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Starfield’s Unforgettable Quest: A Tribute to a Creative Partnership

In an emotional tribute, Emil Pagliarulo, the lead designer and writer of the highly-anticipated game Starfield, has shared his thoughts on a quest that holds special significance. 

This quest, which he eagerly awaits players to experience, was a collaborative effort between Pagliarulo and the late Eric “Ferret” Baudoin, a senior designer on the Starfield team who tragically passed away in October 2022.

As the game’s release date draws near, Pagliarulo’s reflections have turned to his memorable collaboration with Baudoin. This quest, though unnamed, is described as a result of a “great collaboration” between the two designers, who shared a dynamic creative synergy. 

“We changed each other’s minds frequently,” Pagliarulo writes, expressing the spirited exchange of ideas that defined their partnership. “God, we just had so much fun doing it,” he recalls.

Starfield's Emil Pagliarulo

Baudoin’s impact on the Starfield development team exceeded his senior designer role. Pagliarulo vividly depicts his late colleague, recounting how Baudoin’s optimism and vibrant personality left an indelible mark on the team. 

The unique sound of Baudoin’s approaching footsteps symbolized his presence, and his creative energy was described as a driving force that enriched the game’s development. “A character, … a jovial Hawaiian shirt with legs,” Pagliarulo fondly remembers, highlighting Baudoin’s lively and unconventional approach to his work.

The tribute underscores the mutual respect and deep connection between the two designers. Although the quest’s name remains under wraps, Pagliarulo promises to reveal more about it after the game’s launch, a gesture that keeps Baudoin’s creative legacy alive. 

In a heartfelt conclusion, Pagliarulo directly addresses Baudoin, noting that his contributions make the Starfield project shine even brighter.

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With its imminent release, Starfield [1] is poised to become a testament to the collaborative efforts of creative minds like Baudoin and Pagliarulo. The quest they crafted together will likely hold a special place in the hearts of players, who may find themselves uncovering the essence of Baudoin’s spirit as they explore the game. 

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