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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Church Light Puzzle Guide

Embarking on a treacherous journey through the spine-chilling world of the Resident Evil 4 remake, you’ve navigated countless trials to finally find yourself within the confines of the ominous church. A pivotal moment lies ahead as you confront the intricate Church Light Puzzle, standing between you and the salvation of Ashley. 

Drawing from our experiences during the Resident Evil 4 review, we stand ready to guide you through the perplexing enigma of this puzzle. However, brace yourself, for the aftermath of this challenge promises intensified encounters. Equipping yourself with the most formidable Resident Evil 4 weapons becomes imperative before embarking on this endeavor.  

Deciphering the Church Light Puzzle

Unlocking the secrets of the Resident Evil 4 remake church light puzzle requires procuring the Blue Dial, concealed within a cupboard to the right as you step into the room. The focal point of your task is to align intricate patterns within the stained glass with the church’s emblem. 

Visualization and persistence are your allies as you dissect the stained glass into distinct sections, allowing you to fit them into their designated spaces progressively. As you progress through Resident Evil 4, adaptability and resource management are essential for your survival.

Church Puzzle Solution — The Art of Stained Glass Rotation

Navigating the intricacies of three separate sets of rotating glass panels might seem bewildering, but a simple strategy can aid in unraveling this puzzle. 

Church Puzzle Resident Evil

Imagine commencing the endeavor like assembling a jigsaw puzzle by piecing together its edges. Here’s how you can accomplish this feat:

In Resident Evil 4, navigating through the church is a critical juncture. 

Position the Blue Dial

Solving the Church Light Puzzle is key; start by finding the Blue Dial in a cupboard on the right side of the room. Place it on the Blue Dial in the Pulpit puzzle, setting the stage for the subsequent manipulations. Align the stained glass patterns by rotating the dials.

Green Dial (Center Panel)

Initiate your journey by rotating the green dial. Align the central point of the insignia with the corresponding middle piece of the green stained glass. This alignment forms the foundation of your puzzle-solving endeavor.

Red Dial (Right Panel)

Transition to the red dial, your next focal point. Achieve harmony by juxtaposing the upper left wingtip with the adjacent red glass section. This synchronization advances you towards unlocking the puzzle’s essence.

Blue Dial (Left Panel)

As your puzzle nears its completion, focus on the blue dial. While predominantly about filling the gaps, this step involves key reference points that can guide you to the finish line.

With the triumphant completion of these rotations and a correct pattern shown, a concealed door emerges on the left periphery of the church interior. 

This newfound passage grants you access to the second floor, revealing the path forward in your harrowing quest of searching for Ashley.

Preparing for the Onslaught Ahead

Completing the Church Light puzzle opens a hidden door on the church’s left side, leading to the second floor. Expect enemy encounters and scripted events on this floor. Afterward, exit the church and ensure you’re well-equipped for future challenges.

As the church light puzzle relinquishes its enigma, the subsequent phases of your journey promise heightened intensity and escalated challenges. It’s imperative to arm yourself with the most potent weaponry that Resident Evil 4 offers.

Church Puzzle Resident Evil 4 Remake

By strategically selecting and equipping the game’s finest arsenal, you fortify your resilience and increase your odds of survival in the face of impending threats.


The Resident Evil 4 [1] remake church light puzzle is a testament to the game’s knack for weaving intricate challenges into its narrative fabric. With the Blue Dial as your guiding light and the patterns of stained glass as your cryptic guideposts, you can conquer this enigma and unearth the path to saving Ashley.  

The sense of accomplishment in deciphering such puzzles is a hallmark of the Resident Evil series, reaffirming its position as a pioneering force in the survival horror gaming realm. As you brace yourself for the twists and terrors that lie beyond the church’s doors, remember that your wits and weaponry will be your companions in the shadows, guiding you through the labyrinthine horrors that await.

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