Is G2G Legit & Safe? Review and Promo Code (2022)

If you’re eager to enhance the quality of your gameplay, G2G is an awesome marketplace for buying boosting services and in-game items. However, questions about its legitimacy and safety have been a subject of debate among gamers.

If you don’t want to get tricked and scammed into buying pricey items, our gaming experts share their experience with the platform in this G2G review. 

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History and Reputation

G2G is a legally registered company under the business trade name Gamer2Gamer Global Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. It has been actively operating since 2013, so we’re not that surprised to know that the website has accumulated over one million users as of writing. 

During our G2G review, our resident gamers noted that this platform has an excellent online status in the industry. 

Upon checking, user reviews also overflow with positive feedback. You may not know, but its popularity is widely garnered from active players of PUBG and Rocket League communities for being a reliable marketplace to buy in-game items and currencies. 

Is G2G Legit?

Yes, G2G is a legitimate marketplace where you can buy game-boosting services like in-game currency, rare weapons, and other virtual items to enhance your gameplay. In fact, our series of tests have proven that this website has strict regulations for sellers to avoid scamming incidents.

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G2G Features

Items Available

Unlike other game trading websites, G2G has a wide range of offerings available in its marketplace. Besides popular in-game items, users can buy and sell game accounts and gift cards on the platform. 

The item range on this website is truly remarkable because they even have offerings for less popular games. However, if you’re looking for game skins, this may not be the best option to consider. 

Our game team’s checking shows that available game skins in G2G only support Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, and Killing Floor 2. 

Services Available

One of the unique features of G2G is its different game-boosting services. Apart from gaming merchandise and currency common in marketplaces like these, did you know that this site offers coaching services? 

It came as a shock to our testers at first, but G2G does offer coaching in CSGO, Clash of Clans, League of Legends, Rocket League, Valorant, and other popular games. 

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As of writing, the website has a total of 42 game coaching categories with multiple offerings each. 

If you’re looking for a support team competent enough to play games with, you’re in luck because this website has a section where you can find game pals as well. 

These players assist you in quests and other game-related requests to keep your gaming experience fun and productive. 

Most of the Gamepal offers on the site set your expectations on what gaming advantage you’ll achieve when you buy their services. They indicate how many EXPs you’ll receive and if there are certain game levels they’ll get you to. 

Payment Options

No matter what payment method you prefer, we do not doubt that you can find it in G2G. Our resident gamers highly praise the site’s payment methods because it offers over 200 options for its users.

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You can pay for your order via store credit or gift card. If that’s not a viable option for you, the site also accepts digital money from e-wallets like Paypal, Mobile Payment, and many more. These payment methods are available for conversion in currencies of 16 different countries. 

Buying, Selling, and Trading Process

If you’re visiting the site as a buyer of in-game currency or an item, there’s no need to worry because G2G doesn’t have hidden fees upon checkout of your order. 

Compared to other websites that include additional fees on their offerings, we find it reassuring that G2G doesn’t do this.

However, if your purpose of the visit is to sell your game-boost offerings, it’s crucial to note that the website includes service fees which we’ll discuss further in the below features.

Newbies like you may find this confusing, but boosting doesn’t mean someone else will play your account. It only means these sellers will join you in a game to assist you in the gameplay or level you want to achieve.

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In our experience as a seller, the site limits posting services to 3 offers per game category. The platform has very strict regulations for every merchandise and boosts sold on their site. 

All transactions must be documented with screenshots and uploaded on the order page as proof. If not, you may risk your account being banned or penalized for a lower ranking in the system.

Pricing and Fees

As previously stated, the fees for selling stuff on the G2G aren’t the website’s strongest suit. So if you’re a bit keen on these charges, it may not be the best option for you in the gaming community. 

However, the good news is G2G sure does have cheap deals and services you may not find in other gaming marketplaces. 

Players looking for places to purchase the cheapest World of Warcraft golds definitely found a great deal on this website. Even the available Valorant account trades in the platform have reasonable prices than some sites we encountered in the past. 

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Despite the affordable prices, our experts still urge you to compare offerings in game-specific marketplaces we previously reviewed versus G2G prices. 


Unlike other gaming marketplaces, G2G has a noticeably simpler website theme but works quite well for users who are not that familiar with the platform. 

While others have dark colors on their webpage, we found it pleasing that this site opts to go for white background and red elements that are both easy in the eyes. 

The menu labels for their services are straightforward and clear, so we didn’t have much hassle finding the categories we wanted. 

When we tried to search for the boosting services we prefer, we were able to sort the result by the lowest prices, fastest delivery, and stock level. 

Customer Support

It’s no secret that many sites nowadays are switching to live chat customer support to resolve concerns from their users. Because of this, our team was a bit disappointed that G2G’s customer support still operates by an old-school ticketing system. 

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On the bright side, reaching out through email gives users a chance to elaborate on their concerns. The response isn’t that long as well, so we applaud the site for that. 

If you don’t have the luxury of time to wait for a reply from the customer support team, you can check out the answers to the general questions posted on their website. 

There’s also an option to chat with a G2G seller, making the transactions easier for you. 

Security and Customer Guarantee

Another proof of G2G’s legitimacy is its secure payment options. All the data you’ll input to the website will be encrypted, so there’s nothing sketchy with their process. Plus, they implement security measures for both sellers and buyers for fair trading and avoid scam deals and to protect buyers’ information. 

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We also found the seller and buyer ranking system extremely helpful as this gives users a heads up on the fraudulent issues on the person they’ll deal with. 

Customer Experience

Most customer experiences noted the swift delivery of their orders upon payment. We can also testify to this as our transaction only took as short as 20 minutes, 

Some players report bad experiences with a specific seller, but the customer support gave clear instructions and solved the situation. G2G’s great user interface [1] also gains several positive remarks from recent platform users.  


Can you get scammed on G2G?

No, you can’t get scammed on G2G. Unlike other platforms, this online marketplace has a buyer and seller protection system in place. The payment will be withheld if the buyer doesn’t confirm the order as complete. On the other hand, the site also promises reimbursements to sellers if any problem occurs. 

Does G2G have buyer protection?

Yes, G2G has a buyer protection feature. Their payment system is encrypted, so all the data you provided wouldn’t be compromised in any way. Besides that, they have a buyer and seller ranking system, which makes it easier to spot users involved in fraudulent offerings on the website.

How long does it take for G2G to deliver?

It only takes a few hours long for G2G to deliver your orders. In normal cases, coins get into your account within the day, and the fastest arrival time would be in two hours. If you ordered gift cards for your game, expect the delivery within seven days. For any delays, contact the support team.

Do G2G accounts get banned?

Yes, G2G accounts do get banned. The platform has strict guidelines for selling, buying, and trading in the marketplace, and any seller caught doing fraudulent deals may have their accounts banned indefinitely. Apart from that, users are also not allowed to do transactions outside the website’s premises.

Review Conclusion: G2G

After our site evaluation, our final verdict to the question “Is G2G legit?” is a definite yes. Upon checking, we confirmed that it operates under a registered company and has many years of industry experience. They also offer great deals and service that suits the needs of the gaming community. 

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