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It’s not every day that you find a site that caters to both esports betting markets and casino games, but GG.Bet sure does it well. Given that the platform has real money transactions, is it safe enough to be entrusted with your hard-earned cash?

In GG.Bet review, join our expert esports bettors to evaluate the site’s features for a secure esports betting experience. logo



GG.Bet History and Reputation

You may not know, but GGBet isn’t a new player in the esports betting market and online casino games industry. In fact, the GGBet site has been in operation since 2016. Upon checking, our team of esports experts also confirmed that a registered company runs GGBet in Cyprus under the trade name Brivio Limited. 

With many years of experience, our testers weren’t so surprised to discover that the platform has garnered over 1 million webpage visits. Besides that, its years of providing service for esports markets gained the website some trust from top esports organizations like Starladder and Natus Vincere. games for betting

Some esports betting enthusiasts may argue that GG.Bet has several negative reviews in TrustPilot. However, we would like to refute that by noting that many scam sites tend to impersonate GGBet in the esports gambling market, which inevitably causes these problems.

Is GG.Bet Legit?

Yes, GG.Bet is a legitimate website that runs betting features for e-sports alongside popular casino games. This betting site was the official partner of PGL Stockholm 2021 Major just last year. If you played Counter Strike, you’d know that this organization often hosts esports tournaments.

Unlike unregistered esports betting sites, GG.Bet legally operates with Curacao Egaming and Malta Gaming Authority licenses. As you know, having a legal license to run a business improves a company’s credibility[1].


While conducting this GG.Bet review, our esports betting experts took an interest in the website’s user interface. At first glance, it may look like other sports betting platforms, but its menu design was much simpler and easier to understand for beginners.

GG.Bet esports can also be accessed through android and iOS applications. Every feature, including the live betting feature, is available there. If you ask us, it’s nothing less than the browser version of the website with a touch of convenience. 

GG.Bet Features

Esports Market

What we liked the most about this esports betting site was its variety of supported markets. If you’re planning to place bets in multiple games, you don’t have to look any further because this website offers different betting markets for popular games. 

As of writing, it has 14 games in total. It includes gaming giants like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Starcraft, NBA 2K, and League of Legends. Apart from your favourite game selections, the GG.Bet esports platform also supports regular sports market options like horse racing, basketball, football, and others that we’ll discuss below elaborately.

CS:GO on GG.Bet

CSGO betting is the main betting section of the website, so it’s only natural that we had this on top of our list for this GG.Bet review. And just as we expected, the site does offer its users a wide range of esports events and tournaments for this game category. 

csgo on

Unlike their League of Legends section, GGBet always ensures that there’s never a lack of available offerings for this game. And considering that they also sponsored ESL Pro League, website users can expect a more extensive interface and features for the CSGO betting section in the following years.

DOTA 2 on GG.Bet

You also wouldn’t be disappointed if you intend to place your esports bets on GG.Bet’s DOTA 2 section. Although the website hosts fewer DOTA tournaments than CSGO, it’s still more frequent than League of Legends. 

On top of that, the GGBet esports odds for DOTA 2 is truly one of the best. Platform users have a wide variety of choices as the website hosts traditional and live betting options. 

Another stamp of legitimacy for the platform is its role as the official sponsor of NaVi’s Dota 2 roster. Given how it covers tournaments worldwide, it’s pretty hard to find other sites with the same coverage for DOTA 2 as GGBet. 

Sports Market

As previously stated, the site also broadcasts sports markets as well. Besides horse racing and basketball, users can place bets on tennis, football, and soccer tournaments. The offering odds in traditional bookmakers may change a bit, but it generally stays consistent for the same match. casino

During this GG.Bet review, we also tried to place a bet on other traditional sports like are boxing, MMA, ice hockey, volleyball, and handball. 

The thing that makes GGBet unique from its competitor sites is that it doesn’t just feature popular and crowd-drawing sports leagues. Did you know that you can bet in Futsal matches too? Some non-sport fans may not know, but it’s a FIFA-recognized game as a small form of indoor football.

Bonus Offers and Bets

Our team also checked out the bonuses they offer to their users. If you’re new to the site, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a welcome bonus waiting for you if you write a review. 

The platform made a bonus system upon user registration to retain new bettors. But it’s important to keep in mind that you have to cash in a qualifying deposit within 14 days of your sign-up to keep the bonuses from expiring. There are also wagering requirements for claiming bonuses; that’s why it may be a good idea to keep yourself updated. 

