Is Aoeah Legit & Safe? Review and Promo Code (2022)

If you’re a fan of games like World of Warcraft and Rocket League, there’s no way you haven’t heard of the Aoeah item marketplace. It has a great reputation for low-cost offerings, but are you sure your money and financial details are safe on this platform?

Worry not, because our experts evaluated all Aoeah’s website features through this brief review to ease your worries.




History and Reputation

As a platform established in 2017, Aoeah has enough industry experience to cater to the gaming community’s needs appropriately. So it’s no wonder that the website has garnered high ratings in TrustPilot and received over 22,000 reviews on its services. 

Upon our team’s checking, many users are enticed by Aoeah’s secure sales system. It was designed with features to prevent scam transactions for the traders to feel at ease in using their service. Many Youtube content creators also noted this feature during their first-hand experience on the site. 

Is Aoeah Legit?

Yes, Aoeah is a legit platform to buy in-game items for FIFA, Rocket League, WoW, and 44 other popular games in the market. Besides items that can improve your gameplay, the website offers players gift cards and game currencies like Gold. 

aoeah interface

Aoeah Features

Items Available

The item variability of Aoeah can compete with the top game marketplaces on the internet. During our first-hand experience, our website testers discovered that its offerings cater to 47 games and support different platforms. 

It doesn’t matter which one you use. This website has a wide range of items compatible with PC, Xbox, Mobile, Nintendo, and Playstation. If you’re a World of Warcraft player, this marketplace is like a haven of rare items you may not find on other sites.

Payment Options

Based on our tests, paying for the items you selected on the site isn’t much of a hassle. In fact, there are diverse virtual payment options you can choose from. Paying via Mastercard, VISA, or Paypal only takes a few minutes for every transaction.

payment options

However, we’d like to note that not all items can be paid for via Paypal. On top of that, G2A payment methods are unavailable for this website as well. 


Aoeah is a great website to find the lowest deals in FIFA and Rocket Deals. Compared to most platforms, our team could say that its marketplace offers more attractive offers. 

Other games also have bargain deals in this marketplace, and there are free vouchers you can use to lower the prices even further. The website also hosts giveaways for some popular games, so our experts urge you to keep an eye on their announcements.


After exploring the website, our team immediately noted that Aoeah doesn’t have a modern user interface. The menu items are stacked on the upper part of the webpage, but they’re clear enough for a new user to understand.

buying items on aoeah

Customer Support

Customer support represents the company’s reliable resources [1], so our trade experts didn’t miss the chance to evaluate Aoeah’s capability in this feature. If you want instant solutions to your concern, the site has 24/7 live chat support to assist your concerns. 

However, if your problem is elaborate, our team suggests sending it through email. But overall, their team is very responsive and has answered our queries appropriately. 


How long does it take for Aoeah to deliver?

Aoeah only takes thirty minutes to a few hours to deliver your order. In most cases, transactions are completed instantly. While there’s no feature that allows users to track their purchases, the delivery of your orders is guaranteed to arrive within the day. If not, you may contact their support team.

Are Aoeah FIFA coins legit?

Yes, Aoeah FIFA coins are legit. In fact, this online marketplace offers low-price items and virtual currencies for 47 different games. It also supports various platforms from PC, PlayStation, Xbox up to Nintendo Switch. On top of that, there are also different item gift cards available on this website.

Are Aoeah Destiny 2 items legit?

Yes, Aoeah Destiny 2 items are legit. It’s one of the most reliable online marketplaces to buy your in-game silver currencies. You can also access a wide range of item inventory suitable for different gaming platforms. Through its secure sale system, buying from the site wouldn’t put your info at risk.

Review Conclusion: Aoeah

There are several assumptions about the query “Is Aoeah legit?” but our resident gamers decided to evaluate the website objectively and found out that it has a great item selection. With diverse platform compatibility and affordable pricing, avid gamers can rest easy and be ensured that Aoeah is a legitimate online marketplace.

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