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How to Use Rowland’s Map in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts’s world of magic and mystery is rife with secrets waiting to be uncovered. In the immersive universe of Hogwarts Legacy, players are engrossed in a captivating quest involving Adelaide Oakes and her enigmatic uncle. 

Rowland’s map is a cryptic guide that leads the way through the intricacies of the Korrow Ruins. In this article, we delve into the significance of comprehending Rowland’s map and provide a comprehensive guide to navigating the Korrow Ruins’ challenging terrains.

Adelaide's Quest and Starting Point

Our journey begins in the Transfiguration Courtyard, where you’ll have the pleasure of meeting Adelaide Oakes, a fellow student at Hogwarts. Adelaide desperately needs your assistance to unravel the mystery surrounding her uncle, Rowland Oakes. 

The quest, titled “The Tale of Rowland Oaks,” sets the stage for a perplexing adventure you’ve never experienced in the magical world. To embark on this captivating quest, all you need to do is lend an attentive ear to Adelaide’s heartfelt story.

Navigating to Rowland's Camp

Head over to the quest marker, which will lead you to Roland’s camp northwest of the Hogwarts campus. Goblins have seized control of the campsite, confront them head-on in a fierce battle or employ your wit and stealth to go past them unnoticed.

Rowland's Camp​ Hogwarts Legacy

Once you’ve successfully dealt with the Goblins, your next task is to locate Rowland’s map, an essential piece of the puzzle. The map rests atop a wooden crate near a softly glowing lantern waiting to be uncovered.

Journey to Korrow Ruins

Armed with Rowland’s map, it’s time to embark on the next leg of your quest. Begin your journey by heading west along the river, following the trail that leads to the Korrow Ruins Floo Flame area. Along the way, you’ll encounter a prominent landmark – the Bandit Camp Castle. 

To reach your destination, you’ll need to take to the skies on your broomstick and navigate to the castle’s most secluded section, a feat that will require courage and finesse.

Entering the Korrow Ruins

As the Bandit Camp Castle walls close behind you, you’ll find yourself on the precipice of the Korrow Ruins, a place shrouded in mystery and danger. To make your way deeper into the ruins and unveil the truth, you must master the art of subtlety. 

Employ Disillusionment to become invisible, and rely on Petrificus Totalus to incapacitate any Goblins that stand in your way. Should you inadvertently attract their attention, brace yourself for a battle that could test your magical prowess.

Korrow Ruin Hogwarts Legacy

Once you’ve navigated through the labyrinthine passages of the Korrow Ruins, you’ll find yourself in a vast chamber with a distinctive round metal door at the far end. Ascend the stairs to the second floor, where you’ll discover a boiler mechanism. 

Ignite a fire below the boiler with Incendio or Confrigo to unlock the imposing metal door, granting you access to what lies beyond.

Progressing Deeper into the Ruins

Beyond the door lies a challenge of its own. Goblins, once again, stand between you and your objective. Decide whether to engage in combat or continue your stealthy approach, slipping past them and making your way to the room on the ground floor. 

Here, you’ll find Rowland’s Wand resting on a table, a vital piece of the puzzle that will lead you one step closer to the mystery’s resolution.

Rescuing Rowland

Having secured Rowland’s Wand, it’s time to ensure your journey concludes. Leave the room and find a hallway adorned banners of orange and purple sphinx.

Descend the left tunnel stairs until you encounter a group of Goblins guarding a prisoner area within the Korrow Ruins. Engage them in battle and, once victorious, proceed to the large bronze door at the cavern’s end. 

Here, you’ll find Rowland held captive and needing your help. Interact with the door to set him free, bringing this captivating quest one step closer to its resolution.

Concluding the Quest

With Rowland rescued and the mystery unraveled, it’s time to retrace your steps and leave the Korrow Ruins as you entered. Reflect on the complexity of Rowland’s map and how your determination and perseverance led you to triumph. 


In the enchanting world of Hogwarts Legacy [1], challenges and triumphs await those who dare to embark on mysterious quests. “The Tale of Rowland Oaks” exemplifies the captivating narratives that define this game, leading players on a journey that is as intricate and rewarding. 

As you navigate the complexities of Rowland’s map and traverse the treacherous terrain of the Korrow Ruins, remember that challenges are opportunities in disguise. So, embrace the adventure, unveil the mysteries, and let your magical journey unfold.

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