According to the site’s updates, the bonus amount you’ll get may change from time to time. However, what remains consistent is the free bets or spins you’ll get in their casino slots games. 

promotions and bonuses

Additionally, our website testers find it quite pleasing that the website has a separate bonus section for users’ easy access. If you want to use a GGBet promo code, all you need to do is click on the MY BONUSES menu on the upper right corner of the screen. 

From there, you’ll have to select the category of the bonus code you have. Once you’re in that window, type the code and apply. 

Betting and Streaming

For esports betting, users of the website can essentially place bets if a specific team wins or loses. The odds will be shown on the screen via rounds and maps, so it’s important to pay full attention during the match. 

And did we mention that this esports betting site has a free live streaming feature powered by Twitch? If you’re placing a live bet in any category, it’s crucial to take advantage of their live streaming channels to see how the match is going. 

The website has daily coverage of ongoing events and tournaments in different traditional sports and esports markets. Because of this, users have better chances of placing a bet on the best odds. The live video quality of the games is pretty high as well, so we didn’t experience technical inconvenience or any of the sort.


Another reason that makes GGBet legit is its ability to organize and sponsor gaming events around the globe. Besides the mentioned licenses on the first part of this GG.Bet review, did you know that they also became a sponsor for the Nordic esports organization? tournament

Compared to most esports betting sites, it’s quite obvious that GGBet is expanding not only in different games but also in varying regions in the world.

Casino and Gambling

If you’re a fan of casino games, you can definitely count on GGBet’s online slot machines. Despite having esports betting as the website’s main focus, it’s safe to say that the platform can easily go up against typical online casinos. 

During our GGBet review, we discovered that it provides users full access to extensive table games options. From Blackjack to Poker, the choices you can consider are limitless. 

There are also some insta games like Heads and Tails, Roll The Dice, More or Less, Four Aces, and Wheel of Fortune. You can bet on it if you want to try something new. These are purely luck betting options, so we advise plenty of bets for many wins.

Odds and Limits

The main reason GGBet is among the best esports betting platforms is that it has decent odds. Its live betting features surely help keep the system of high quality, but the reality is there are limits when placing a bet. 

betting on casino

Because of the massive popularity of e-games, the odds may increase gradually due to the incoming bets. Our betting experts advise you to place your bet as soon as possible for a high chance of winning.

Payment Options

Everything is well in this GGBet review except for the site’s payment options. Unlike other esports betting platforms, popular digital payment methods like Paypal and Skrill are not available on the website. If you need money to bet, you can use the credit card payment method or the Paysafecard. These deposit methods are quite popular in the gaming world as well.

Customer Support

Another feature that adds to GGBet’s five-star rating is its reliable customer support. No matter what time you encounter technical issues while betting, their live chat team can assist you 24/7 on any day of the week. 24/7 support

If you have no time to reach out to their customer support team, you can opt to their FAQ sections and look for the answers to common issues encountered by the site’s users. Upon trying, our testers were able to get a response within a few seconds. 


Our trade experts had to go through the brand’s terms and conditions to see how secure our information was with them. Fortunately for us, we confirmed that the site has a security certificate from Geotrust. And considering that big gaming authorities licensed it, personal and financial data are surely secured in the platform.

Country Availability and Restrictions

Because GGBet is newly licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, this betting service is now accessible in Sweden, Germany, and other European countries. You may not know it, but UK customers were restricted to the platform before until the recent licensing. 

The restriction of GGBet in certain countries in the world is mostly due to the online betting law implemented in the area. Countries like the United States of America, Spain, and Italy are restricted from accessing any online betting sites. So before anything else, it’s advisable to check the regulations in your place of residence first.


How do I withdraw money on GG.Bet?

To withdraw money on GG.Bet, you have to log in to your account. And then, you have to click the Clerk tab section to see the payment selections. From there, you’ll see different modes of deposits you can select. Once you’ve decided, enter the withdrawal amount according to your needs and hit withdraw.

Where is GG.Bet legal?

GG.Bet is legal in many European countries like Germany, the UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Malta, and Norway. In fact, the famous esports betting website has gained Malta Gaming Authority license, giving Malta users full access to their features. Unfortunately, some countries restrict GGBet due to online gambling laws.

Can you use GG.Bet in America?

No, you can’t use GG.Bet in America. Due to the outstanding law in esports betting websites, it is not legal for any American Citizen to access the website. Besides the USA, countries like France, Italy, North Korea, and Spain also prohibit their citizens from participating in these platforms.

Review Conclusion: GG.Bet

After a thorough evaluation of the site’s licenses and features, our resident esports bettors concluded that the answer to “Is GG.Bet legit?” is a resounding yes. Putting the positive ratings aside, we’re certain that this platform’s premium security and live gaming functions are two main reasons many users are comfortable using its bet services. logo
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