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Starfield’s Extensive Pre-Game Backstory Revealed: A Glimpse 300 Years into the Past

As the highly anticipated launch of Starfield draws closer, Bethesda has unveiled a treasure trove of backstory, delving nearly three centuries into the past before the game’s narrative unfolds. 

The official Starfield website now boasts a new section titled ‘The Story So Far,’ offering fans a comprehensive timeline of pivotal events from 2050 to 2328.

Before this release, gamers were privy to a conflict two decades before the game’s inception. This conflict embroiled the mighty United Colonies and Freestar Collective factions, forging an uneasy truce between them as the game’s central plot commences. 

Starfield 2311

However, the latest revelations shed light on the intricate tapestry woven before the events of Starfield.

The disclosed lore unveils a crucial turning point in 2050 when humans first set foot on Mars, marking humanity’s inaugural steps into space habitation. Over the subsequent half-century, this foothold evolved into a full-fledged space-faring existence.

The year 2159 witnessed the establishment of the United Colonies, a significant faction within the game, closely following humanity’s expansion into the Alpha Centauri star system. 


In a contrasting trajectory, the Freestar Collective emerged in 2189 in response to the perceived territorial ambitions of the United Colonies into the Narion star system. This rising tension culminated in the precursor to the game’s central conflict—a war that set the stage for the forthcoming adventure.

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For avid fans of Starfield and enthusiasts of richly developed game universes, the newly unveiled details provide a captivating journey into the past, revealing the events that paved the way for the player’s immersive experience. 

As the release date approaches, players can dive into this expansive backstory, further enriching their anticipation for the interstellar odyssey in Starfield [1].

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