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Starfield Fans Petition for PlayStation 5 Exclusive Release, Expressing Disappointment with Xbox Exclusivity

Recently, a passionate group of Starfield fans has launched a petition urging Bethesda to reconsider its decision to release the highly anticipated space RPG exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

The petition, hosted on, aims to gather support for a PlayStation 5 port of the game, asserting that it would provide a superior experience and attract a more extensive player base.

The disappointment stems from Bethesda’s acquisition by Microsoft’s ZeniMax Media in 2021, leading to Starfield becoming an Xbox exclusive. While previous Bethesda titles were accessible to players across multiple platforms, this decision has left PlayStation owners yearning to explore Starfield’s recently unveiled gameplay full of exciting new features.

One of the primary concerns voiced by the petition’s author, Benjamin Dickey, is the locked 30 FPS (frames per second) rate [1] announced by the developers as a “creative choice” during the recent Xbox Starfield showcase. This limitation has sparked discontent among prospective players, with some expressing hopes for a smoother gaming experience on PlayStation 5.

Starfield in-game footage

At the time of writing, the petition has garnered over 1,000 signatures, indicating many individuals who agree that Starfield should not remain exclusive to Xbox. Dickey passionately argues that a PlayStation 5 release would enhance the game’s performance and draw in a more extensive player base, benefiting both Bethesda and the players.

However, it is essential to note that not all petition signatories agreed with Dickey’s viewpoints. Some expressed skepticism towards the author’s claims and criticized the tone of the petition, suggesting that it stemmed from a biased perspective or a desire for retaliation against Xbox owners.

As the debate surrounding Starfield’s exclusivity continues, fans eagerly await updates from Bethesda and Xbox CEO Phil Spencer. Whether the petition will influence changes in the game’s release strategy remains to be seen. 

Still, it undoubtedly reflects the passion and desires of a gaming community eager to explore the vast expanse of Starfield on their preferred platforms.

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