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Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2

Dust 2 is one of the most popular maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), and knowing the best grenade spots can give you a significant advantage in gameplay. Grenades can be used to clear out positions, delay enemy pushes, and even deal damage to opponents. 

Thus, we will explore some of the most effective grenade spots on Dust 2 and discuss how to use them to gain an edge in the game. 

Most Recommended Grenade Spots

The game has tons of grenade spots, but we have rounded up the best ones you can find.

A Long From T Spawn

A Long is one of the longest and most open areas on the map, and the CTs often hold positions along the route to prevent the Ts from pushing through. 

To start, you can throw a smoke grenade to block off the CT’s vision of A Long, making it more difficult for them to hold their positions. Once the smoke is in place, you can follow up with flashbangs to blind any CTs waiting for you on the other side.

T Spawn in dust 2

From The Skylight

This spot provides a vantage point overlooking the B bombsite. Players can see the entire B bombsite from The Skylight, including the doors, window, and back of the site. This makes it a popular spot for snipers and AWPers to hold and for players to throw grenades.

The Cross

The Cross on Dust 2 is a strategic area between the A and B bomb sites, with a metal cross structure in the center. A smoke grenade thrown towards CT spawn from The Cross can effectively block off any CTs trying to rotate towards A site.

New Car

New Car is a spot outside of the B bombsite that CTs often hold. One effective grenade spot is to throw a Molotov onto the car to force any CTs behind it to move. 

To do this, stand at the entrance to the B tunnels and aim at the middle of the car, aligning the bottom of your crosshair with the bottom of the car. This will make it easier for T players to take control of the B site.


Mid To A Short

The Mid to A Short route is a common strategy for T teams attacking the A site in Dust 2. Smoke grenades can create a smokescreen at A Short from Mid to execute this strategy. 

Alternatively, a flashbang can be thrown over the roof of the building on the left side of A Short to blind any CTs holding positions. 

These tools can help the T team gain a strategic advantage, but careful planning and execution and communication with your team are crucial factors in success.

Rush B

To create cover for a B rush in Dust 2, stand in the middle of the pillar at the narrow choke point and throw a smoke grenade toward the top. This smoke will block the vision of any snipers or CT players holding positions outside of the B tunnels, making it safer for T players to push through.

Aim towards the top of the skybox and throw the smoke grenade by aligning the bottom of your crosshair with the bottom of the top section of the skybox. This will create a smokescreen covering the entrance to the B tunnels and allowing T players to move safely through.

Lower Tunnels

Throwing a flash grenade over the top wall of the lower tunnels can be an effective way to blind any CT players on the other side. To do this, stand at the entrance of the lower tunnels and aim at the top of the tower outside the tunnels. 

Align the top of your crosshair with the top of the tower and throw the flashbang. This will blind any CT players on the other side, making it easier for T players to push through and take control of the mid-area.

If any CT player is hiding or running through the area, their vision will be temporarily ruined by the flashbang, allowing the T players to gain an advantage and take them out. However, it’s important to be aware that the CTs may also use their grenades to counter the T players.

Therefore, it’s important to coordinate with your team and be ready to adapt to changing situations.

Molly and HE Grenade at B Main

To prevent T players from rushing through B main in Dust 2, stand at the door and throw a Molotov toward the corner of the box at the entrance of B main. This will force T players to wait for the fire to die out, giving CTs more time to prepare their defenses. 

Aim towards the bottom of the box and throw the Molotov. After the Molotov dies out, throwing an HE grenade at the same spot can also deal damage to any T players waiting to rush through. Aim at the same spot and throw the HE grenade from the same position.

B Site

Using a flash grenade to enter the B site on Dust 2 can effectively blind any CT players holding positions on the site. Bouncing the flash grenade off the walls or throwing it over the wall can also help ensure that the CT players are effectively blinded.

B Site

A Site

Throwing a Molotov cocktail at Goose on the A site can be an effective way to clear the area of any CT players who may be holding positions there. Goose is a popular spot for AWPers to camp, so it’s important to ensure the area is clear before attempting to take control of the site.

Even if there are no CT players at Goose, throwing the Molotov can prevent players from camping there, as the area will be on fire and too dangerous to occupy.

B Main Flash

Throwing a flash grenade at B main from the spot shown in the picture can be an effective way to blind any T players attempting to rush through the area. By doing so, the CT players can gain an advantage and take out any T players caught off-guard.

