGO image from Steam

Here is a list of Non-Prime Drops you can earn to level up as a non-prime player. 

  1. Revolver 
  2. Horizon 
  3. Spectrum 2 
  4. Gamma
  5. Chroma
  6. CS20

Discontinued or Rare Cases:

With regard to discontinued or rare cases, you can only earn them by buying from another player. According to our research team, there are three; esport 2014 summer, esport 2013 winter, esport 2013.

Graffiti Sprays

The popular belief is that the least valuable item you can get as a drop on the CS:GO game is Graffiti spray. Most of them go for $1 or less, and the most expensive ones are worth about $10.

csgo graffiti

Can You Increase Your Chances of Receiving More Drops?

Yes, you can increase your chances of receiving more drops. All you have to do is participate in more matches and special operations [1]. These include operation riptide, guardian mission, and the likes. Don’t let the items you receive from level-up drops go to waste by troubleshooting the “failed to retrieve your items from the server” error on your CS: GO server if ever you encounter it. 

Can You Get More Drops with a Prime Account?

No, you do not get more drops with a Prime Account. The only difference is that the type of drops you receive as a Prime player is totally different from Non-Prime accounts. 

 Advantages you can get with a Prime account are matchmaking against other prime users, competitive skill groups, and lots more. 


How rare is it to get a drop in CSGO?

It is not rare to get a drop in CSGO. As a player, they entitle you to 2 drops each week. If you level up, you will receive an extra compensation drop. 


By now, we believe you should have extensive knowledge about how CS:GO drops work and how you can get free skins, graffitis, cases & more! Go on, explore these discoveries, and enjoy your adventure.

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