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How To Open The Doors In The Clock Tower (Hogwarts Legacy)

Entering the enchanting world of Hogwarts Legacy this month? Unveiling the secrets of the clock tower doors will be a pivotal achievement in your magical journey. If you’ve been perplexed by the echoing thuds resonating around the Clock Tower at Hogwarts, it’s time to discover the method behind opening these enigmatic doors. 

This guide will navigate you through this arcane pursuit, not only aiding you in amassing potent equipment but also contributing to a rare accomplishment within the game.

How to Open the Clock Tower Doors in Hogwarts Legacy

In the heart of Hogwarts, as you traverse the Clock Tower, you’ll notice an array of doors that swing open and shut in what appears to be a capricious manner. The continuous sound of sliding doors might have left you puzzled. 

It’s essential to understand that these doors don’t respond to proximity, nor can they be held open by any conventional spell. Their operation is tied to a different kind of magic—logic.

The Strategy Unveiled

Before embarking on the endeavor to unveil the secrets behind these mysterious doors, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the proper arsenal of spells. Among the spells at your disposal, Glacius and Arresto Momentum will be your allies in this pursuit. 

Hogwarts Legacy Arresto Momentum

Glacius allows you to freeze the pendulum’s target, while Arresto Momentum will slow down its movement. Ensure you’ve mastered at least one of these spells before embarking on your journey to uncover the clock tower’s secrets.

Navigating the Clock Tower

Before you ascend the Clock Tower, you will notice doors that never fully open and that there are symbols on these doors. These symbols are also replicated higher up the tower. The pendulum’s rhythmic motion carries it past four symbols, affording you different vantage points to align the pendulum with your desired symbol. 

The symbol upon which the pendulum halts is intrinsically linked to a specific door, which will remain ajar while the pendulum is held in place.

The community has affectionately dubbed these symbols as “mantis,” “goblet,” “owl,” and “unicorn,” progressing from right to left. Armed with this understanding, let’s delve into the process of unlocking the doors:

Clock Tower Doors and Their Locations

Mantis Door

Nestled within the stairwell, this doorway connects to the goblet and owl doors. It might have already caught your attention as you explored. Freeze the pendulum before returning to the door, as it’s not directly visible from its position.

Goblet Door

Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle

Found on the floor above the owl door, the goblet door beckons. Ascend the staircase to reach it. The pendulum’s accessibility from this location makes casting spells a breeze. Open the door to reveal a collectible chest brimming with rewards.

Owl Door

Prior to unlocking the owl door, ensure you possess an invisibility potion or the Disillusionment spell. These are essential due to the eyeball chests within the room. Reach the owl door by ascending the stairs beyond a locked door and advancing to the first floor.

Unicorn Door

Positioned in the right-hand corner of the main clock tower room, this door greets you as you face the pendulum. Inside, await two chests ripe for looting.

The Bounties Await

Apart from the treasure-laden chests, unveiling all four clock tower doors contributes to one of Hogwarts Legacy’s coveted secrets. These secrets are meticulously concealed within the pages of the Field Guide, scattered across the map. 

The bounties that await behind the clock tower doors extend beyond the allure of treasure-laden chests. With the unveiling of all four doors, you not only gain access to these coveted rewards but also unravel one of Hogwarts Legacy’s most intricately woven secrets. 

Carefully tucked within the pages of the Field Guide, scattered across the enchanting map, these secrets beckon you to embark on a quest of exploration and discovery. 

Your pursuit of these secrets promises to enhance your mastery of magic and your prowess within the wizarding world.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully unlocked the arcane secrets of the clock tower doors in Hogwarts Legacy [1]. As you continue to explore the magical universe, remember that these doors are not merely pathways to treasure but also gateways to achievements and mastery. 

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of enchanting collectibles or driven by the thrill of unraveling secrets, the clock tower doors stand as a testament to your magical journey.

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