To throw the flash grenade, stand at the spot shown in the picture and aim directly at B main. Throw the flashbang, and it will blind any T players in the area, making it difficult for them to find cover and giving the CT players an opportunity to take them out.

Back Platform

Throwing a Molotov cocktail at the back platform on the A site can be an effective way to clear the area of any CT players who may be holding positions there, especially AWPers who can pick off T players from the elevated position.

To throw the Molotov, stand at the entrance to A Long and aim towards the back platform. Align the bottom of your crosshair with the bottom of the wall and throw the Molotov at the spot shown in the picture. The Molotov will spread and cover the area, forcing any CT players to move out of their positions or take damage. 

Throwing the Molotov leaves you vulnerable to being targeted by the AWPer. To prevent this from happening, throwing a smoke grenade at B main can create cover and allow you to throw the Molotov without being exposed.

A Site Entry

Throwing a flash grenade toward the default plant site from this spot can blind any CT players holding positions there, making it easier for T players to take control of the site. To throw the flash, aim at the top of the wall and align the bottom of the crosshair.

Thrown flash from A site

Coordinating with the team and being aware of potential CT positions is important when using grenades strategically in Dust 2. Using flash grenades and other grenades effectively can disrupt the CTs’ defenses and create opportunities for successful pushes and bomb plants.

CT Spawn

This location on the map connects to various other important areas, making it a crucial spot for both attacking and defending teams. 

Throwing the molly at the right spot can create a temporary barrier that forces the enemy team to either wait for the fire to dissipate or take damage while trying to walk through it.

This strategy can give your team an advantage by limiting the enemy’s mobility and making pushing toward their location easier. 

However, it’s important to remember that this tactic is only effective if your team has already secured control of the B site. Without control of this key area, the enemy team may be able to flank your team or counter-attack from other angles easily.

CT Spawn on Dust 2

Short Stairs

A crucial location on the map as they connect to various other important areas, making it a strategic spot for both attacking and defending teams. 

Throwing the molly at the right spot can create a temporary barrier preventing enemy CT players from pushing through this location.

The enemy players may try to push through the fire. Therefore, it’s essential to be prepared for a fight and have backup support from your team. Otherwise, the situation may turn against you, and the enemy team could gain the upper hand.

Pit Campers

The strategy involves dealing with enemy players hiding in the pit by A Long Doors, which can be challenging to attack due to the enemy’s advantage in cover.

A well-timed HE (high-explosive) grenade can be an effective solution in this situation. A properly thrown HE grenade can significantly damage the enemy player, either killing them or pushing them out of their position.

Pit at Dust 2

Grenades In CS:GO and Their Types

In CSGO, grenades are powerful weapons that can be used strategically on different maps, such as Dust 2. Players can carry up to four grenades and should use them effectively to gain an advantage. 

After throwing a grenade, players can quickly switch to their primary weapon, and if they don’t have one, they will switch to their knife. Here’s a list of grenades in the game:

Grenade throwing party

Different Ways Of Throwing A Grenade

Left Click: This is the standard way to throw a grenade. Simply select the grenade from your inventory and left-click to throw it. The distance and trajectory of the throw will depend on the angle and force of the throw.

Right Click: Right-clicking while holding a grenade will trigger a “soft” throw, which will cause the grenade to travel a shorter distance and land with less force than a left-click throw. This technique can be useful for throwing grenades into tight spaces or over short distances.

Left and Right Click at the Same Time: This technique is known as a “long throw” and is used to throw grenades over long distances. Hold down both left and right-click buttons to execute a long throw and then release them simultaneously. The grenade will travel a farther distance than a standard throw.

Left First Then Right Click: This technique throws a grenade quickly without switching to the grenade in your inventory. To execute a left-right throw, press the ‘G’ key to activate the grenade, then left-click to prime it and right-click to throw it.

Right First Then Left Click: This technique is similar to the left-right throw, but it is executed by right-clicking first to prime the grenade and left-clicking to throw it. This technique can be useful if you prefer to use your right hand to aim and throw grenades.

Wrapping Up

Learning and mastering effective grenade spots on a map like Dust 2 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can certainly help make you a more effective grenade thrower. 

Understanding the different grenade spots, including when and where to use them, can give you and your team a strategic advantage, especially in competitive gameplay [1].

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