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Can You Preload Resident Evil Village?

As gamers, we’re always excited to get our hands on the latest release. And with Resident Evil Village on the horizon, we’re eager to see what Capcom has in store for us. 

One question that’s been on everyone’s mind is: can you preload Resident Evil Village? Here’s what our resident gamers know so far.

How Can You Preload Resident Evil Village?

There is a lengthy demo for Resident Evil Village in which PC users have learned how to reset the timer. 

While Capcom has been incredibly kind in releasing playing samples, many people are curious about the size of the complete game and when they may be preloaded.

Preload Resident Evil Village

You must first buy Resident Evil Village on your preferred platform in order to preload it. When preloading is accessible for your platform, you should be able to download the game fairly quickly. 

When a button on Steam unlocks, you must locate the game in your library and click download. Occasionally, the button will also change to say “preload.”

You won’t have to worry about losing out on preloading on consoles because the system will probably handle everything and download the game automatically. 

So after it has finished downloading, you may start playing the game. You may always play the game’s free demo [1] that the makers previously provided if you really want to play it right away.

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