Is SkinCashier Legit & Safe? Review and Promo Code (2022)

SkinCashier is primarily considered a safe trading platform for CS: GO skins and one of the popular cash-out sites. 

There are few skin trading platforms where you can carry out secure trades or sell skins, and due to this gamers often lose money. To avoid this from happening, this in-depth Skincashier review will enlighten you on the features and legitimacy of the site. 

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What is SkinCashier: Is it Legit?

The answer to the question “is Skincashier legit” is not far-fetched as there are mixed reviews about the company online. Nonetheless, SkinCashier is a legitimate CSGO marketplace with over 240,000 skins sold and 150,000 registered accounts. There are many reviews on Trustpilot giving the site a 4.5-star rating. 

SkinCashier Payment Methods

The portal has been functioning continuously since 2020 and has roughly 150,000 monthly hits. Your CS: GO, Dota2, and Team Fortress 2 skins will be purchased by Skincashier and funds deposited into your account using the most popular payment processors. 

When you sign up, you’ll see your inventory and the price Skincashier will pay for your skin. 

But the site’s most enticing feature is the low cost. Skincashier is not always pricey since numerous factors determine the cost of the skin; nonetheless, having the money in seconds is possible. You can explore the site in any of the ten languages offered including English. 

SkinCashier Features

All the features offered on Skincashier make skin selling easy. You can sell your Dota2, CSGO, and Rust skins without hassle. In case of any issues, Skincashier support can help promptly. 


Skincashier does not have set fees. There are also no hidden fees. The amount you pay will vary depending on the rarity of your sold skins.  According to the float value table in CS:GO, each category represents increased weapon wear and damage. 

Latest skins items on Skincashier

The nicer the skin, the more expensive it is. Exchange and selling CS GO skins on Skincashier is a smooth process. The float value specifies the exact state of skin at the period of interest. This is the chart:

Commission Fees

Skincashier fees commissions are one of the lowest available on the skin market. The site charges a fee of roughly 2-3% when using PayPal and a similar price when using other payment processors. Skincashier offers excellent terms for this sort of charge compared to its competitors.

Also, the prices of various items should be mentioned. Skincashier accepts Steam items from Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Rust (Dota 2), and Team Fortress 2, thus supporting any titles with a developed trade in the Steam ecosystem. 

Skincashier’s prices may not always be the most competitive, but it is essential to consider the situation differently. There are also very few negative reviews regarding the fees. 

Payout Options

When you sell your CS:GO skins on, you may choose from a range of payment options and withdrawal methods which include online wallets: Payeer, Yandex Money, PayPal, QIWI, AdvCash, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. 

Keep in mind that the procedures, availability, methods, length, and terms and conditions may differ based on the amount, your financial institution, and the nation in which you live. You might also be asked for a verification code during the transaction.

Payment methods

How to Sell

  1. Log in using your Steam credentials

The process is straightforward: log in using the Steam account that contains the products you wish to sell.

  1. Include your trade URL as well as your e-mail address.

Ensure your inventory privacy is set to “public.”  Your email address is required to send payment confirmations, so please make sure it is genuine.

  1. Click on sell and select the skins that you desire to sell.

Choose the products you would want to exchange, ensuring that you select the correct item and not your favorite stickered version of the item.

Creating Email on Skincashier
  1. Fill out the payment information.

Choose your preferred payment method from the list of options. Make sure that your withdrawal information is correct by checking it twice.

  1. Do not forget to accept the trade offer.

Confirm the trade offer that was made to you by the bot. Not only that, but you must also validate it with your Steam Guard mobile authenticator app!

Skincahier user frielndliness and safety
  1. You will receive real cash!

Your money is currently being processed and will be received shortly. Profit from quick withdrawals using all of the most common payment methods and bonuses that will automatically enhance your future payments! 

All the payouts are done with secure withdrawal methods. If you encounter a problem during payout, you can always contact support. 

User-Friendliness and Safety

Unlike some other sites, the Skincashier trading platform is built on a secure SSL-encrypted connection, thus the platform is completely SSL protected [1]. In addition, the platform uses cryptography and blockchain technology to assure the security of cryptocurrency transactions. 

Checking the left-hand side of the website’s URL will allow you to determine how secure the connection is as soon as you are on the site itself.

When you visit the site, you’ll see a padlock showing at the upper right corner of the screen, which indicates that the connection is completely secure. In addition, each trade is safeguarded by a verification code, which prevents any effort to defraud the user from taking place.

SkinCashier track record

If you’re still asking the question “is Skincashier legit?”, the modern security features would clear your mind. One of the most important reasons for this platform’s safety and security is its fraud detection security features, which allows for a dependable trading environment with 100 percent secure transactional transactions. 

The platform is equipped with fraud monitoring and detection mechanisms, which ensure that no third parties may interfere with transactions when users sell their skins.

The platform also offers a service level of 99.99 percent uptime since it was built per the PCI Data Security Standard compliance. The FAQ page is filled with detailed answers to questions you may have so you sell your CS:GO skins securely with one of the lowest fees in the market confidently.

Customer Support

When it comes to money, the subject is delicate, and customers using the platform want to be sure that they can obtain the service or answers they need at any time of day or night. 

Skincashier customer support is always responsive and ready to help. One of the most valuable services on Skincashier is the live chat assistance that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The support agent is primarily fluent in English, but you will have no trouble communicating with the translator if you need to communicate in another language.


Can you buy skins on SkinCashier?

You may purchase CSGO skins and all of the game’s cases, keys, and sticker capsules through the CSGO Steam Market. Other players place almost all offers; therefore, anytime you buy or sell something, you will always be dealing with a human.

How are skin prices calculated?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to determining skin expenses. Instead, factors determine how much someone must pay to buy or sell their skins. The more you know about these subjects, the better deals you can get. 

A few key elements influence skin price, one of which is the skin’s wear. This indicates the current condition of your weapon skins. You might also win a bonus or promo code that can affect the prices.

Review Conclusion: SkinCashier

After thorough research and personal review from our experts, we can say that Skincashier is legit. It is worth checking out if you’re looking for the best site to trade CSGO skins. If you don’t mind waiting a week or more, you may purchase skins from the CS: GO skin shops.

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