Is Hellcase Legit & Safe? Review and Promo Code (2022)

Hellcase is a trusted CSGO case opening site with over a million visitors each month. But with many similar sites flooding the gaming market, filtering out phony companies is becoming increasingly difficult. 

Despite numerous Hellcase review posts online and its large following,  it is still necessary to know if it is a reliable and legit case opening website.

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What is Hellcase: Is it Legit?

CSGO is one of the most popular games for gaming geeks.  Hundreds of on-site events and online league matches occur every week, providing players with several possibilities to earn CSGO skins and real money bets. 

Hellcase, unlike other regulated betting sites, does not deal with real money. Users only need to purchase and withdraw skins, which could be exchanged or swapped for a more valuable one. 

Due to this exchange form, some users can be skeptical about using the case opening site. But Hellcase has grown its customer base for more than five years. The registration procedure on the site is easy and there is a huge selection of some of the best skins.

Latest items on Hellcase

Based on our resident traders’ experience, they have a reliable withdrawal system. This has also been attested to by millions of users. Their customer support service is easily reachable and handles customers’ queries quickly. 

Overall, this further proves that Hellcase is legit. The following topics will further discuss the features users can expect when they visit

Hellcase Features

There are special features that customers will benefit from using Hellcase. For example, the mini-games, including mixer, upgrade, and case battle, are all designed to engage users. 

Every user can choose their battles with as many entries as possible. As the entry increases, you might also get a few cents. You can use Hellcase promo code or bonus code to avail yourself of daily bonuses and invite friends to play. 

Sometimes there are also time-limited events. Unlike most online casinos, Hellcase focuses on case openings. 

Games Offered

Case Battle

The case battle is a unique feature of Hellcase. This gaming battle is designed for multiple players, wherein they can open the same cases. After the case opening,  the one with the highest cases and highest total costs receives all skins. 

Case Battle on Hellcase

For the player to emerge victoriously, he would need a substantial inventory which would consist of different weapons and knives with natural skins. Case battles are well designed with high-quality graphics. Players are allowed to create their own battles. 


Upgrade, also regarded as 50/50, is a scenario whereby players select a skin they would like to win. 

After selecting, it now depends on whether the player wins the skin that they have selected or not. For every successful upgrade, the layer gets to keep the skin. If they lose the upgrade, they will lose their skin.


Mixxer embraces the Russian roulette strategy, but in this scenario, it allows customers to create a mix of their favorite cases and allows them to win a daily bonus.

Mixxer on Hellcase

Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune is a restricted feature only available during certain events and allows you to utilize tokens to get rare skins. During the game, players battle against one another to get their prize.


This is the best way for players who like to get rid of low-value skin. Players can gather all their skins of low value to get better skin. 

Bonuses and Promos

There is always a welcome bonus to get a free case for all new customers signing in. if you are a new customer, you could receive your very first bonus or promo codes from the welcome bonus. But there is a condition to that. 

You must have a Hellcase promo code for you to claim your bonus. As a way of promotion, Hellcase also offers interval giveaways with their own timer as well as a bonus for their loyal customers.

Perks offered by Hellcase

If you visit the website every day, you will get your daily bonus, which might come in the form of items and also your account balance. Sometimes, to avail of the bonuses, your account and Steam account profile need to meet some requirements. For example, your game data and your profile should be open to public viewing.

Provably Fair

For most of the five years, Hellcase has been in existence, it didn’t have a provably fair system. But they recently launched a public provably fair system in 2021. This suggests that everything is randomly fair, and no one can predict any outcome. 

Every random action on Hellcase has its game ID, which players can compare under a “provably fair” page after clicking on your avatar in the site’s upper-right corner. You may also determine the probability of receiving a specific drop from a case.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Another way our team determined whether or not is Hellcase legit is by examining their withdrawal and deposit methods. We were delighted to know that the depositing in Hellcase is safe, straightforward, and hassle-free. 

Players have a handful of options for the number of methods that can be used to deposit funds. Although each deposit depends on the location and country, the following ways can be used to deposit.

Payment options in hellcase

For withdrawal, users can only withdraw a maximum amount of $500 per day. To withdraw, go to your profile and click the “Send” button on all the items you want to withdraw, then click “Get” when the trade offer is available and wait to be led to the trade on Steam. There is also the opportunity to sell and trade skins. 

Customer Support

Hellcase has a 24-hour customer support system. However, its operation is slightly outdated as customers have to seek assistance through a ticket support system. 

However, players can also contact their customer service through email via To access the live chat system, you must be a premium member of Hellcase before gaining access. For regular members, support is through a ticket system.


In terms of restriction, Hellcase does not restrict countries or states from its usage. This means that you can register and play Hellcase at any location, unless the site is banned in your country.

Security and Guarantee

Security is always a concern from people’s reviews of Hellcase on social media and different chat forums. Case opening websites like this is sometimes considered a gambling site. 

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Since it is merely a skin betting site, it lacks a gaming license, as do many other sites. However, after our gaming team carefully examined their betting service and thoroughly inspecting client reviews, we can say Hellcase legitimacy claims are substantial. 

Skin trading on the site is secure, and users can exchange skins through a secure SSL encrypted connection [1]. This can be confirmed by the tiny padlock symbol in the upper left corner on the URL tab. 

The operator has an excellent reputation, and the Hellcase review by our tenured gamers attest that their customer service is always available and ready to help. These indicators that Hellcase is trustworthy, so you can get cheap skins at a reduced amount from a site where your money data is secure. 


How do I get Hellcase shards?

You can get Hellcase skin shards from engagement as a player in the game. You can also obtain a skin shard bonus drop by opening cases. Always keep an eye for the best drop. Players on Hellcase can also get skin by combining four pieces of the same skin.

Review Conclusion: Hellcase

To answer the central question “is Hellcase legit?”, our expert gaming team can confidently say that it is a safe and legitimate site. In fact, Hellcase is one of the best gambling sites available today because they help users carry out secure skin trading and betting. 

It is advised that you should not miss the freebies if you want to enjoy the complete experience because it boosts your chances of winning. 

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