CSGO Failed to Retrieve Your Items From the Server Error CS:GO

Fixed: CS:GO “Failed to Retrieve Your Items From the Server” Error

Do you encounter the “failed to retrieve your items from the server” error while playing Counter Strike:Global Offensive (or CS: GO)? You’re at the right place! Our resident gamers want to share some quick tips to resolve this error.

Fix #1: Wait Until It Resolves Itself

When you encounter this issue, you can just wait for a while and wait until it resolves itself. You can skip retrieving items first and come back after a while. 

In some cases, it’s just the CS: GO server experiencing issues. After taking some time off, this issue will be naturally fixed. So once you attempt retrieving items again, it should be fine this time.  

Fix #2: Optimize Your Internet Connection

Another way to fix this issue is to check your internet connection. A slow internet connection can halt or hinder retrieving items from the server. For sure, you know that you need a high-speed WiFi connection to play Counter Strike smoothly. 

checking internet speed

Our programmers suggest checking your internet connection first before playing CS: GO to ensure flawless gaming time. 

Fix #3: Change Your Region

If the two fixes above didn’t work, you could try changing your region. 

  1. Launch CS: GO and select PLAY.
  2. Choose the Community Server Browser from the drop-down list.
  3. Input region names or you can sort servers by region/ping. 
  4. After that, try retrieving items again from the server if it now works. 

Fix #4: Relog Your Steam Account

If the issue persists, you may try relogging your Steam account. Log out and log back in to your Steam account. After the relog, attempt to retrieve items again from the server, and it should be fine now. 

logging out then back in to Steam Account

Fix #5: Disable Your Firewall or Antivirus

Disabling your firewall or antivirus is the last option you can do if the above solutions fail to work. It might be that your Windows Firewall or antivirus program is refraining you from playing and using CS:GO normally. 

So, disable your antivirus or Firewall temporarily to enable smooth access from the server and retrieve your desired items to play the game strategically [1]


With this quick guide, you should be able to fix the “failed to retrieve your items from the server” error on your CS: GO server. We want you to have a smooth gaming experience, and you can follow the steps above in order to resolve the issue. Enjoy! 

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